11 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas That Will Impress Your Ladies

October 25, 2018

11 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas That Will Impress Your Ladies

Getting the guy was the easy part. Now you have to assemble your closest and best group of girls and put together the best and most perfect wedding anyone will attend. Don't worry though, your bridesmaids will help assure that your wedding is as incredible as you envision it. And we are here to assure your bridesmaids that they feel as incredible as you did when your partner popped the big question to you, as you pop the big question to your fearless bridesmaids. 

It’s important that your bridesmaid proposal is unique and creative and is unlike any other proposal that they may ever experience. We put together 11 Creative bridesmaid proposals that will surely have your bride tribe saying yes just like you did.


1.  Will You Be My Bridesmaids Mug

Your Bridesmaids will most likely be the first group of people you tell you're getting hitched. Break the news that your getting married and that they will be in the Wedding all during the same cup of coffee. With the Will You Be My Bridesmaids Mug, after the excitement of your marriage announcement dies down and they get towards the bottom of their coffee, the excitement will jump right back up! And it won't be from the caffeine. 


2. DIY Balloon Kit

We know that the most important things in life don't require money. We also know that giving your Bridesmaids a DIY gift will go a lot farther than a gift that you just splurged cash on. These DIY Balloon Kit is a cute and creative way to keep the childish fun between you and your Bridesmaids. 


3. Jigsaw Puzzle 

Your future Bridesmaids will most likely know that you're going to ask them to be your Bridesmaids. That being said, you don't want to make it that obvious. This Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for keeping the 'secret' message hidden until they put together all the pieces. 


4. Unravelling Ribbon

Like we said, DIY crafts will go a lot farther than splurging on a Bridesmaid proposal gift. Also, they're super trendy right now. These adorable Unravelling Ribbons will keep your girls in suspense until they completely unroll your Proposal message. 


5. Printed Macarons

Who doesn't like to wolf down some sweets when no one is looking. We know your girls will always have your back and will always join you when you want to binge out on some cupcakes. These Printed Macarons is an adorable gesture to ask your go to friends who will always help you finish that last bite, to be there for you on your special day. 


6. Bridesmaids Movie  

 The course of your Bridal Party has basically already been laid out through the movie Bridesmaids. Send this hilarious movie to your future Bridesmaids as a subtle hint and invitation for them to join your growing Bride Tribe. 

7. SweetSister Cupcakes

Your future Bridesmaids are sweet. Show them just how sweet with these adorable SweetSister Cupcakes  with a Bridesmaid Proposal on the front. It's also a huge plus that these cupcakes are literally to die for.


8. Be My Bridesmaid Wine Label

No matter how far you get in life, you can't forget where you and your girls came from. And you can't forget what holds you guys together. Wine! What better way to ask your best friend to be your Bridesmaid then to give her a bottle of wine with a Bridesmaid Proposal on the label. The Be My Bridesmaid Wine Label is perfect for your closest group of girls, and goes just a little bit farther with the fact that you can drink the gift after!


9. Personalized Shot Glasses

For all the party girls out there, propose to your bridesmaids to start one of your crazy nights out with these personalized shot glasses. Pour your girls the usual last minute vodka shot but in these adorable Personalized Shot Glasses with 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid" and even specialized for your Maid of Honor as well!


10. Confetti Poppers

Proposing to your bridesmaids is a big deal, and calls for celebration. What better, more classic way to celebrate is there than confetti? These Confetti Poppers will bring out the excitement that is well deserved when proposing to your bridesmaids. 

11. Bridesmaid Recipe 

You wouldn't propose to your best friends to be your bridesmaids if you didn't think they had what it takes to be the best Bridesmaid possible. Show them all the qualities you see in them and just how and why you want them to be next to you on your special day with this Bridesmaid Recipe.


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