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    55 Great Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

    Getting the guy was the easy part. Now you have to assemble your closest and best group of girls and put together the best and most perfect wedding anyone will attend. Don't worry though, your bridesmaids will help assure that your wedding is as incredible as you envision it. And we are here to assure your bridesmaids that they feel as incredible as you did when your partner popped the big question to you, as you pop the big question to your fearless bridesmaids. 

    It’s important that your bridesmaid proposal is unique and creative and is unlike any other proposal that they may ever experience. We put together 55 Creative bridesmaid proposals that will surely have your bride tribe saying yes just like you did.

    55. Spa Goodies Gift Set

    spa bridesmaid gift

    Prep your girls for their duties by pampering them with some luxurious goodies. This beautiful proposal box comes with artistic handmade soaps/bath products all arranged on bed of aspen wood straw and tied neatly in a cute burlap bow. No girl can resist such a thoughtful proposal.

    54. My Wedding Would Succ Without You

    bridesmaid gift box

    The Succer For You Gift Box includes a beautiful live 2.5” succulent in a pot  “My wedding would succ without you" greeting card which can be personalized with a message from you and a deliciously scented candle with matches. The beautiful southern California succulents are grown in a greenhouse which your favorite girls will definitely appreciate. 

    53. Will You Be My Bridesmaid

    Ask the special people in your life to stand by your side on your special day. It is now your turn to POP the question! These Will You Be My Bridesmaid proposal boxes are custom made and is a completely unique way to honor those special family and friends. Plus, it gives your recipient a keepsake that can be functional to store special mementos. Have it customized with any saying you like! 

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    52. Take A Shot Together

    bridesmaids gift shot glass

    Lets show the groomsmen how its done ladies. Pour your girls a fireball and get the festivities started! Toast to getting married, to having your best girls by your side and definitely toast to the amount of shenanigans the year is going to bring. These personalized shot glassesmake for the perfect keepsake for your bridal party. 


    Finding the right gift for your bridesmaids or maid of honor can be extremely consuming.  So instead of choosing just one gift, why not surprise your bridal party with an entire gift box of goodies?! Let’s be honest, your bridesmaids are essentially the behind-the-scenes stars of all weddings or a supportive foundation.  At the end of the day, your 'maids have a lot of work cut out for them. That's why you should treat your friends/family to something special when you ask them to be your bridesmaids.  Our Dream Chaser proposal box is one of our best sellers and for good reason!  Not only is it perfect for an amazing proposal/thank you,  but it’s filled with goodies that she’ll use over and over again after the big day!  Start with the box and build from there....

    Take a closer look at this bridesmaid proposal gift set in the video below:

      50. Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box

      This Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box is the perfect invitation for your bridesmaid and flower girls for your most special day. The dimensions are: 3 1/2"x 2" x 2 "(9cm. / 5cm. / 5cm.). It's also one gift that will be treasured by your favorite ladies in the world.  

      This Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box Set is crafted around sentiment and luxury to portray a snapshot of your wedding day from the very first invitation. The hexagon pink box has a magnetic box, paired with a pink ribbon. It also comes with a layer of glitter star moon tulle in the paper box and paired with some rose gold and light pink silk petal flowers in a large bridesmaid gift box.

      48. An Egg-cellent Proposal

      fun bridesmaid proposal gift

      When you are looking for a cute and creative way to ask your girls to stand by your side on your big day these proposal quail eggs will have her in tears. Whether an addition to a larger gift or used as a stand-alone proposal no girl can resist these beautiful eggs packaged in a cute gift box. Each gift box contains an adorable, real quail egg nestled into a bed of Spanish moss in a box with "crack me" stamped on the inside of the top flap. The unfertilized quail eggs are emptied, cleaned, and heat sanitized. Your customized, rolled note is slipped into the inside to await the big reveal when your recipients crack the egg! No bridesmaid will be able to resist such a cute gift.

      47. The Perfect Bridesmaid Recipe Card 

      You wouldn't propose to your best friends to be your bridesmaids if you didn't think they had what it takes to be the best Bridesmaid possible. Show them all the qualities you see in them and just how and why you want them to be next to you on your special day with this Bridesmaid Recipe.

      46. Bachelorette Party Bridesmaid T-shirts

      Bridesmaids T-shirts that say I do crew

      Pop the question to your girls with these quality tees. Once your crew unwraps these shirts they will be in for the long haul, from shuffling gifts from great aunts at the bridal shower, to holding your hair back at your bachelorette, and finally to standing next to you as you say I do to your man. These tees would look great at the bachelorette party and will stand up to whatever adventures you and your ladies get up all while looking cute.

      45. Bridesmaid Proposal Confetti Bomb

      bridesmaid proposal confetti bomb

      Scare the bejesus out of your favorite girls with this confetti popping gift. These colorful poppers will set the tone for all the shenanigans that are too come with your dream team bridal squad. The label may be printed with your choice of two wording and role in wedding making it a perfect bridesmaid proposal surprise to your bridal crew.


      Is your gal a spa enthusiast like you? Then set her mood to say “yes”and stand with you as you say “I do”by giving her this Any Day Spa gift set. Each set comes neatly packaged with shred in a ready to ship tuck top gift box – included with each set is a personalized label on the inside cover – customized with your words. It contains all the spa essentials any girl-friend could ask for. What a treat! 

      43. Bridesmaid Proposal Cards with Bath Bombs

      You know you DONUT want to say “I Do” without your favorite crew! So send this Bridesmaid Proposal Cards with Bath Bombs because it’s your time to drop the (bath) bomb and ask your best ladies to be by your side for the BIG DAY! All cards are blank inside and include an oversized envelope so you can personalize your proposal message to send out to your beautiful bridesmaids-to-be!

      42. Can't Get Hitched Without My B*tch

      bridesmaid proposal gift candle

      Facts, you can't get married without your favorite girls at your side. These candles will leave your favorite friends in tears as they say yes to your bridesmaid proposal.  Available in a variety of scents ( apple cider donut, pina coloda, unicorn toots) no friend will be able to deny your request for her services with this handcrafted soy candle.

      41. Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid Pillow Jr. 

      This Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid Pillow Jr. will be one unforgettable gift for your Junior bridesmaid. It has the perfect size at 16 Inches x 16 Inches and can be purchased with or without the stuffing. 

      40. Message In A Bottle

      A GREAT way to make a bridesmaid proposal or to ask your girls “Will you be my Maid of Honor”,” Will You be my Matron of Honor” or “Will you be my flower girl” is with a personalized invitation. These messages in a bottle weddinginvitations are super original and your girls will treasure them for many years to come!

      Each wedding bottle measures app. 1 ¾ inch by 1 inch. The message is printed on White Gold luxury paper, edges are hand distressed to give an old scroll look. The gift box is tied with satin ribbon and a supermini white pearl placed in the middle. The bottle is lace covered and tied with burlap, a pearl is finishing the burlap ribbon. Personalize your wedding invitations with your girls' names on each bottle with a small tag.

      Have this Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Makeup Kit personalized with a letter on the outside and saying 'Will you be my bridesmaid? on the inside. This one is made of solid washable canvas fabric with durable plastic zipper and can be used forever. She can use it as a tote organizer, a brush holder, a pencil case, or for storage and bathroom organization.

      38. Shimmer Dreams Proposal Gift Box

      The Shimmer Dreams bridesmaid gift box shines with elegance. The gift set features a soft cotton robe, with trim lace that can be personalized with a single initial to make it extra meaningful.  A stemless champagne glass that is tailored with your bridesmaid’s name will help you and your ladies celebrate in style.  The heart pendant necklace adds a soft, beautiful touch, making it the perfect token of appreciation. This bridesmaid box set pampering your girls at their finest!!

      37. Bridesmaid Bracelet

      bridesmaid bracelet proposal

      It's the perfect way to ask your loved one to be part of your big day. This Bridesmaid Bracelet comes with an individual box. It can be changed to say many different sayings too. Each adjustable charm bracelet comes with an individual box, charm and card as pictured.

      36.  Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Glass

      bridesmaid proposal wine glass

      No self respecting woman can say no to this good times proposal. Ask your bridesmaids to stand by you over a nice glass of wine and let the festivities begin. This gift set has a 16.75 oz. stemless wine glass with gold foil decal and a custom printed box with printed messages that writes how you value your bride tribe’s presence on your special day. An indecent proposal indeed!


      "Can't Say I Do" Scratch Off Cardsare perfect for popping the question to your girls! Each scratch-off card comes with a blush envelope and your choice of bridesmaid, maid of honor, matron of honor, or flower girl. Write your own message in the blank field and cover it with the included heart-shaped scratch off stickers.

      34. Ask Your Bridesmaid Gift 

      This Ask Your Bridesmaid Gift is made from birch wood and silver mirror acrylic. One side is engraved, while the other side is empty. It's one gift that will be treasured by your favorite girls and be kept for a long time. 


      Bridesmaid proposal gift boxes make it easy to pack some small gifts for your bridesmaid proposal! Each glossy white box comes with a pink rose foil heart on the top and a sheet of black dotted tissue paper. Each empty box includes a label with a photo, name, and "short" message. 

      32. Proposal Bomb Box

      This adorable proposal bomb box might be the cutest way you can propose to your girls.  When you open the lid, it pops open to showcase the adorable "It's my turn to pop the question" with a gold glitter ring in the center and is personalized with your bridesmaids' names!  

      31. Puzzle with a Message

      It’s that perfect moment when all the right pieces of your love life have come into place. He’s asked you to marry him and you’ve given him your yes! This is also the perfect time to ask your closest girlfriends to be part of the fun and thrill of preparing for your wedding day! Oh, you can almost imagine them saying yes to your proposal and screaming with excitement!   Keep them guessing just what your gift is all about as you give them this Puzzle with a Message. This gift can turn designs, photos and even text into a great game. It is made from sturdy cardboard and carefully mounted on chipboard. This 8”x10” gift is made up of 110 puzzle pieces and includes a beautiful gift box with the puzzle image on the lid. It also has an easy wipe clean surface so your girls will be able to keep this gift for a long time as a fun memory of how you asked her to be part of your bride tribe.

      Printed in vivid and full color, you and your bridesmaids are guaranteed to have hours of puzzle enjoyment. Pretty much how you and the girls would be having tons of fun as you prepare for your special day!        


      Okay ladies, so this is how you want to POP THE QUESTION! Bringing a whole new meaning to the saying “Go Big or Go Home”, and perfect for all wine lovers…so pretty much everybody, the Big Girl Wine Glass are fabulous. Each beautiful glass can actually hold an entire bottle of wine! At a stunning 25oz., these wine glasses are designed to celebrate many special occasions to come…from asking your best girls to stand by your side on your big day to celebratory toasts at your wedding reception, the Big Girl Wine Glasses are in it for the long haul!

      29. Custom Proposal Card


      Want to make your proposal more special? Then do away with the digital thing and ask her the old fashion and a lot more special way by giving this custom card. In a day and age where everything can be communicated digitally, a custom card provides that much-needed break from everything digital and that includes your way of asking her to be part of your bride tribe. You may choose from the signature, pearlescent or recycled card depending on your preference. The Signature cards are known for their thick, luxurious stock in an off-white hue with a creamy cotton texture. The Pearlescent, on the other hand, adds a subtle shimmer finish to your card and a soft glow to photographs for that elegant touch. The Recycled type is FSC-certified and is 100% post-consumer waste and manufactured with wind-power using a thick paper with a smooth, matte finish. Whichever type you prefer, the unique bridesmaid card designs of illustrated blooms and buds are fully customizable and sourced from independent designers. The interiors of the bridesmaid card are also customizable and may include photos and a more detailed message. It definitely is one pretty way of asking her to be your bridesmaid!       

      28. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

      Getting yourselves pampered has been a tradition that you both enjoyed from the very start. Now that you want her to be part of your bride tribe, there’s no perfect way to ask than to hand her this beautiful gift box that is set to prepare her for your wedding day. Each of these gift boxes is adorably packaged and includes 4 awesome handmade beauty items all set to pamper her. To ensure it will be a unique and quality gift, each item is 100% handmade from scratch in small batches. The colors and prints of the packaging are seasonal and may vary. The gift set includes 1 full-size bar wrapped soap, 1 natural clay face mask, 1 shea butter lip balm tin, and 1 small bath bomb. You may choose the soap that will match the theme of your wedding or your soon-to-be bridesmaid’s favorite scent. As for the face mask, you may choose from green, pink, white or black kaolin clay. For the lip balms, you may choose between blood orange or pink grapefruit. The box label is customizable depending on who you would be asking or thanking for that matter - your maid/matron of honor or your bridesmaid.          

      27. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Treat

      A package coming from you is a surprise in itself. How much more if they are her favorite macarons that have on it a very important question that she alone can answer! This Will You Be My Bridesmaid Treat is something she will have a hard time resisting. It comes with a special 4-pack of Champagne Celebration Macarons printed with a special message. You can be sure these macarons are made fresh, gluten-free and a certified Kosher dairy. It is made from almond flour and is kept fresh in an insulated cooler bag with an ice-pack to ensure quality and freshness during transit. For best results, keep the macrons refrigerated upon arrival and have it consumed within 5-7 days of delivery. It can be frozen upon arrival for up to 4 weeks. Should you be storing it in a refrigerator, you should allow at least 10 minutes in order to reach room temperature or 30 minutes if coming from the freezer. The color of the macarons may slightly vary from the photo above as they are made by hand. She is one girl who can’t say no to something so sweet. Asking her with this treat will enure a resounding “Yes!”       

      26. Pop! Champagne

      She is the perfect mix of the sweet and artistic type! And there’s no better way to pop the question to your favorite gal with this Pop Champagne. This gift is a special box of premium, hand-painted chocolate in different forms. It includes 1 white chocolate champagne bottle with hazelnut mocha crunch,  2 dark chocolate corks with hazelnut cream, 3 milk chocolate gemstones, 1 milk chocolate lip with peanut butter candy and 1 white chocolate speech bubble. These chocolate are handmade and will take 1 to 2 business days to produce. What’s even better is that your order is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. To ensure 100% satisfaction, keep the chocolates at room temperature ad refrain from putting them inside the fridge or near a heat source. Make it a gift that is visually appealing and one that equally satisfies her craving for sweets too!

      25. Stemless Love


      Stay practical, make life easier!  There's definitely a difference between ordinary and efficient.  You have a ton of things to do to get ready for your big day, so why waste too much time picking out bridesmaid or bachelorette gifts?  These gorgeous stemless wine glasses will certainly do the trick for your favorite ladies.  Personalize them to your liking and hand them out with confidence.  The memories will pour out of these glasses with style and class.  

      Simply Stemless is a 15 ounce wine glass that can be personalized for any occasion.  Go stemless to provide for dishwasher safe and no maintenance required.  This lasting wedding keepsake is a gift your girls can have and use for years to come.  When your besties break them out of the cupboard on special events, they'll smile from ear to ear with memories of your wedding day.   

      24. Hand Drawn Print

      hand drawn picture of bride and bridesmaid

      When you are asking your girls to be bridesmaids you are telling them how much they mean to you. Show each lady how valuable she is to you with these gorgeous personalized art printswhile asking her to stand next to you on your biggest day. These prints will be treasured years to come as a token of your relationship with each bridesmaid. Cue the water works.    

      23.  A Celebrity Shout Out

      Give your bridemaids the the celebrity treatment by using Cameo to pop the question! This app allows you to book a celebrity of your choosing to record themselves reading the text you provide. The celebrity will record the video and send it back to you. All that’s left is to send the videos to your bridesmaids of the celebrity asking the big question. With celebrities like Chris Harrison, Carol Baskin, and Master P you’ll take the cake for best bridesmaid proposal of all time.

      22. Scent of a Bridesmaid

        It’s small, cute and petite. Nothing fancy but definitely made special. This complimentary candle gift in a brushed gold metal tin comes in 7 scents and is made of 100% pure soy from American-grown soy beans. It’s eco-friendly, toxic free and has an approximate 30 hour burn time. It includes a lead-free natural cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and quality grade fragrance oils and/or essential oils. It has no additives, dyes, phthalates or preservatives. Pick your friends favorite scent and let the creative handwritten design on the lid do the asking and you’ll surely get her big “yes”.

        21. Will You be My Bridesmaid Gift Set

          Get creative and ask her to be your bridesmaid with this bridesmaid proposal gift set. This one comes with a personalized soy candle in an 8oz size mason jar. The candle is hand-poured soy candles made from 100% eco-friendly soy wax. You may choose her favorite candle scent and lip balm flavor. It also has a matching lip balm, unscented Shea butter hand and nail treatment with nut oils and herbal bath tea with lavender, chamomile, spearmint and rose petals. All these are nicely contained in a washed ivory burlap bag with a hang tag that says “I can’t say ‘I DO’ without you!”

          20. Monogrammed Compact Mirror

            She will definitely look pretty in a bridesmaid gown. And you so want her company as you prepare for your wedding, especially on your wedding day. With this gift, you can be sure that she will never be left stranded without the availability of a compact mirror to do her quick touch ups in the case of a makeup emergency. Go ahead and ask her creatively with this wreath compact that is made special as you can engrave it with her initials on top and that oh so important question if she can be your bridesmaid on the reverse side.     

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            19. Burlap Wine Bottle Bag

              Prepare her favorite bottle of wine and have it placed in a wine bag that will easily do the asking for you. This burlap wine bottle bag easily fit any standard champagne or wine bottle. It’s high quality and adds that great touch to your bridesmaid proposal gift. Make her sincerely feel that her presence is badly needed on your special day.   

              18. Charm Bracelet

                Special people deserve special and creative gifts. You and your bridesmaid-to-be go way back and the connection between you and her is simply something that will last forever. Ask her to be your bridesmaid with this charming bracelet. Let her know how much you value this friendship with her and you simply can’t do without her on your wedding day. Choose from 12 colors for the gemstone included in each chain with a toggle bar clasp. Let this jewelry piece add some glitter as you let her wear it on your wedding day. Have it engraved with her initials to make it more personalized and special.

                17. Getting Ready Outfit Bridesmaid Gift Box

                  What can be a more ideal bridesmaid proposal gift than giving her all she needs to get ready for your big day? This bridesmaid proposal gift set comes complete with a satin robe, hair ties, hand lotion, personalized shatter proof champagne flute, tissues, lip balm all placed in a personalized gift box with a satin blush ribbon and a card asking her, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Robes can be in petal, blush or white. You can also choose to personalize the robe by embroidery or via heat transfer. No doubt about it. This gift will get you that resounding “yes!” 

                  16. Personalized Linen Pocket Journal

                    Creatively get your message across by placing your question on the front cover of this linen pocket journal. This elegant notebook will be your bridesmaid-to-be’s go to a companion as she jots down daily thoughts, tasks, notes, and ideas as she journeys with you on your wedding preparations. This notebook is petite and cute. Something they can easily fit in their pocket or their small bag and bring out whenever they feel inspired to write down special moments they want to remember regarding your wedding. It’s a keepsake that can be cherished long after your wedding day.  

                    15. Bridesmaid Necklace

                      Go for this sentimental gift as you ask her to be your bridesmaid. She will be exerting a lot of effort and extending tons of support before, during and even after your wedding day. This will be one creative way to express in advance your love and appreciation. It’s simply telling her that you look forward to more years of friendship with your bridesmaid. It certainly is a gift she will never forget. This awesome necklace is made to last. You can choose if it will be gold-filled, silver filled or rose gold filled. Make it more special by placing your message on the customizable box.

                      14. Tumbalicious

                        Your search for a creative gift as you ask her to be your bridesmaid ends here. Aside from being creative, this gift embodies playfulness, practicality and personality. This tumbler comes with your bridesmaid’s digitally printed caricature. Seeing her face in this tumbler just shows how much you value her and how you so badly want her to be standing with you on your wedding day. Just send in their pictures and a sketch will be created for each of them. Once the draft is approved, the tumbler is ready to be sent for your bridesmaids. The bonus is you also get to have a digital format of the caricatures for future use.

                        13. French Rose Spa Gift Basket

                          This French Rose Spa gift basket will definitely relax and rejuvenate your bridesmaid-to-be. Packaged in a box that is nicely wrapped with an artificial rose flower and twine, it comes complete with all natural items inside like rose and pink clay bath salt, lavender vanilla soy candle with rose buds, pink clay rose goat milk soap, organic lemon coconut lip balm and handmade dark chocolate by Beets & Apples. Let her experience some deep relaxation and lasting rejuvenation and make her feel like walking through a fresh rose garden in France with this special gift box that’s ready to be handed or mailed directly to your bridesmaid.  

                          12. Wrap and Write Gift Box

                          Here’s a box that comes with two useful gifts for your bridesmaids. The Wrap and Write Gift box contains an elegant shawl available in 13 colors and a personalized journal with your bridesmaid’s initial, name and your message engraved on the cover page. The shawl can be used as an elegant wrap that drapes daintily over her shoulders or as a stylish scarf. It’s also available in 13 colors. The gift box can also be personalized with the initials of your bridesmaid. Wherever you choose to have your question placed, this is one creative way to ask her to be your bridesmaid.  

                          11.  Will You Be My Bridesmaids Mug

                          Your Bridesmaids will most likely be the first group of people you tell you're getting hitched. Break the news that your getting married and that they will be in the Wedding all during the same cup of coffee. With the Will You Be My Bridesmaids Mug, after the excitement of your marriage announcement dies down and they get towards the bottom of their coffee, the excitement will jump right back up! And it won't be from the caffeine. 

                          10. DIY Balloon Kit

                          We know that the most important things in life don't require money. We also know that giving your Bridesmaids a DIY gift will go a lot farther than a gift that you just splurged cash on. These DIY Balloon Kit is a cute and creative way to keep the childish fun between you and your Bridesmaids. 

                          9. Can't Tie the Knot
                          I Can't Tie The Knot Without You Bridesmaid Gift Cards Bridesmaid Bracelets Silver Tone- Set of 4,5,6


                          It’s the perfect thank you gift for your bridesmaids! They have helped you a lot preparing for your big wedding. The Can't Tie the Knot includes braceletswith card , rose red, silver or gold tone, set of 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10. It’s one gift that is convenient to use with it’s fashion adjustable cuff bangle.

                          8. Unravelling Ribbon

                          Like we said, DIY crafts will go a lot farther than splurging on a Bridesmaid proposal gift. Also, they're super trendy right now. These adorable Unravelling Ribbons will keep your girls in suspense until they completely unroll your Proposal message. 

                          7. Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

                          Simply elegant. That best describes this Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set. These boxes are a glossy pure white to give it that extra pop. Outside, the fancy text reads “Will you be my Maid of Honor?” It has gold foil stamping for the border and letters. Easily fit gifts that will delight your bridesmaids - a bridesmaid candle, a stemless wine glass, and many more!

                          6. Bridesmaids Movie  

                           The course of your Bridal Party has basically already been laid out through the movie Bridesmaids. Send this hilarious movie to your future Bridesmaids as a subtle hint and invitation for them to join your growing Bride Tribe. 

                          5. SweetSister Cupcakes

                          Your future Bridesmaids are sweet. Show them just how sweet with these adorable SweetSister Cupcakes  with a Bridesmaid Proposal on the front. It's also a huge plus that these cupcakes are literally to die for.

                          4. Be My Bridesmaid Wine Label

                          No matter how far you get in life, you can't forget where you and your girls came from. And you can't forget what holds you guys together. Wine! What better way to ask your best friend to be your Bridesmaid then to give her a bottle of wine with a Bridesmaid Proposal on the label. The Be My Bridesmaid Wine Label is perfect for your closest group of girls, and goes just a little bit farther with the fact that you can drink the gift after!

                          3. Personalized Shot Glasses

                          For all the party girls out there, propose to your bridesmaids to start one of your crazy nights out with these personalized shot glasses. Pour your girls the usual last minute vodka shot but in these adorable Personalized Shot Glasses with 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid" and even specialized for your Maid of Honor as well!

                          2. Confetti Poppers

                          Proposing to your bridesmaids is a big deal, and calls for a celebration. What better, more classic way to celebrate is there than confetti? These Confetti Poppers will bring out the excitement that is well deserved when proposing to your bridesmaids. 

                          1. BELLA GIFT SET

                          Being a bridesmaid can be a huge commitment, show your girls how much they mean to you with this amazing gift set.  Make your ladies blush with this lovely pink Bella gift set.  You have the option of customizing your gift box with a soft lace or floral robe that may be personalized with a single initial, a heart pendant bracelet, a stemless champagne glass that features vibrant colors and your choice of a scented candle. This full set is the perfect way to WOW your ladies, and show your love and gratitude for them as they walk with you on this exciting and once in a lifetime day.  The Lid  Can Be Personalized with, "I Can't Tie the Knot Without you"


                          Get those creative juices flowing as you prepare gifts that will help you ask her to be by your side on your special day. Thinking of creative ways to pop the question will surely make them feel valued and extra special.