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Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

personalized bridesmaid gift tote

A personalized bridesmaid gift is a great way to highlight your close relationship with your girls. From sisters to best friends to future sister in laws anyone in your party will tear up receiving a personalized bridesmaid gift from you knowing you want her next to you on the biggest day of your life. Whether its a special joke, a nick name, or a sentimental message a personalized bridesmaid gift leaves room for you to show your girls how much they mean to you.

5 Of Our Favorite Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

Have your phone out and ready to capture the moment as your present your bridesmaids their custom gifts. These are special moments you and she will treasure years to come. From a tumbler to a custom robe you give a personalized bridesmaid gift in the hopes that she will use it for years to come and smile each time knowing how much you mean to her.

5. Personalized Bridesmaid Tote

personalized bridesmaid gift tote
Get your bridetribe looking the part for your big day with these personalized bridesmaid gift totes. These pretty totes come in a variety of different colors to suit you and your bridesmaids personalities. From the bachelorette party to the big day and for years beyond this tote will become your girls go too.

4. Custom Stemless Wine Cup 

Personalized bridesmaids gift cups

Whether it's bachelorette party shenanigans or toasts on the big day your bridesmaids will adore sipping their go-to drinks from these custom bridesmaid cups. These stemless wine cups come in a variety of colors and are vacuum sealed to ensure her colds stay cold and her hots stay hot. These cups will hold 12 ounces of her favorite beverage, that's 2 glasses of wine!

3. Personalized Traveling Jewelry Organizer

personalized bridesmaid jewelry organizer

Help your ladies keep their jewlery organized on all their travels. From the big day  to vacations years to come your bridesmaids will use these personalized clutches and think of you with gratitude. No more tangled necklaces or missing earings with this custom bridesmaid gift. Small enough to carry in her purse of luggage and adorned with metalic gold initals this will be a hit with your bridetribe.

2. Custom Tumblers

personalized bridesmaid gift tumblers

This is one pretty tumbler, your bridesmaids will be thrilled about using this. The soft roses and other florals in the background serve as a feminine backdrop for this personalized bridesmaid gift tumbler that is sure to be a hit.  With different lid colors and fonts to choose from this personalized tumbler will be a hit for your bridesmaids for years to come.

1.   Personalized Bridesmaid Robe

personalized bridesmaid robe

What's more fun than getting ready with your girls. In that spirit give your bridesmaid a custom robe that symbolizes your love for her and your best memories of getting ready to hit the town with her. She can use this robe for years to come and share in those special memories. This pretty personalized bridesmaid robe comes in 3 different colors perfect for whatever your bridesmaid personality is.