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Impress your bride tribe with a bridesmaid necklaces that they will cherish forever.
Bridesmaid Necklaces

29 Best Necklaces for Your Bridesmaids

They have been your best friends. You know you can call and rely on them with just about anything. You definitely won't say "I do" without these special women in your life. Make your bridesmaids stand out with a gift that they can treasure for a long time. Giving them a necklace as a bridesmaid gift is like saying our special bond goes on forever. It's a stylish and sentimental gift that they will have a hard time resisting. Choose one that will have their name or initials on it or one that simply speaks of the gratitude and appreciation you feel for them. 

 Here are 29 of the best bridesmaid necklaces you can choose from: 

29. Personalized Floral Necklace

This Personalized Floral Necklace is handmade. You can choose the flower that you prefer for your bridesmaids. It features a lobster claw closure, cable chain style and a minimalist design. The best part is, you can personalize it with the names of your bridal party. 

28. Cubic Zirconia Necklace

This Cubic Zirconia Necklace is made from Gold, Rose gold, and Silver materials. It comes with a cubic zirconia gemstone and can be personalized specially for your bridesmaids. This gift comes complete with a gift card (Message on card can be personalized for free) and a PE film display box. 

27. Pea Pod Necklace

This Pea Pod Necklace have Swarovski pearl birthstone pea pod. Choose your bridesmaid's birthstone and let it hang from a fine silver plated chain. Gold pea pods are also available. Pearls are available in 8mm or 6mm. Necklaces and bracelets where possible will arrive on a card and in an organza bag.

26. Dainty Crystal Teardrop Gem Necklace

This Dainty Crystal Teardrop Gem Necklace complements any bridesmaid's dress and makes a perfect gift for your closest ladies! These gems are available in many different colors and either gold or silver finishes. These necklaces are quite dainty and shipped in a beautiful white organza for storage or gifting. All bags come with beautiful thank you cards.   

25. Handmade Birth Month Real Flower Necklace

This Handmade Birth Month Real Flower Necklace makes use of their actual birth month flowers in each respective birth month necklace. You may choose the necklace chain material that matches the color of the pendant. It's one unique gift your girls will surely love! 

24. Horizontally Custom Birth Flower Name Necklace

This Horizontally Custom Birth Flower Name Necklace is a handmade item that has a minimalist design style. It features lobster claw closure and a cable chain style with adjustable length. You can make this gift extra special by having it personalized with their names. 

23. 14K Gold Plated Knot Necklace

This 14K Gold Plated Knot Necklace symbolizes the ties that bind you to your bridesmaids. Love knot symbolizes eternity, and the mysteriously intertwined endless knot also symbolizes endless love, health and longevity. It's perfect as a bridesmaid necklace gift. The center of the pendant is inlaid with a carefully carved diamond, surrounded by 15 small diamonds, making it more eye-catching.

22. Jewelry Set for Bridal Bridesmaids

This Jewelry Set for Bridal Bridesmaids is perfect gift for your hardworking bridesmaids. It has 4 pcs of silver teardrop bridesmaid necklaces, and 4 pcs "I Couldn't Tie The Knot Without You "wedding greeting cards. Every pair of bridesmaid necklace is packed with exquisite gift box. It is made with high quality AAA grade cubic zirconia for diamond-like brilliance. Your ladies would also love the fact that it is comfortable to wear.

21. Personalized Birth Flower Disc Necklace

This Personalized Birth Flower Disc Necklace is a handmade item that can be personalized especially for your bride tribe. It features lobster claw closure with cable chain style and a minimalist design. It also comes in individual gift boxes ready to be handed to your bridesmaids. 

This Personalized Aquamarine Necklace is a beautiful Aquamarine necklace perfect for your bridesmaids. The rose gold or silver plated Aquamarine pendant is made of glass and is a gorgeous light blue shade. The chain options include silver-plated, gold-plated, rose gold-plated, sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, or 14K rose gold-filled metal. The chains are dainty and very pretty - the perfect delicate necklace for everyday wear.  You can choose the leaf and necklace finish when checking out.

19. Leaf & Pearl Necklace

 This Leaf & Pearl Necklaceis perfect for your Boho themed wedding. It is handmade and uses pearl as its gemstone. This necklace features lobster claw closure and adjustable length. Plus, it has a minimalist design style and can be personalized. Necklaces where possible will arrive on a necklace card and placed inside an organza bag ready for giving. 

18. Attached Diamond On Chain

 This Attached Diamond On Chain is a handmade item made from 14k solid gold material. The gemstone used is diamond and has minimalist design style. It features adjustable length: 14 to 16, 16 to 18, 18 to 20 inches. The chain thickness is 1.10 mm. Perfect for everyday wear, this gift comes packed in a gift box ready to be handed to your wedding party. 

17. Tiny Hearth Love Necklace

This Tiny Hearth Love Necklace is a handmade item made of high quality, 925K Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated material. It features a cable chain style and adjustable length. The pendant size can be change according to charms,(letter/initial/bar).  Best part is it can be personalized specially for your bridesmaids. 

16. Bedazzle My Heart 

Words won't be enough to speak of the gratitude overflowing from your heart to these special ladies. This dainty rose gold chain with a stunning heart studded pendant covered in rhinestones, will surely be loved by your girls. Tell your bridesmaids how you exactly feel with this Bedazzle My Heart necklace. 

15. Love Necklace

This beautiful monogrammed pendant is one gift they can wear for any fancy occasion. If you are asking your girls to be part of your special day or thanking them for standing by your side this necklace will always bring a smile to their face. Necklaces are available in your choice of pink, black, mint, or white with a gold vinyl monogram letter of your choice.  

14. Vacuum Plated Bridesmaid Heart Necklace

bridesmaid heart necklace

Your Bridesmaids are really a part of your heart and this bridesmaid gift necklace is made to be given in that spirit. This sweet bridesmaid necklace reminds them of just how valuable their friendship are.  Available in three colors to match your girls taste, this set will be a hit piece of jewelry your girls can wear beyond your big day.

13. Tearing Up Thinking About How Grateful I Am

Teardrop necklace

These teardrop necklaces are a perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. These necklaces come in so many different styles. Each of your bridesmaids' personality can shine through this necklace on your wedding day. This gift will surely get them teary-eyed!

12. Simple & Sweet Necklace

Simple Necklace for Bridesmaids


This delicate Simple & Sweet Necklace is a fantastic gift for all your bridesmaids. It will definitely go well with their gowns or with any outfit they have. All your girls are sure to appreciate its elegance no matter what jewelry preference they have! 

11. Real Flower Jewelry

This Real Flower Jewelry is made from real flowers and glass. The glass was cut and soldered of tin. It's the perfect gift for your bridesmaids who are nature lovers. This is one gift that will be treasured forever by your bride tribe.

10. Pearl Necklace


Engrave this Pearl Necklace with each of your bridesmaids’ initials. These timeless necklaces are the perfect accessory to gift your girls as a thank you gift on the day of your wedding. All necklaces are sweetly packaged in individual white gift boxes so you can remind your girls that they are the true jewels of your life.

9. Swarovski Crystal Set 

Want something that they can remember you by even after your wedding? Then this gift is one they won’t easily forget!  This Glitz and Glamour Jewelry Set includes Swarovski crystal earring and a heart designed necklace. This is one gift that will look good on all your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

8. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Choose from each month’s birth flower (carnation for January, a daisy for April, rose for June, and so on) in clear, eco-friendly, vegetable resin that preserves the dried pressed blossoms' color and form—and keeps love in bloom. Your bridesmaid deserves a bouquet of flowers every day, doesn't she? Give her this Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace and she will have a fresh (well, dried), flowers guaranteed not to wilt and encased forever in a heart she can wear. 

7. Sparkle Heart Bridesmaids Necklace

bridesmaid heart jewlery

Dressed up or down this necklace will fit right in. For the ladies that appreciate a little bling in their jewelry (who doesn't) this swanky bedazzled heart necklace will be a hit gift. Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to rock this on your big day or a fun night out with a cute top. Available with cute card sayings, this  will definitely be a great bridesmaid gift.

6. Mosaic Sea Glass Necklace

sea glass mosaic necklace

The square pattern reminds your bridesmaid to embrace the sea of change in life and to look forward to a bright future. This  Sea Glass Mosaic Necklace is made from pastel treasures swept away by the ocean and then broken and tumbled smooth over time. A gift she will treasure for a long time. 

5. Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Jewelry


Make them shine on your wedding day even as you shine brightest! This Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Jewelry can be personalized with your bridesmaids’ name and a short, sweet proposal message. Who can say “no” to such dazzling jewelry and a heartfelt proposal to boot?

4. Wishbeads Intention Necklaces

It's one gift she will always remember you by. Give her this Wishbeads Intention Necklace that reminds her that the perfect moment to make a wish doesn't have to rely on chance. The necklace's pendant has a secret compartment for stashing your wish—whether it's a daily intention, a meaningful reminder, or exactly what you've been wishing for. Simply write your wish on a tiny bit of paper (a set of just-the-right-sized sheets is included), roll it up, and tuck it into the opening. 

3. Romancing the Birthstone 

It’s simply telling your bridesmaid that you look forward to more years of friendship with her. Go for this romancing the birthstone necklace as you ask her to be your bridesmaid. She will be exerting a lot of effort and expending tons of support before, during and even after your wedding day. This will be one creative way to express in advance your love and appreciation.  This gift can be customized with a variety of stones either matching your wedding colors or the recipient’s birthstone.

2. White Wreath Rose & Sheep Necklace

 It's one creative gift  you can be sure she will be using again and again long after your wedding day. She will truly look great wearing this Romantic White Wreath Rose and Sheep Necklace on your wedding day. This lovely necklace used gold plated findings, glass bead, copper wire and glass art.

1. Bridesmaid Necklace

    It certainly is a gift she will never forget. This awesome necklace is made to last. She will be exerting a lot of effort and extending tons of support before, during and even after your wedding day. This will be one creative way to express in advance your love and appreciation. You can choose if it will be gold-filled, silver filled or rose gold filled. Make it more special by placing your message on the customizable box.