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    Bridesmaid Candles

    Personalized bridesmaid candles are a unique way to say thank you to your bridal party.

    17 of the Best Bridesmaid Candles for Your Bridal Party

    Your bride squads’ love and presence in your life and even during your wedding preparation have been heartwarming. Give them something that represents such warmth of affection and a symbol of a friendship that shall keep on illuminating your life no matter what season you may be in. Candle Gifts are classy and useful but to make the choosing part easier for you, here is a list of 17 Cutest Bridesmaids Candle Gifts.

    17. Personalized Soy Candle


    Give your bridesmaids a simple gift they can use whenever they want to feel cozy or add a romantic vibe to their dinner. This Personalized Soy Candle comes in different sizes in your choice of scent for your ladies. They may all have the same scent and size but since it is fully customizable with a permanent vinyl print of names in front, their candles will still differ from each other. Each soy wax candle comes in a box for better gift-giving moments.

    16. Light Up My Life


    Propose to your gal pals to become your bridesmaids or say thank you for being there on your wedding day with this Light Up My Life candle. It comes with your bride tribe’s name in a pretty script and your custom text - choose to ask "will you be my bridesmaid" or say thank you. Other phrases are also available for your preference. Candles are made of 100% soy wax and have a floral/citrus scent and jars come with a metallic foil label & black lid.

    15. Butterfly and Heart Bridesmaid Candle

    Talk about an elegant and beautiful token of your appreciation to the women who will walk with you as you say “I do”, this Butterfly and Heart Bridesmaid Candle is a guaranteed bull’s eye for your gift idea. This gift is a candle inside a plastic holder with your choice of cap. Pick between butterfly or ball cap for a topper and choose either silver or gold for both. It is decorated with personalized stickers with lid and gift boxes.

    14. Light It Up


    Available in 8 different full-bodied scents, these Light It Up tin candles are sure to fill your wedding venue, bridal shower location, or even the homes of the recipients with aromatic goodness. The minute your gal pals light up this tin candle, the scent will immediately get them saying “Yes” to you on your proposal to making them your bridesmaids. Choose between Bride Tribe, Hearts Over Hearts, Stripped, and Bride Tribe-Hearts for your sticker designs and make this already heartwarming gift even more valuable.

    13. Customed Sea Shell Candle

    How often does one see a sea shell with a light inside it? Moreover, how often do your gal pals receive a candle gift in the said packaging? Well, wonder no more as this Customed Sea Shell Candle will bring out the mermaid in your bridesmaids with its astonishing built and unique makeup. This gift is a seashell box with metal hardware filled with high-quality wax. Try not to dip it into the sea and warn your ladies as well. This one here is meant to be out of the waters.

    12. Monogram Soy Candle

    Simplicity and beauty go side by side especially when it comes to gifts for your bride tribe.  As for this Monogram Soy Candle, its simplicity just makes it all the more stunning as the monogram of your ladies is presented outside the candle holder. It comes in your choice of scent and the printing of the monogram is a permanent vinyl, making it last longer just like your wonderful relationship with your bridal babes.

    11. Personalized Bridesmaid Candle Jars

    Let your ladies read “I COULDN'T SAY ‘I DO’ without you" in this Personalized Bridesmaid Candle Jars and let their names appear on it too. This dainty piece of the jar contains Premium Soy Wax Candle with Floral Fragrance that is sure to surround any room with aromatic goodness and a romantic vibe. It can be personalized with the names of your bridesmaids on top of the lid with your choice of label color. This gift may be small but it speaks so much of how you cannot manage to be at your wedding without them.

    10. Rustic Candle Wedding Favor

    These Rustic Candle Wedding Favor are beautiful tealight holders that make the whole candle giving more meaningful. Simply add any tealight candle, scented or unscented in this lovely piece of wood and you will be on your way to adding more light to your relationship with your ladies. Made of 100% wood and dry flowers, these holders make a candle gift more beautiful as it instantly embellishes the place with its fine built. It can be given with or without personalized tags.

    9. Big Penis Scented 100% Soy Wax Candle

    Presenting a funny and extraordinary candle made of high-quality soy wax. This Big Penis Scented 100% Soy Wax Candle is sure to add a pun to your gift-giving and a lot of laughter to your bridal shower. Whether your ladies have issues with men and would love to burn the figure it represents or simply enjoys the said body part, this gift will be appreciated and will always bring a smiling memory to all your ladies even after your wedding.

    8. Name and Role Personalized Soy Candle

    When a name, an initial, or a role is not good enough for you, print the Name and the Role of your bride tribe in this Name and Role Personalized Soy Candle and be on your way to getting a guaranteed “Yes!” from them. This soy wax candle may come with your choice of scent or the scent preference of your bride tribe. Choose between white, black, gold, and silver for your font color to match your wedding theme. It comes in a box for a more convenient give-giving.

    7. Vanilla Scented Candle & Unique Kraft Box


    Sometimes luxury must be included in a simple gift without the extra price. This Vanilla Scented Candle & Unique Kraft Box is a luxury candle and a gift box that will make the gift-giving simpler but classier. These have the beautiful scent of Natural Sweet Vanilla and have a wonderful Frosted White gloss white finish. Made from 330ml Luxury Vegan Soy Based Candle with approximately 80 hours + 4h single burning time. it comes in 330ml Rounded glass, with a white cotton wick and white wax too - making for a clean burn.

    6. Elegant Bridesmaid Candle

    Bring out the wine glass and all the fancy stuff, because this Elegant Bridesmaid Candle  will not just add to the ambiance but will also be a great bridesmaid gift. Made with handmade wax and plastic, this candle set is made to impress. It is decorated with personalized stickers, glamorous lid and comes with a gift box. Now you can propose to your gal pals or thank them for being there at your wedding with something pretty while unused and calmingly functional when lit.

    5. Bridesmaid Candle


    Ask your closest lady friends to be a part of your bride tribe with this Bridesmaid Candle and let them read in the holder what a “bridesmaid” is. Surely your friendship has been defined a long time ago but the role you are asking them to play may still be a little vague. So let this candle do the defining and asking for you. It is Phthalate and dye-free and is made of non-GMO soy with cotton wicks. It comes with a lid so if your gal pals choose to just display it, the wick and candle will be preserved in good shape.

    4. Will You Be my Bridesmaid Candle

    Aside from the glaring question on top of its lid that says “Will You Be my Bridesmaid?”, this Will You Be my Bridesmaid Candle guarantees a “Yes” with its beauty and use. This gift is a 100% soy hand-poured candle that comes with beautiful crushed-up crystal pieces and dried flowers. The label on top is customizable so you may choose how you want to propose to your bridesmaids. Candles are made with ingredients that are FREE from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in other fragrances. They are also made with a cotton and paper-wrapped wick for a much slower, longer burn.

    3. Salted Rose Soy Candle

    Bask in the beauty of this Salted Rose Soy Candle and enjoy the scent they exude when lit. Your bridesmaids will surely appreciate having it burn during their “me” time or spa moments. Hand-poured, this 16 oz soy candle has a long burn time, beautiful hand-molded wax rose topper, and comes with easy to read scent description. The scent description for this particular floral candle includes Rosehip oil, Creamy Shea, and Himalayan Sea Salt.

    2. Proposal Candle


    When asking your ladies to be your bridesmaids via card or letter becomes a bit menial, try asking it with a candle. This Proposal Candle has your question written all over the body of its holder. Just hand it to your friends or put it in front of them and they will decipher your message as they read what is written. Made from 100% soy wax, this 200ml candle comes in 4 colors: Silver, Copper, Pink, White, and Black. Font colors come in black, white, gold, and silver.

    1. Scented Lady

    Making your ladies know how important they are to you is a gesture that never gets old no matter how many times you have done it. So in this case, make them feel valuable by giving this Scented Lady candle that also defines the very meaning of “bridesmaid”. These candles are pleasantly mild when burned, with a scent that fills the space with aromatic goodness without overwhelming the senses. Choose from the wide array of candle scent options.