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    Bridesmaids Flasks

    Get your bachelorette party rocking with a set of flasks and bridesmaid shot glasses. Let your girls know it's time for some fun with a gift that comes in a beautiful personalized keepsake box that can be used for a long time.
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    Whether it's for a bachelorette party or Tuesday afternoon, sometimes you and your gals just feel like having a wild time.  What better way to celebrate with your bridesmaids than some cute and stylish flasks and shot glasses.  An added bonus is that you can personalize them....just in case they start having trouble keeping track of them throughout the night. 

    15 Best Bridesmaid Flasks in 2022

    Partying in style is their cup of tea! Let your bride tribe show off these fashionable and hip flasks that they can easily carry or wear. They don't have to limit having their favorite drinks during parties, this gift will have them partying with the rest of the ladies anytime and anywhere. Choose a flask that is most durable and in a design and color they would most likely prefer. Have it engraved with their name, role and the date of your wedding and you would be giving them an unforgettable gift they will surely treasure for life! 

    Here are 15 of the best bridesmaid flasks you can choose from:  

    15. Bangle Flask

    Let them make a fashion statement by showing off this adorable statement jewelry piece that doubles as a flask.. Your ladies will have easy access to their drink with the unique shape and twist-off top. This bangle flask is handy and perfect for making their favorite drink available anywhere, anytime.  You can even have it personalized for your ladies.

    14. Personalized Glam Flask

    This Personalized Glam Flask coems with her name on it. It is perfect for the upcoming wedding season and social events, and can be given as a bridesmaid gift. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and are carefully designed to prevent rust or corrosion. The flask can hold  up to 5 ounces of their favorite drink. 

    13. Team Bridesmaid Flask

    This will be a weekend that you will never forget. That is if you can remember it. 
    Before you lose half of your memory you should get your bachelorette party some great gifts! Why not treat them with this Team Bridesmaid Flask that is completely unique and personalized? Their own cartoon printed on a Flask is just the thing!

    12. Engraved Flask

    These Engraved Flask are made of the highest quality stainless steel. What's more is that they fit discreetly into small hand bags, clutches, and large totes. Line lasers are used to engrave the text, which ensures no flaking or pealing. It can hold up to 5 ounces of their favorite drink. 

    11. Glitz & Sipz Flask

    Who says a bridesmaid can’t have a little fun at your wedding? Not us, that’s for sure. This bedazzled flask is one of our favorite gifts for a bridesmaid that likes her drinks strong! Decked out in rhinestones, this flask will be the only thing louder than her personality.

    10. Personalized Ladies Hip Flask

    This Personalized Ladies Hip Flask is made of stainless steel. It can contain up to 6 ounces of their favorite drink. It's the perfect gift for your bride tribe who would love to show them off as you party all night! Plus, you can be sure they will be using this gift way after your wedding day. 

    9. Flasks & Shot Glasses


    Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving this Personalized Stainless Steel Pink Flask and Shot Glasses. Make it extra special by placing her name, wedding title and the date of your wedding. The permanent finish symbolizes just how you would treasure their friendship and them being part of the fond memories of your wedding.  

    8. Custom Bridal Flask

    This Custom Bridal Flask is a beautiful flask perfect for your bride tribe. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and they fit discreetly into hand bags, clutches, and large totes. It also makes us  of line lasers to engrave any text, which ensures no flaking or pealing.

    7. Personalized Pink Flask Gift Set

    Lily’s Atelier 6oz Stainless Steel Custom Personalized Pink Flask Gift Set


    This Personalized Pink Flask Gift Set is a 6 oz steel pink flask customized with colorful vinyl. It is carefully handcrafted in Irvine, CA. It can hold up to 6 ounces of their favorite beverage. These are fun gifts they will definitely treasure for life!

    6. Personalized Glitter Copper Hip Flask

    This Personalized Glitter Copper Hip Flask is a unique personalized handmade glitter flask with the the name, title and date of your choice. It is made with stainless steel wrapped with permanent glitter vinyl and can carry 6 ounces of their favorite drink. It also comes packaged in a white box. 

    5. Rose Gold Polished Hip Flask

    This Rose Gold Polished Hip Flask is a 6oz stainless steel with rose gold polish finish. They are the perfect party starter and the ultimate gift for those hen nights too!!! Each flask will come with a ribbon to match the font color. All names will be designed based on the font you selected. Then additional roles or celebrations will be in a standard font.

    4. Engraved Hip Flask

    This Engraved Hip Flask can carry 6oz of their favorite drink. This Silver Pu leather wrapped flask comes with red engraving. It's one gift that will complete your party. Let your bride tribe show it off as they party all night long! 

    3. Women's Feminine Flask

    This Women's Feminine Flaskis means giving the gift they want, hard liquor. Make the presentation perfect with a real wood flask. It can carry six ounces of her favorite drink. This flask comes with initials in a black gift box. The print is on a real wood veneer of your choice. The wood is then sealed with oil to make it water/booze resistant. 

    2. Silver Flask Bracelet

    This Silver Flask Bracelet can carry 3.5oz of her favorite drink. It is made with  food grade stainless steel with handmade crystal lid and funnel. It comes in silver color so it goes well with any outfit she wears or any kind of party for that matter. 

    1. Leopard Print Flask

    This Leopard Print Flask comes with everything you need to have a great time. Your girls will be delighted to receive this awesome and unique looking flask from you. The party won't be complete without it. It's one gift they would be using again and again.