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20 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Him in 2023

20 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Him in 2023

With February around the corner, the countdown (and pressure) is on to find the best, the most unique Valentine Day gift that will delight your man and show him how much he means to you.  While men may be traditionally challenging to shop for, we have scoured the internet and feel that we have curated THE most varied and unique items around, so read on and you are sure to find that perfect gift!

20Box of Date Night Cards for for Him for Valentine's Day 

Box of Date Night Cards for Him for Valentines Day

Valentines Day shouldn't just last a day. This Valentines Day give a unique gift to make the romance last all year! A box of dates is the perfect romantic Valentines gift, wedding anniversary present or just because you want to show him how much you want to spend time with him! Don't waste time and energy trying to come up with ideas for your time together, just pull a categorized, color coded envelope out of the box and you are on your way to a fun time learning, growing and exploring together.  

19. You Make My Heart Go Boom - Personalized Valentines Day Ammo Box

The You Make My Heart Go Boom Personalized Romantic Ammo Box makes a great gift for your man this Valentine's Day. This is a genuine, used military surplus item. Scratches, scuffs, dents and other marks are to be expected and add to the authenticity of the product. Personalize with a name and ending sentiment and fill with your choice of items to get your man's heart racing!

18. Where It All Began Personalized Valentine Map 

"Where it all began", what could be a more romantic or appropriate Valentine gift?  Take them back to THAT moment and create a custom map print with your own location, names and date.  A beautiful home decoration and conversation piece, this piece of art is a super fun keepsake and makes a truly special gift for your man.

17. Personalized Wood Watch Valentine's Day Gift For Him

If you have you been looking for a truly unique timepiece gift that can separate itself from the rest, you can be assured that, this RUGGED TIMBER wood watch will make a timeless Valentine's Day gift for him.  Made from some of the most exotic wood available (Indonesian Blackwood), with grain that's truly one of its kind, each timepiece is handcrafted to perfection and to deliver a bold and lasting impression. It also comes in a stylish wooden box that makes your gifting classy and easy.

16, Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip for Him 

Choose a Valentine gift that is all about him.  He is one of a kind and these unique and stylish personalized leather magnetic money clips are handmade from full grain leather. The natural variances in the grain really add charm and a unique character to this piece. 6 pockets for cards and a magnetic clasp for your cash make for a great use of space on this slim money clip. Like you, this is a personalized Valentine gift he will treasure.

15. Engraved Pocket Knife Valentine Gift For Him

Stylish, sleek and sharp.  This may describe your man, but it also describes this engraved pocket knife gift.  Contrary to those old superstitions, we believe knives make great gifts.  They are useful, unique, long-lasting, timeless and can be personalized.  This year give him the sharpest Valentine gift in the shed! 

14. Custom Slate Coasters Valentine Gift For Him

Your Valentine is sure to appreciate these sturdy and stylish slate coasters.  Custom engraved with your chosen name, the set of 4 coasters are elegantly packaged in a wooden holder all ready for gift giving. Ideal for use in the bar area, office or man cave they are sure to make a statement and are the perfect personalized valentine gift for him.

13. Personalized Cigar Holder Gift for Him

Accustomed to the finer things in life (including you!), your Valentine will appreciate this handy personalized cigar holder. A perfectly sized travel case for 3 cigars and a stainless steel cutter, the front cutter pocket comes personalized with initials. The back comes decorated with a design that says "Fueled By Cigar and Whiskey". Make this your smoking "hot" Valentine gift.

12. Personalized Grill Cutting Board For Him 

Inspire the chef in him with this personalized cutting board for the kitchen or outdoor grill. Generously-sized and made out of bamboo wood this cutting board includes a well to catch juices and no-drip carving.  As an added bonus, he may enjoy "cutting up" on this personalized Valentine gift and grilling so much that you can retire from the kitchen!

11. Funny Valentine's Day Gaming Shirt


 This is a  unique and light-hearted Valentine's gift for the guy who is more into gaming than romance. He will appreciate your humor and understanding or how he enjoys to kick back and relax.  To take your gift to the next level, buy 2 shirts (one for you and one for him) and gaming date night!

10.  Leather Travel Duffel Bags for Him


This beautiful handcrafted buffalo leather duffel weekender bag makes a great practical valentine gift for the man on the move. Stylish, sturdy and spacious, the bag has one main compartment for clothes along with, one Internal zipper and internal sections for cards / pens and cell phone. This bag can be used as a Gym Bag, Leather Travel Bag, Sports bag, Weekend bag, Cabin, Camping Bag, enough for all the many places he needs and wants to be. 

9. Personalized Golf Set for Him


 Want a valentine gift that will score you a hole in one?  Check out this personalized golf gift set! Complete with a dozen quality personalized golf balls, golf tees, pencils all beautifully presented in a wooden box with personalization matching the balls.  Your golfer will be delighted!

8. Hoppy Valentine's Day Beer Mug

Choose this "Beer My Valentine" personalized Beer Mug to tell them, "I love you Beery much!" There are several other "Beer" sentiments to choose from so that you are guaranteed to find just the right expression for your beer lover. Makes for a perfect Valentine's Day gift to go with his favorite brew. 

7. Reasons Why I Love You Gift for Him

Your love is one of a kind, and so is this romantic valentine gift. The crafted wooden box contains a personalized puzzle will help you express your feelings and love. Just choose ready-made reasons (12,20,32,60) for your love or write your own personal ones. Comes ready for gift giving and guaranteed to amaze.

6. Custom Song on Vinyl Gift For Him

 A song can take you back to a moment in time in way like no other.  A beautiful decorative piece to be displayed and enjoyed, this gift will remind him of your special song whenever he sees it. 

5. Cool Gadget Valentine Gift For Him


 Looking for unusual gift idea for the man who has everything? Whatever the occasion, this cool gadget will sure fit the bill. Compact and versatile, no more rummaging through kitchen drawers for the right tool to fix things. With this all-in-one handy gadget, you can tackle most quick daily tasks with ease.  Perfect for your car, office or home and a perfect valentine gift for him.

4. Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker  


Your guy loves his sound and is always on the go. This Valentine's Day, tap into his love language with this powerful, compact and versatile Bluetooth speaker and he will never be without his favorite beats. This thoughtful valentine gift will be music to his ears!

3. Personalized Guitar Capo Gift For Him

A necessary accessory for every music loving guitarist, upgrade the humble capo to this custom and personalized capo.  Every time your man pulls out his guitar to play, teach or just jam with his buddies he will appreciate your thoughtful valentine gift.

2. Smart Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug

Enjoy delicious warm coffee from the first sip to the last, anytime!  What a priceless gift! Made of quality materials, this easy to use, intelligent temperature control coffee warming thermos makes a thoughtful gift for your coffee loving man. 

1. Valentine Day Gift Set For Him


Three gifts in one! Surprise him with this classy valentines set with a super soft scarf, personalized beer glass and bottle opener.  All gifts are contained in a study gift box, personalized with "Be Mine" ready for you to present to your valentine.

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How (and when) to Plan Your Honeymoon

How (and when) to Plan Your Honeymoon

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So, you’re nervous and excited about your sweet days with your beloved? Happens with most of us. Calm down. It’s going to turn out super smooth.

Ideally, you should begin planning your honeymoon at least 8-12 months prior to the wedding. The wedding planning and arrangements will drain you quite a lot. It won’t leave any time to rest and plan your honeymoon with a fresh mind.

So, it’s best you plan it before you plan the wedding. In this guide, we’ll be sharing how you can plan a honeymoon that syncs with your imagination and dreams. Let’s get started!


How to plan your honeymoon?

Your honeymoon planning begins with a notebook and a pen. Quite literally. Discuss what you want to do with your partner and shortlist the top three things each of you wants to try with another.

Apart from that, figure out how long you want your honeymoon to last. Determine if you want it in a crowded, hustling, and bustling place, or do you want to spend time with one another in a secluded area?

Overall, you should have three metrics before getting down to in-person or internet research. These include:

  • Duration of your stay
  • Your budget
  • Type of honeymoon you desire

If you’re not familiar with the types of honeymoons that exist, we recommend browsing this list of the top 10 types of honeymoons.

Once you have these details, it’s time to begin the real planning.


Stage 1: Shortlist Best Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re aiming to experience the best possible honeymoon, we recommend browsing the top honeymoon destinations of 2023. Some of the best destinations shortlisted by honeymoon experts include:

  • Saint Lucia
  • Bahamas
  • Maldives
  • Jamaica
  • Bora Bora
  • Hawaii
  • Bermuda

Technically, these are the best honeymoon destinations of all time. But they’ve made it to 2023’s best honeymoon places as well, thanks to the scenic beauty as well as newer luxury resorts. The best part? These still fall under affordable premium honeymoon places for most couples.

To experience the best, pick any on the list.

But if you have specifics planned, you’ll have to dive into deeper research. Find out if the places you shortlist offer the activities you wish to engage in. Research a bit on the culture and vibe there.

Browse the list of hotels that fall within your budget and check out their reputation. Ideally, you should have at least 2-3 honeymoon destinations and 2-3 hotels/resorts shortlisted (for each destination) in the first stage of planning. The first stage of planning lasts 1-2 months, i.e., 6-8 months before your wedding.


Stage 2: Review Choices & Reevaluate

Stage two of honeymoon planning lasts the longest. It may stretch over 3-4 months. During this time, we encourage you to get to the roots of all your shortlisted options.

Here are a few things you should do:

  • Check out the traffic received by your shortlisted destination in each season.
  • Browse all possible activities in the resort you’re interested in, as well as the place you’ll be visiting.
  • Browse travel blogs and reviews to understand how difficult it is to get the hang of that place.
  • Browse customer reviews of the hotel you might book.
  • Estimate any additional costs in case of a mishap or emergency.
  • Estimate airfare, transportation costs, and food costs
  • Estimate the safety offered by the place. You might want to check the crime rate and weather forecast.
  • Determine if you wish to attend any festivals happening at the place, during your honeymoon.

Using this information, further evaluate your choice. Determine if you want to visit the place in the busiest season or quietest seasons. And so on.

There’s a high chance you might find yourself back to point zero when you find out your desired honeymoon destination or place of stay is too expensive or fully booked. Relax and start over with a fresh mind. Remember, you do not want to rush this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Stage 3: Make your Bookings

It’s best to wrap up stage two as soon as you can. But if you can’t wind it up quickly, ensure that you finalize your choice at least two months before your wedding.

Beyond this, it will be difficult to make any bookings of your choice. There’s a high chance, you’ll have to make compromises.

If you manage to book 6-8 months in advance, you might receive early bird and other additional discounts. Plus, you’ll get exactly what you planned for. You’ll even leave some time for the resort to make arrangements for you and transform your honeymoon dreams into reality.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, planning your honeymoon is one of the most stressful events of your wedding journey. But if you lead it systematically, you might as well receive the complete worth of your efforts.

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What Do the Diamonds You Choose For Your Significant Other Mean

What Do the Diamonds You Choose For Your Significant Other Mean


Love is a sweet feeling. Experts suggest that love enhances life quality as it increases bladder control in women, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, and boosts the immune system. Indeed love is magical!

At the thought of love, diamonds come to mind. The minerals represent true and chaste intimacy. If you have been with someone special and wish to take your relationship to the next level, do it in style. 

While shopping for a ring sounds like the most exciting aspect of an engagement process, it can be the most agonizing for most people. Though a bit pricey,  unique diamond rings are personal, timeless, and every girl's dream. There are no wrong choices when you go for diamonds, but it does not hurt to get the perfect piece. See below the diamonds you choose for your significant other and what they mean. 

Heart Ring Cut

Nothing spells love better than a diamond heart-shaped ring. It is the sweetest of all ring cuts, the most endearing piece, and a variation of a brilliant cut. Customizing this ring will get you extra points. If you are dating a fierce princess that takes life challenges head-on, this bold choice on their finger will match her personality. 

A heart ring cut is not everyday wear, and you will rarely see it regularly. Women inclined towards this style stand out in a crowd. 

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut diamonds appear square-like when viewed from above. However, they have corners that allow more light into the diamond and typically have 50-58 facets. 

A modern woman who loves antiques is a rare gem, and an Asscher cut will add a sparkle to her life as it has an old-world sophistication. These unique diamond rings have a retro look and step-cut faceting, making them elegant and understated. In the 20s and 30s, the short octagonal cut was the hallmark. It has an Art Deco feel too.

Radiant Cut

Though the radiant cut is similar to the emerald cut in shape, they are different in character. Radiant is a dazzler that comes with 70 light-reflecting facets in it. The radiant cut offers impressive fire and brilliance, and the stone is an excellent choice for a lady who does not want a round one. 

The radiant cut is for an outgoing and bubbly woman that keeps you entertained. Thanks to the brilliant faceting and rectangular shape as it complements anyone who loves flash and sparkle. 

Marquise Cut

If you are looking for a ring that is ultimate in elegance, check the marquise cut. A marquise-cut stone is long and narrow pointed, giving it the gentle oval shape that resembles a ship's hull. Well known as the Navette cut, which means "little boat" in French, the marquise cut is a modified brilliant stone that appears more prominent than its actual size. 

It is an excellent pick for anyone that wants to create an illusion of elongated hands. 

Pear Cut 

The Pear Cut blends the Oval and Marquise cuts with a pointed end on one side and round on the other. It is also known as pendeloque or teardrop cut.

Pear Cut shape mimics a tear of joy and makes the wearer's finger appear longer than usual. This cut is among the least common engagement ring designs and is loved by ladies who love unique things. If your significant other is not afraid to toot their horn, get her a pear cut!

Oval Cut

These cuts are steadily growing in popularity. As the name suggests, it comes in an oval shape and is another excellent way to add sparkle to your love life. 

The oval cut is for the extraordinary woman who is always ahead of trends but loves class and elegance. 

Round Cut 

Round cut diamonds have the most sparkle! However, the level of sparkle depends on factors like the diamond cut grade and quality. Besides leading in shine, they are the most expensive as more diamond is cut to facet the piece. 

The value and popularity of this type relate to its light reflective ability through more facets. A round cut is a good choice if your fiancée is a sophisticated lady with a deep love for the best things in life. 

Emerald Cut

Emerald has an elongated shape that exudes refinement and elegance. The step-cut faceting is incredible if your significant other is more on the understated side. 

If she skews classic with an edge and has a discerning taste, get her an emerald cut!



As you can see above, there are several sparky shapes when choosing diamond engagement rings or general jewelry for your significant other. Any of these pieces will deliver the excellent sparkle to affirm your feelings. Rest assured that whatever your pick, you will get it right.


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4 Things You Need to Check Off Before the Big Day

4 Things You Need to Check Off Before the Big Day

4 Things You Need to Check Off Before the Big Day


A wedding is a significant event as it marks a major life milestone. Planning for a wedding, though exciting, is daunting. It involves paying attention to details, remunerating things, choosing colors, and scouting for venues, among others, which can be one of the most unpleasant undertakings. Everyone needs an ideal wedding and wishes to impress their guests.

However, preparing for the big day entails prepping for the major event - marriage. The bulk of time and resources should ensure that your big day marks a beautiful beginning. Here are things you need to check before your big day. 

Get to Know Each Other

The period between a first date and the wedding is about two years for most people. While 24 months sound like a long time, this period is marked by the excitement of first love. It is crucial to try to learn your partner and pick important cues intentionally.

Try and get as much information about their past. This includes education history, identity, and employment, among others. As ridiculous as it may sound, you also need to know if your potential spouse has any criminal history. Unfortunately, anyone with a dark past may not give you the information. Consider engaging experts who can help you get information for a background check before you walk down the aisle.  

Besides meeting for coffee and meals in restaurants, ensure that you travel together and do other challenging activities. Explore different things that test patience, make you tired, or situations where you are not at your best. Observe how you handle one another when you are cranky, tired, or sick. From these situations, pick red flags, strengths, and weaknesses. Note how your partner handles good news, bad news, pressure, and disappointments. 

Discuss the Future

Marriage is a journey, and you need to know if you are heading in the same direction right from the onset. Moving from an individual with their dreams to suddenly gelling your vision with another is nothing close to a smooth transition. You must keep up with each other’s habits, routines, and plans. 

While it is impossible to have a seamless union, discussing the future will help reduce conflict. Talk about your short and long-term goals. Instead of making your habits fodder for fights, let your soon-to-be partner know your struggles and strengths as they share their side. Also, pick cues and discover habits that they may subconsciously practice. Discuss, and if you see any deal breakers, do not ignore them. 

Check how You Both Handle Conflicts


Conflicts are part of every marriage. Healthy conflict resolution is one of the core requirements of a lasting union. Understand how you manage disappointments and conflict before taking the vows on the big day. 

You do not have to see things from the same viewpoint or employ the same method when arguing. But whatever style of conflict resolution one employs, ensure that it is functional and solution-seeking. Avoid normalizing dysfunctional and extreme approaches to conflicting situations and learn how to fight fair. 

Work towards doing life as a team and wade through challenging situations with grace. 

Plan for the Wedding

Wedding planning is another opportunity for love birds to get to know each other better. Planning for a wedding can be nerve-wracking, but it has its beautiful moments. It’s a perfect case of roses and thorns.

Here is a chance to test your team playing skills. Please pay attention to what excites your partner, angers them, and how you handle differing opinions. Draw a checklist complete with time frames and costs. Work towards a budget and invitation list together. If you pull through planning for a wedding together, congratulations! That was the first assignment. Get ready for the next one. 


There is much more to the big day than a wedding. Your checklist for the big day should go beyond the few hours event. If you spot any deal breakers from the above-mentioned things, respectfully call off the wedding.

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How to Store Your Wedding Photos and Videos to Last Forever

How to Store Your Wedding Photos and Videos to Last Forever


Most people spend a lifetime planning for the wedding of their dreams. Once the day passes, only the pictures remain to remind you of it. Here are some tips for storing your wedding videos and photos to last forever:

Three Copy Pattern

Prevention is always better than cure and a three copy pattern will keep your wedding photos safe. Saving on a hard drive only is not a good idea as it can get corrupted or lost. The more places you store your images, the better. You can even convert your super 8 to a digital file for posterity.  

1st copy local save – Store the first copy of wedding data on hard drives or SSD at home. 

2nd copy off-site – Keep another hard drive or SSD at an in-law's or friend’s house.

3rd copy on the cloud – Store your data on Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Display Wedding Photos as Art

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your happiest day displayed on your wall. A house is not a home if personal images are not on display. As your family grows, your children will see the photos every day. According to a recent study, displaying family photos helps children to grow up feeling confident in their worth. 

Invest in a Wedding Album

If you do not like cables and believe in having physical copies, a wedding album is the solution. This is one of the best forms of preserving your memories. An album does not need internet access or software updates, which means it has no potential to crash. It also makes a great heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to another. If you have recently had a wedding but don’t have an album, chances are that your wedding photographer offers album options for you to invest in. 

Choose a Memento Print Box

A keepsake print box is a great alternative to a traditional wedding album. You can choose to print the photos in different sizes and matte them for extra protection. If you opt to print in bulk, you will save money. 

Store Photos Online


There are several image storage platforms that keep photos safe and make accessing them from anywhere easier. Before choosing a platform, research a bit to find the one that best meets your storage needs. You can choose Dropbox or Google Photos for your wedding photo storage. 

Google Photos

Google Photos automatically backs up photos, which keeps them safe. This means that even if you lose your laptop or phone, you can access them by logging into your Google Photos account. Another great feature of this platform is the search function that allows you to search for specific images. For instance, you can search for flowers to see pictures that feature flowers. 

With their free plan, you get unlimited storage as long as your photos are not more than 16 megapixels. For larger images, you can subscribe to the paid plans, the lowest being $1.99 each month. 


This platform also has automatic backup and organizes photographs in folders, which makes access so much easier. When you create folders, you are free to share them with friends and family who can look at them and comment.  Dropbox works with an app called Burner that gives people temporary phone numbers. You can tell guests to send photos that they took on their phones to your burner and they will sync automatically with your Dropbox images. 


When you follow the above tips, your wedding photos will last a lifetime. To safeguard your photos even more, you can do all the above instead of doing just one thing.

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17 Best Gifts For Your Ring Bearer

17 Best Gifts For Your Ring Bearer

Most of the time we are all anxious as to how the kids will walk around the wedding and act on their part. Admit it is though, the Ring Bearer’s temper and tactics are cute and sometimes anticipated part of the entourage. You better not miss to appreciate the presence of our lovable “Ring Security” on your wedding day, so here are 17 Best Gifts For Your Ring Bearer to make it easier for you to sort out how to cherish our little pal to do a job well done on your big day.
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17 Funny Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Love

17 Funny Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Love

Your relationship with your besties may probably have been filled with challenges, drama, fashion, and a lot of fun. For your wedding, let humor surround the venue of your bachelorette party as your bridesmaids receive the most hilarious gifts from the bride. Here are 17 Funny Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Love.

17. Caricature Bridesmaid Mason Jar


This Caricature Bridesmaid Mason Jar is a pregame for your ladies before your big celebration. Your ladies will burst into laughter once they see this mug with the funniest caricature version of their faces. It shall make your bride tribe feel that they have a special jar just for them. The fun they had at the bridal shower, as well as your wedding, will all be remembered every time they drink from a mug as cool as this one.

16. Drinking Team Shirts 


Subtle and bold at the same time, these Drinking Team Shirts just flaunts that your squad is your team when it comes to drinking. Not that it’s a competition or what but you will need your gal pals as you get drunk irresponsibly for the last time during your bachelorette party. Available in XS, S. M, L, XL, and 2XL, your babes in all shapes and sizes will have a version for them that fits. Choose from Black, Pink, Grey, and White to match your wedding palette.

15. Chocolate Penis


Talk about choking on the gift and upon seeing the gift. This Chocolate Penis will have your ladies erupting in laughter and spitting saliva upon seeing what you have in store for them. Such a gift is originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc. to “eat a dick” without getting into trouble. But for you, this bridesmaid gift will spice up the bridal shower as your ladies laugh and devour a yummy penis… chocolate that is.

14. Funny Will, You Be My Bridesmaid Card


Unless your bestie is an all-out type of gal, no one will say yes to your proposal if it means they will get peed on. Luckily this Funny Will, You Be My Bridesmaid Card springs the right amount of humor and wit as it presents a funny prelude and reveals a loving invite towards the end. It is a unique fold-out card that reads “I might pee on you” when folded, and  “I might make you hold my dress as I pee, make you go on silly errands, or annoy you. But I hope you’ll accept. Will you be my Bridesmaid?” when unfolded. Clever huh?

13. Funny Bachelorette Party Tee


Your wedding is set and your ladies said “Yes” to be your bridesmaids. It is time to pick the funniest gift to give them at your bachelorette party. Let this Funny Bachelorette Party Tee be a fitting choice and humorous addition to their wardrobe that they may use even after your wedding day is over. Assign the coolest roles for each of your babes and print them in these shirts such as: “I’ll bring the booze” or “I’ll hide the evidence” that will make them all sound like crazy gals while you will simply be the “Bride”

12. Photo Custom Personalized Thong


Prepare your gals for what is to happen in your bridal shower by giving them this Photo Custom Personalized Thong. They may wear it during the wedding or the party before as you anticipate some action to happen. Print with the face of their Hollywood or Korean crushes and they shall reveal funny underpants before they take them off. Make It even laughable by printing this nylon and spandex thong with the face of their exes our favorite comedian.

11. Funny Wedding Thermal


It is a common joke for parents to tell their only son or daughter that they are their favorite son or daughter. Do the same with this Funny Wedding Thermal and let each of your bridesmaids know that they are your favorite. Once they show their gifts to one another, they will know that it is a practical joke but when the laughter and the teasing die down, they will know you meant it seriously.

10. Funny Bridesmaid Necklace

Usually, in gangster movies, when a person knows too much, they handle them and make them disappear. But in the case of a bride-to-be, a woman who knows too much about her is automatically promoted from being a best friend for life to being a bridesmaid. Made of stainless steel and white gold, with Cubic Zirconia, this Funny Bridesmaid Necklace is a testament that your best friend will not be handled by knowing too much but will be loved and kept forever. You know, to keep her from spilling your secrets.

9. The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook: Help the Bride Shine Without Losing Your Mind


Once your bridesmaid said “Yes” to standing by your side as you walk down the aisle, you may reveal to her what is needed for her role. A whole world of joys and jobs await that special lady and she will need The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook: Help the Bride Shine Without Losing Your Mind to get her through. It will help her become a brilliant bridesmaid which also means a brilliant therapist, communications coordinator, stylist, and bodyguard to the bride. The mere sight of this book will make her laugh because of how serious the task at hand is.

8. Funny Bridesmaid Movie Pencils


For your bridesmaids who love the movie about them, these Funny Bridesmaid Movie Pencils will be a hilarious gift as it is filled with quotes from the movie “Bridesmaids” that surely made them laugh. These engraved pencils will be the hit of any classroom, office, or home, leaving everyone wanting a set of their own. Anyone who can write and use a pencil will love this gift to use for scribing or just to laugh about. This #2 pencil comes in a set of 8 which is perfect to give to all your ladies. Throw in a journal or a scratch pad to make the gift complete.

7. Friendship is Like This Candle


Friendship is Like This Candle will honor your friendship as this hilarious candle is equal parts sweet and…threatening. Made from 100% All-Natural Soy Candle this candle is hand-infused with premium fragrance oils and has Cotton with Paper Core Wick in a strong reusable glass jar. It is Lavender and Lemongrass scented so more than making your bridesmaids laugh, this candle will fill their homes with a therapeutic aroma. They just need to ensure not to forget about you and you will burn their house down, but hey, you are just kidding right? Or not!

6. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Gift


This “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Gift starts with a message that seems to acknowledge your gal pal’s contribution to your life, in a not-so-ideal sense, and ends in a hilarious proposal. Make your bridesmaids say yes to a funny proposal while giving them something they may flaunt and drink from before, during, and after your wedding. It reads in front” You’ve helped me through every other bad decision. Let’s keep the tradition alive! Will you be my bridesmaid?” Not that getting married is a bad decision, but you get the point here.

5. Funny Champagne Glass


Help your bride tribe celebrate you and your upcoming wedding in the messiest way possible. This Funny Champagne Glass that is crafted to look like a bong was made for the rowdiest of your bridesmaids, who are most likely already on your list while checking this magical contraption. It holds 6 oz. of their favorite Champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling beverage of choice. Elegantly designed to make drinking a more stylish, funny, and classy experience this glass will be a gift your bridesmaids will always use even just by drinking water.

4. Personalized Baseball Cap


This Personalized Baseball Cap is a perfect gift for friends who want to have a little fun in the sun. Your weekend getaway with your bridal babes just got a whole lot more interesting and funnier with this hat that designates roles to each lady in your squad. Made of 100% cotton twill,  it is comfortable enough to be worn the whole day. Featuring six-panel, low-profile, and unstructured details, this cap is distressed to give a vintage look.

3. Penis Shaped Candle


Whether your ladies like to admit it or not, they all want a rock-hard Penis Shaped Candle. Yes, candle! For spa time to be cozier or for dinner moments to be, well in this case, funnier than sweeter. This humorous 6-7 inches in length candle will make your ladies giggle in laughter and may be hesitant to use and burn it for a time. Well, it doesn’t matter. You would have achieved your goal to make them smile by then.

2. Party on a Glass


Pick the most embarrassing photo of your besties and put them in a wine glass. Bring all these gifts together in on the table and you all would have had a Party on a Glass. Now every wine night you can show off your crazy bridesmaids' moments with these high-quality engraved glasses. Each glass will be engraved by an amazing artist so you can guarantee the precision or if by request, you want more humor in the image. This will make you celebrate and laugh the whole night.

1. Her Tribe


Every bride needs “Her Tribe” and yours will be shocked at first glance with your shot glass gifts as they line up at the table filled with your poison of choice and look like they are giving your ladies “the finger”. Of course, you will not do that! Because the one finger raised was not the middle, but the very much engaged and ringed one. Still, it’s fun to see their faces react after thinking that their designated shot glasses are making a bold statement.

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27 Best Bridal Earrings

27 Best Bridal Earrings

Hair up, or hair down, a bride’s ear will still be seen and get focused on as she walks down the aisle or moves around on her wedding day. Her whole look will be a head turner so it is important to embellish her with the right accessories and stunning pieces of bridesmaid jewelry. Here are 27 Best Bridal Earrings that will make her beauty stand out more and her ears pop with elegance.
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21 Maid of Honor Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Jewelry

21 Maid of Honor Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Jewelry

Let’s be real, most women love jewelry. And if any female specie gets to play Maid of Honor at a wedding, she will surely appreciate a maid of honor gift she can wear on your wedding day and the days after. So, for the lady who will stand by your side as you say I do, an equally stunning gift must be in play. Here are 21 Maid of Honor Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Jewelry.
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13 Best Bridal Robes of  2022

13 Best Bridal Robes of 2022

The bride is the center of attention at her wedding and everyone waits in anticipation as she comes out fully made up wearing her bridal gown. However, behind closed doors is a woman getting ready for such a big “look” reveal. As she prepares, she needs an outfit that is suitable for her needs. The kind that will allow her to move with ease while she is being dolled up and can easily be taken off without interfering or ruining her hair and make-up. Such is a cover-up called a “robe”. However, over the years, robes evolved into different looks, materials, colors, and even designs. Brides out there, put your minds at ease because here are the 13 Best Bridal Robes of 2022 that will help you pick your best getting-ready but a picture-worthy robe.
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19 Best Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

19 Best Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

So your wedding is taking place in a far-off location. But while a destination wedding is a much anticipated one, it also requires more detailed preparation. Before you get lost in all the planning whatnots, choose a thematic gift for your bridesmaids so they too can have a feel of that thrill you are feeling now. Here is a list of the 19 Best Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts.
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Best Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

37 Best Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

 If you are the type of bride that is always expect the unexpected , then you can definitely replace the usual bridesmaid gowns with an elegant looking bridesmaid jumpsuits. These jumpsuits are currently trending. Well, why not, they make your ladies have that slimming and flattering look.
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