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Flower Girl Gifts

Our selection of flower girl gifts will make your adorable little ladies feel like they are a special part of your big day.
Flower Girl Gifts

34 of the Best Flower Girl Gifts for Your Little Ladies

The cutest members of your bride team deserve the best girl gifts you can find to show them your appreciation. Not only will your gifts be worn on the day they walk the aisle before you as a prelude to your beauty, but also, they will serve as a reminder of how memorable your special day was. However, girls have preferences that are not always at par with your bridesmaids as the latter are already fully grown ladies.

So, to aid you in finding the most fitting gifts for the flower-scattering start of the aisle, here is a list of the 34 best flower girl gifts.

34. Monogram Bracelet - Flower Girl 

Small wrists look good with a dainty piece of accessory. This Monogram Bracelet - Flower Girl will add glamour and elegance in the hand of your flower sprinkling angels in the aisle. It is an 18K plated gold wrist accessory that comes with a personalized monogram initial, heart charm, and a glitzy gem that is sure to make your flower girl stand out as she poses a genuine smile while wearing your gift. Simply unscrew the ball on the bracelet and slide the monogram in it.

33. Monogram Letter A Doodle Heart Girls Name Watch

Teach the youngest member of your bride squad the value of time and have it packaged in a pink and flowery one. Each Monogram Letter A Doodle Heart Girls Name Watch comes with an amazing glitter strap in pink, silver, or red. This stainless steel faced watch with leather strap and buckle closure is water-resistant and can be personalized with the child’s name, photo, or design to the watch face to create a unique timepiece. Your flower girls will be delighted to wear it on your wedding day.

32. Studly Box 

Dangling ones are not yet their fashion but wearing a sparkling stud is an all-time and all-age favorite ear accessory. So, make your proposal or “thank you” to your flower girls with wow using this Studly Box. Made of 14K Gold Plated Halo Cubic Zirconia at 3/8” diameter in size, this ear accessory is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. It comes in an explosion box that is completely handmade from creamy white cardstock.

31. Watercolor Floral Unicorn Personalized Girl Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Water Bottle Flower Girl Gift

For girls who still sees things in rainbows and unicorn, anything that comes in such design will be a gift that will forever elicit a joyful memory. Hydrate your youngest bride squad gals with this Watercolor Floral Unicorn Personalized Girl Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Their skin, hair, body, and mind will thank you for giving their host a useful tool in sipping liquid that helps maintain a healthy body even at a young age. This lightweight, durable, crack-proof, and spill-proof 18 oz stainless steel bottle will never give even a hint of that plastic taste to any beverage.

30. Flower Girl Denim Jacket

“Who runs the world?” GIRLS! The girls in your bride team are not yet going to run the world at their age, but that does not mean they cannot shake the ground when they walk the streets. This Flower Girl Denim Jacket will not only guarantee a “yes” to your proposal but will also make your flower girls look chic even at their age. Embroidered with a floral motif - the youngest member of your party is sure to stand out in this jacket and boost their confidence in rocking a fashionable garment.

29. Kids Camera for Girls


The youngest female stars in your wedding team will instantly give you a “yes” if you propose with this Kids Camera for Girls. Made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, has non-toxic and safe design, and has effective anti-drop and shockproof protection, this image capturing gadget is easy to use. It has 12 megapixels front and a rear dual camera that allows your flower girls to take fun photos during your wedding and take a selfie as well. More than photos, this camera can also take videos.

28. Hair Vows 


Straight or curly, long or short, black or colored, keep those flower girl hairs tidy and held for that dainty and pretty look on your wedding day and the days after. This Hair Vows may be a proposal or “thank you” to your flower scattering start of the aisle. It may be given in numbers, as it is, or a part of a gift box or treats bag. Their hairs may be worn whichever way they want and just add these ties as an accent that makes them a genuine part of the elite bridal squad.

27. Flower Girl Tote Bag

Made of 100% natural materials, this Flower Girl Tote Bag is a nice proposal and “thank you” gift to your youngest bride crew. It may be given as it is so those young ones may put in their stuff while strolling the halls or venue in style, or you may use this as a treat bag and fill it with more treats you can think of. This bag is customizable with the name of your flower girl and has cotton handles with stress point reinforced stitching for that durable make-up.

26. Crystal Compact


Surely you are proposing to the fairest and most confident young girls in the land for your flower girls. This Crystal Compact will be a reinforcement to such confidence and an assurance that they will still look cute and pretty during your wedding. This mirror made of metal, resin, glass, and matte vinyl adhesive can be an added treat to a gift box or treat bag. It comes in three beautiful finishes that will adapt to your wedding theme: Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.

25. Flower Girl Backpack

Whether one likes to admit it or not, some girls are not into tote bags, even at a young age. So, for those little females who like to carry their bags on their backs, this Flower Girl Backpack is a perfect flower girl gift of choice. With this bag, she can carry fun stuff like crayons, coloring books, dolls, clay, etc. to keep her occupied and entertained during the reception. It’s a pink bag with pink flowers and the words “Flower Girls” in front. The adjustable straps make the bag fit better and the Velcro flap closure ensures a secure keeping of things.

24. Flower Girl Kids Customized Face Mask


More than saying “please” or “thank you” to your flower girls, you will also want to exude “take care” in your gifts to her. This Flower Girl Kids Customized Face Mask screams care and style combined as it ensures your flower girl’s safety from the viruses around her while walking around in style during your wedding. It comes in Dusty Pink, Light Blue, Black, Grey, and White and can be personalized with the name or title of your choice in White, Black, Gold, Rose gold, Silver, and any other color f vinyl.

23. Flower Girl Tumbler


She is too young to carry a big cup and a bit too old for a sippy cup, this Flower Girl Tumbler is the sweet spot that meets the need to hydrate your flower girl while making her feel matured enough to be a part of your bride squad. These tumblers work well for hot or cold drinks and can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours which makes them perfect for long hours of waiting. It has a clear acrylic snap-on lid and straw that matches the tumbler color.

22. Just My Style All About Nail Art

Bring out the “lady” in the girl with this Just My Style All About Nail Art. Your flower girls will be delighted to say “yes” to your proposal and run to her room to explore this dainty and fashionable gift. Let the burst of colors be the trigger of fun for our flower sprinkling girl in the aisle with this nail art kit. It has vibrant polish, adhesive nails, nail stickers, and more that create one-a-of-kind nails worth bragging and showing off to friends.

21. Necklace Of Love


For women and girls alike, you can never go wrong with a necklace as a gift. Especially if the said necklace is customized or personalized with a name or initials. This Necklace Of Love is an 18K gold necklace engraved with the initials of your flower girl. You can give it individually or you may opt to include it in a gift box or treat bag. Necklaces are available in your choice of pink, black, mint, or white with a gold vinyl color to print the letter of your choice.

20. Flower Girl Pajamas


Flower girls may not be included in your overnight bridal shower, but it does not mean they do not get to wear the outfit. These Flower Girl Pajamas are crafted with our soft, crepe material and include detailed contrast piping and pocket details.  Available in a variety of colors, this set can be embroidered with the name of your youngest bride squad for that heartwarming and personalized touch. She can use it when she sleeps over with you as you both wear a matching set.

19. Personalized Kids Glitter Duffle Bag


The age of your flower girls may differ, but they are on the same stage of their lives where dance and sports practices or sleepovers are already in play. With that in mind, this Personalized Kids Glitter Duffle Bag will be a fitting proposal and “thank you” gift. Made for girls who love to sparkle, this glittery duffle bag for kids features an adjustable shoulder strap, comfort grip handle, 3 interior pockets, and an exterior zip pocket. A gift for a special girl on the go, with a bonus name embroidered in front, is such a guaranteed delight.

18. Little Lovie 


On your wedding day, your bridesmaids will want to get ready in matching outfits with you and your flower girl is no exemption. This Little Lovie will be a dainty rite of passage for your youngest member of the bride squad as she gets made up, photographed, and noticed with you and the entire wedding team in classy and comfortable wear. It has the option to be monogrammed on the front, back, or both to make this little token of appreciation extra special and personal.

17. Girl Satin Floral Kimono


Since the young girl who you will be giving this gift to is a part of the bride squad, why not make her wear something all the ladies in your bridal shower would want to wear? This unique addition to her wardrobe will surely be a delight and will ensure she will throw flowers on your way with gladness. The Girl Satin Floral Kimono comes in various designs and colors even young girls will love.

16. Flower Girl Make Up Bag

Your flower girl may be too young to carry a real make-up set with her, but this Flower Girl Make Up Bag will warp her into the day she can actually carry one. It comes in “Natural Beige” which is a neutral color for the young ladies to hold and match any wedding motif you may have. With the latest trend, she might even keep the petals for your aisle in this bag instead of a basket.

15. Flower Girl Bracelet

When it comes to gift-giving especially to a young girl, you can never go wrong with a dainty piece of jewelry. This Flower Girl Bracelet will be an awesome tag in her wrist screaming she is going to lead your way down the aisle. She will carry and throw many flowers on that day, but the one in her wrist will stay as well as her memories of being special to you.

14. Flower Girl Hair Ties

For a child, no gift is cheap or expensive. Why? Because they usually cannot tell the difference. So as you tie the knot, let your flower girls tie their hairs with these cute and affordable Flower Girl Hair Ties. It is made with no crease ribbon that doesn’t pull or dent the hair like traditional ponytail holders, making it easier for parents to fix the hairs of your flower girls without the “ouch”.

13. Liberty Charms Little Princess Bracelet


This Liberty Charms Little Princess Bracelet is an absolute charmer as it presents one of the most common dreams a young girl has, to be a princess. Adorned with a white heart, Lottie Dotty glass bead, Pretty Princess, and many more, what seals the deal in this fine jewelry is the silver-plated flower girl charm with sparkling diamante. This bracelet can make any girl feel like an instant royalty.

12. Flower Girl Tumbler


The pride of being a bride’s flower girl is usually unrecognized by some. But this Flower Girl Tumbler may be used by your flower girl during your wedding and even in school. She does not need to tell stories anymore because her “Flower Girl” tumbler will say it for her. Every wow she gets will be a resounding “thank you” from you for leading you down the aisle with flowers and glee.

11. Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

We tell young ones they can be whoever they want to be, so before you become a wife, allow your flower girls to be a unicorn, at least during bath time. This Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe is made with high-quality polyester and comes with a pair of matching slippers. Now that is a unique and fantastic gift for the young ladies who will surely remember you and how much they appreciate you.

10. Lillian Rose Flower Girl Back Pack

This Lillian Rose Flower Girl Back Pack will be appreciated like a personalized gift as all girls love bags. Carrying this “flower girl” labeled bag will not only mean they were a part of an amazing wedding but also that the bride knows them well and appreciates them. This pink bag can carry the essentials of a young girl without budging in their backs and making them look like an explorer. They may even carry it as they walk in the aisle.

9. Thank You Wedding Poem Frame


Nothing says “Thank You” more loudly than a gift done personally with so much love and appreciation. This Thank You Wedding Poem Frame may cost cheap but it can means so much to those who will read the poem and will have the opportunity to put their photos beside it. Give this to your flower girls and leave a lasting memory of how great your wedding was and how amazing your poetry skill is as a couple.

8. Makone Tiaras For Girls

Yes, you will be your husband’s queen after the wedding, so let your flower girls be the young princesses for a day. Give them this Makone Tiaras For Girls that is made with rhinestone and crystal and unleash their inner royalty. This gift is cheap and affordable but represents grandeur and elegance in every sense. They may wear it on your wedding day to make you feel more regal, having crowned girls throw flowers on your way.

7. Children Satin Cami Set

Nobody said only adults can wear comfortable satin sleep wears. So let your flower girls keep their pajamas in the closet for a night and allow them to sleep in this Children Satin Cami Set. Not only does it come in different sizes and colors but also it can be personalized. Set that sleepover with your flower girls, and see them use this unique and personalized gift you have for them.

6. Will You Be My Flower Girl Personalized Teddy Bear

Brides usually choose their flower girls and then ask the parents if they agree. Be a unique one and get the “Yes” straight from the girl’s heart. This Will You Be My Flower Girl Personalized Teddy Bear is an instant charmer with its customizable shirt, cute appearance, huggable physique, and flowers that can make a girl blush. Surely, no girl can say “no” to this and of course to your awesome technique of getting them as your flower girls.

5. Flower Girl Beach Tote Bag


Girls are allowed to carry lady bags too. A beach bag will be a treat to all ladies, young girls included. So get the “yes” or say “thank you” to your flower girls with this Flower Girl Beach Tote Bag and see how they will keep you in their hearts. It comes with various ribbon colors and glittered wording colors for a more personalized, unique, and elegant appeal. Do not be surprised if they wear it on your wedding day.

4. Flower Girl Necklace

A piece of nice jewelry with a butterfly and name engraved on it, now that is a nice set! This Flower Girl Necklace is elegant in its own right. Any girl will want a piece of jewelry as dainty as this to contain their name and have a cute butterfly image in it. They may wear it on different occasions but they will always remember that it came from a bride who knows how to say “thank you” in a unique way.

3. Will You Be My Flower Girl Puzzle

Even if a girl seems old enough to be your bridesmaid, a simple game will still ignite enthusiasm. Give this Will You Be My Flower Girl Puzzle to your flower girls in pieces and allow them to put it together on their own as they figure out what you are asking them. This way you may keep the suspense and you may see them use your gift and enjoy it. It may be personalized based on the message you want to put.

2. Flower Girl Picture Frame

Although the memory of being your flower girl is already a lasting one, a photo of the actual happening will make the memory last longer. Be the one to give the frame where they may keep the said photo and be sure to give this one. This Flower Girl Picture Frame comes in different and rose colors to fit your wedding motif. It can also be personalized based on your preference.

1. Flower Girl Hoodie

You have chosen your girls for petal patrol, now give them something that will make versatile but also it is customizable with the name of your flower girl on the back, or the actual words “flower girl”. After your wedding, this Flower Girl Hoodie will be your continuous embrace to those girls who lead you in the aisle with flowers.