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    Hair Ties

    Add fun hair ties to your bridesmaid gifts for an extra special touch.

    27 Of The Best Hair Ties For Your Bridesmaids

    You especially want to have these ladies standing beside you on your wedding day. Your friendship with them has stood the test of time and it won't be the same to say "I do" without them.


    Coming up with a special way of asking them to be part of your bride tribe is fun when you think of something that is both practical and one that they can always remember you by. Think of something she gets to bring with her anywhere. One that can practically make her all neat without a fuss and double as a bracelet when she doesn't feel like using them.


    Here are 27 fun hair ties for your bridesmaids that you can choose from:    

    27. Faux Flower Hair Tie

    Give this Faux Flower Hair Tie to your bridesmaids and let them rock the Hawaiian lady look in a snap. More than giving an added highlight to the outfit of your bride squad, this hair tie can also be used as prom accessories, hair décor, and corsage. It is available in either blue or white and the elastic band attached to it is what clings to the hair for a flowery visual. Twist, curl or pull up, the hairs of your gal pals will look radiantly as the sun on your beach wedding if it is in tandem with this piece of accumulated petals.

    26. Bridesmaid Scrunchy


    A wedding as elegant and beautiful as yours deserve the best details, even the littlest one. So, for your bridesmaids’ crowning glory, this Bridesmaid Scrunchy is a stunning choice. Available in White, Gold, and Champagne hue, this hair accessory is crafted in a way that it depicts a collection of small pearls in bubble-like makeup. The exquisite look it will bring on the hair when attached will complement any dress and make-up color of your bride squad. Honestly, a scrunchy as dainty as this can be worn in the wrist while not in use and it will still be a worthy addition to an outfit.

    25. Bridesmaids Sheer Scrunchies


    Pull up those long hairs and make a ponytail, let it flow as is, or circle it into a bun. Either way, these Bridesmaids Sheer Scrunchies will stand out and will make the ladies wearing them look simple yet classy. Available in Light Pink, Black, Green, Grey, Ivory, White, Lavender, and Blue, these hair ties can match any wedding theme and motif. Sheer and Lightweight, these hair accessories can keep the hair tidy without adding so much weight to the hair and it has a stretchable elastic inside that keeps the hairdo intact.

    24. Knitted Flower Hair Ties


    A unique accent is always a welcomed addition to a wedding. TheseKnitted Flower Hair Ties will be cute floral highlights in the hairs of your bridesmaids and it will surely make heads turn as well. Made from 100% Australian organic wool, these retro crocheted puff flower hair ties are pieces of art displayed in the head and showcased at a wedding. These hair accessories are available in five lovely colors. Choose from Blue, Pink, Purple, Beige, and Yellow for the one that fits your motif most. These may even be ordered in a set of 5 for a more economical choice.

    23. Boho Print Hair Scarf Scrunchies


    Patterned print, lovely built and stunning color, these Boho Print Hair Scarf Scrunchies offers so much for a hair elastic and it will continue to impress as your bridesmaids use it. These hair ties are handmade so the effort and attention to detail as it was being made is guaranteed. Beautiful and chic, these hair scarf scrunchies will make your gal pals feel like they are showcasing the loveliness of scarf visuals without wrapping them in their necks or putting them in their bodies. Since ladies usually leave their hair ties anywhere, they keep them in their wrists and leave them there most of the time. Good thing this one can stay there and still be useful as these elastic beauties can also be used as hand jewelry.

    22. Simple Pure Color Hair Ties Set


    Some hairdos are simple, while others are more complicated than usual. Hence, they require more elastic to keep the setup intact and last the entire day. This Simple Pure Color Hair Ties Set can be distributed to your bridesmaids as their stylists maximize them as they see fit. Each scrunchy offers better maintenance of hair as they relieve pressure so your gal pals will be comfortably beautiful on your wedding day. These elastics are completely washable, so it offers a clean and sanitized reuse. Made of cotton, Rayon, and thick elastic, these hair ties will keep the mane tame and pretty.

    21. Bridesmaid Hair Band and Tie

    Give your ladies a more versatile hair tie they can use for your wedding as they set their tresses. This Bridesmaid Hair Band and Tie functions as either a hairband, a hair tie, or both. Available in different styles that can fit your wedding theme and motif, this comfortable fabric that feels like silk can help your bridesmaids achieve their desired hairdo. Versatile and lightweight, this hair rope can give a vintage look and a modern touch at the same time. It measures 92 cm, so it is long enough to keep even the longest hair and still be able to present a ribbon for a finished look. More than that, this can be used even after the wedding and will still give the same beautifying effect.

    20. Phone Cord Hair Ties Set

    This Phone Cord Hair Ties Set is one of the most amazing evolutions for the hair elastic industry. These hair ties are non-absorbent, so they can be worn while swimming and bathing and they can be removed much more easily than the usual ponytail holder. Since they do not absorb fluids, these hair coils are more hygienic than fabric-wrapped rubber bands. Hence, your ladies may use it on your beach-themed wedding and go from walking down the aisle to jumping on the ocean in a snap without worrying if their hairdos will hold. Sure, their locks will be wet, and the hair set will be loosened, but it will be kept and pulled together enough to make the ladies enjoy their dip. These phone cord elastics look great in whatever outfit, especially in bridesmaid’s dresses.

    19. Braided Bow Festival Hair Tie Set

    For a simple yet strikingly elegant hair tie, let your bridesmaids use this Braided Bow Festival Hair Tie Set. Made from Elastic, Fabric, and Plastic, these knotted braided hair ties are perfect for holding up hair in style. Small as it may seem, these elastics are powerful in keeping hair tidy and set. It also looks great on ponytails and even on the wrists. While this may be more than the usual hair tie in the market, it may still be a great daily hair keeper for that fixed-up look every time. Your bridesmaids may choose from the color options that this set offers. Match your theme and motif to the colors blue, yellow, green, purple, pink or you can get the whole set with a variety of colors.

    18. Pure Mulberry Silk Skinny Scrunchies

    Treat the manes of your bridesmaids with these Pure Mulberry Silk Skinny Scrunchies that are made of 100% Mulberry silk. This kind of material used in a hair tie gives benefits that your bridesmaids will thank you for. First, it will not pull or tug the hair, second, it will not strip the hair of extra moisture and lastly, there will be no ponytail tangles. Available in Black, Lavender, Champagne, and Pink, these scrunchies will add style and comfort to the hairdos of your bride squad and that is exactly what they need as they walk down the aisle and help run your wedding. Caring for these reusable hair accessories is simple. They simply need to be hand washed in cold water and mild detergent, dry flat in shade, and not tumble dried. Since these hair ties are skinny, they can easily be kept in the pocket, on the wrist, and in the purse.

    17. Sheer Scarf Scrunchy Hair Ties


    Buns and ponytails will look extra classy with these Sheer Scarf Scrunchy Hair Ties, as their extra tail and stunning makeup create a more feminine and elegant vibe. Your bridesmaids will enjoy wearing this sheer hair scarf scrunchies on your wedding day and even the days after that. They are the perfect accessory for any season and any occasion. Chic, elegant, and eye-catching, these hair ties will look great in an updo, half updo, or even on a soft and low pull-up. They are available in Blue, Ivory, Lavender, Rose, and Black so you and your ladies have options as to what colors will best match your theme or preference. Should they accidentally leave it hanging on their wrists, these scrunchies will still look lovely and will pose as a sheer bracelet, aligned to your theme.

    16. Swarovski Elements Crystal Ball Hair Ties


    Talk about glamour and glitter, these ____ will not only keep your bridesmaids’ hairs all set and fixed but will also make them shine bright like a diamond in the aisle. This elastic, crafted with a double small 2 cm ball that is covered in Swarovski element crystals is the perfect hair tie for your ladies who deserves to wear something that shines, and glimmers just like them. Available in Silver, Gold, Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Pink, Multiple colors, Christmas, and Rainbow these twinkling hair elastics will match any wedding theme and motif with much elegance and class. Let your bridesmaids’ hairs sparkle in beauty and style as they walk down the aisle before you.

    15. Wedding Hair Tie Favors

    Whatever mood she's in, these hair ties are perfect to adorn her hair. Let this be a lovely gift for your bridesmaids that fit snuggly in her hair as it is comfortable and gentle on her hair. What's more, it easily doubles as a wristlet when she prefers to let her hair down. This gift comes with 3 solid hair ties in your color preference, a favor card, and a cello bag packaging. It is also heat sealed to keep from fraying.

    14. Sage Green Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

    Go literally green! Delight your nature-loving bridesmaid with this Sage Green hair ties made from elastic fabric. A perfect thank you gift for your bridal showers, a functional item to her welcome bag or simply asking her to be part of your bride tribe. This gift includes 1 sage hair tie, 1 white and gold bridal party hair tie and a favor card.   

    13. Bridesmaid Hair Ties

    In elegant colors of silver and white, let your bridesmaids enjoy these adorable no-crease hair ties. Unlike other ponytails that pull and damage her hair, this is a no-tug and ouchless elastic hair ties made with no crease ribbon. This gift includes 4 elastic hair ties with a heart charm. It's one functional gift they will truly appreciate.

    12. Spiral Hair Ties


    Tired of the plain and no crease kind of hair ties? Let your bride tribe feel your appreciation by giving theme these Spiral Hair Ties. This gift includes 2 coil hair ties in your preferred colors and 1 personalized card. Colors available are violet,  blue, silver, copper, gold, pewter, hot and light pink. Details matter to you, and so this gift is the perfect way to say thank you.    

    11. Bridal Party Elastic Hair Tie Cards 


    Made from high-quality elastic and sealed on the edges to ensure they will not fray, these Bridal Party Elastic Hair Tie Cards are sure fun gifts for your bridesmaids. It's functional, super stretchy and perfect for a ponytail that won't leave creases in her hair. These no-tug hair ties are comfortable to wear and are items she can count on in her purse, travel case or gym bag.    

    10. To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back 

    You know her by heart and that's why you know absolutely know what she constantly needs and what color shade it should be in. Give her these To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back with her name on it. You may also choose how many hair ties and what colors she gets.

    9. Bachelorette Party Favor Scrunchie

    Scrunchies!!! They are the perfect thank you gift for your bachelorette party! This gift comes in assorted colors of yellow, green, purple and blue. You can select how many scrunchies you like included in your gift and it comes with personalized tags too. The packaging can also be customized with your bachelorette party details.   

    8. Pop Fizz Designs 

    It's a bulk pack of Pop Fizz designed hair ties that will surely be used by your bridesmaids. Fun, practical and affordable best describes this gift. It comes with 10 bride tribe hair tie cards. Treat your bride tribe to these cute and functional hair ties that can double as bracelets.   

    7. Proposal Hair Ties

    She wants everything to match her wardrobe and that includes the hair ties she uses. This Proposal Hair Ties would definitely delight your bridesmaid-to-be! This gift includes 1 aqua hair tie with gold foil lettering, 1 coral hair tie with gold foil lettering and 1 purple hair tie with gold foil lettering. It also comes with a display card.

    6. Bridesmaid Floral Ribbon Hair Ties 

    She loves everything floral! And what would be a more functional and delightful gift than these adorable Bridesmaid Floral Ribbon Hair Ties.  Highlight your party with extra fun with these colorful hair ties. Let these little party starters get the gals going. You can be sure that when it's not holding up her hair, these hair ties will perfectly adorn her wrists. This gift comes with 3 hair ties in each card, 18 in each set.

    5. I Couldn't Tie The Knot Without You Hair Ties


    You have just said "yes" to one milestone in your life that brings you to a new season of not being alone anymore. It's time now to choose your bride tribe! Let your asking come with these I Couldn't Tie The Knot Without You Hair Ties that are sure to make a perfect first impression for your bridesmaid. Each set comes with 1 favor card that is personalized with your message, 3 hair ties in romantic floral, gold glitter and mint with gold dots. It is also specially packaged in a clear cello envelope.

    4. Bride's Babes Hair Ties

    It need not matter if it's your bridal shower, hen party or bachelorette party. These Bride's Babes Hair Ties are just perfect for your bride tribe! These hair ties are made from high-quality OEKO -TEX elastic that is why they are very comfortable to wear. It is soft, stretchy and can easily double as a cute bracelet.  

    3. Elastic Hair Ties

    Soft and fun! These Elastic Hair Ties are made from a soft and stretchy material that has been knotted at the end. It's gentle on her hair, so you can be sure it won't pull or dent her hair! They can also be worn as trendy bracelets or anklets. It also comes with a display card that says, "I can't tie the knot without you, would you be my bridesmaid?"

    2. Bulk I Do Crew Hair Ties

    You want to give them something they can always remember you by but won't break your wedding budget. Thank your bridesmaids by giving them these Bulk I Do Crew Hair Ties! These hair ties are stretchy, soft and can easily double as a bracelet that perfectly adorns her hair.   

    1. Tie The Knot With Me 

    Fun and practical perfectly describes her personality. Let your bridesmaids enjoy these Tie the Knot Hair that comes attached to a pretty gold foil card in a diamond ring shape printed with “I couldn’t Tie the Knot without you.” This gift is perfect for both asking or showing gratitude for your bridesmaids. This gift is available in your choice of Black, Mint, Pink, or Floral hair tie.