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    Compact Mirrors

    Browse our assortment of compact mirrors for your bridesmaids.

    17 of the Best Bridesmaid Compact Mirrors in 2021

    There are many gift you can thank them with but none comes close to a gift where they can see their beautiful faces. A bridesmaid compact does that and many more. You can choose the shape, size, design and even the material your compact gift may have. The best part is you can have this gift personalized with their name or initials. Let your favorite ladies know how much you care by giving them something you know will help make them look the best they can on your wedding day or whatever event they may be attending. 

    Here are 17 of the best bridesmaid compacts you can choose from:    

    17. Personalized Pocket Mirror

    This beautiful and inexpensive gift is an elegant personalized keepsake! With this gift, you can be sure that she will never be left stranded without the availability of a Personalized Pocket Mirror to do her quick touch-ups in the case of a makeup emergency. Your ladies will surely stay picture ready throughout the day. 

    16. Plaid Compact Mirror 

    Is there anyone more gorgeous and amazing than your bridesmaids? For moments when you're not around to remind them of how amazing they are in person, give them this Plaid Compact Mirror. Now on your wedding day, your girls can always take out this mirror to remind themselves how badass they are. This Plaid Compact Mirror is incredibly convenient and customizable for each of your girls. Choose from three metal finishes: Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. 

    15. Bridesmaid Compact Mirror

    This Bridesmaid Compact Mirror can be personalized with a name. It has just the right size at  2 3/4" round in size in gold tone. You have your choice of 11 solid background colors. It features a push button top to open which reveal double sided mirrors, one side is a regular mirror, the other side magnifies. Labels are handmade and weatherproof with water resistance finish.

    14. Personalized Compact Mirror

    This Personalized Compact Mirror is availabel in your choice of colour including rose gold. Ideal for teenagers, secret santas, wedding party gifts, birthday presents and much more! These mirrors are approximately 7cm in diameter. It features one normal mirror and one magnifying mirror, push button to open and click to close.

    13. Maid of Honor Make-Up Mirror

    This set offers a package of deals. A girl can never have too many mirrors in her life and it’s a bag must-have for any woman who wears make-up and gets out often. It has 1 champagne mirror for the bride, 1 for the Maid of Honor and 6 for Bridesmaids plus 8 gift bags for all.

    12. Korean Mother of Pearl Makeup Mirror  

    It is durable and lightweight with a glossy hard epoxy protective coating. Get creative and give her this Korean Mother of Pearl Make Up Mirror with the classic blue yellow Van Gogh starry night image.  This round compact makeup double pocket mirror can easily fit in handbags or purse.  It's one practical gift she'll be using for a long time.

    11. Personalized Compact Mirror

    This Personalized Compact Mirror are functional and certainly one that your bridesmaids would like to have handy at any time of the day most especially on your wedding day. It can have floral designs that match the motif of your wedding. What's even better is that you can place the name of your bridesmaid on the cover making it extra special for her. 

    10. Personalized Compact Mirror

    This Personalized Compact Mirror perfect for your wedding party! Your bridesmaids will love having this special token to commemorate your big day. These are available in bronze (as pictured), gold, rose gold, silver, and black. Personalized options are also available for everyone's personal style.

    9. Flora's Compact

    With a spectacularly vintage spark, this Flora's Compact will make your bridesmaids feel adorable as they pull it out of their purses for a quick little makeup check. Complete with a classy vintage floral print, and a scripted font for their names, your leading ladies will grin when you hand one of these pretty little pieces over to them on your wedding day as your way of saying thank you.

    8. Girl Power Compact

    This Girl Power Compact is intended for when you're not around to remind them of how special they are. Every time they're about to look in this handy mirror, they'll see the message saying either "Hello Gorgeous" or "Girl, You're Amazing" and feel totally empowered. It's one incredibly convenient and infinitely customizable gift your girls will surely love. 

    7. Aloha Compact

    The Aloha Compact is an adorable, well-made and convenient gift. It has a portable size that can easily fit into even the smallest of handbags. The double-sided mirror makes wedding-day touchups a breeze. Every time your bridesmaid looks in the mirror, she’ll be reminded of your special day as she’s looking at her beautiful face! 

      6. Mirror Mirror

      These Mirror Mirror will readily show who's the fairest of them all! The faux leather compact can be personalized with a single initial. Two mirrors meet all her needs for cosmetic usage. The regular mirror is ideal for observing the entire face, while the 3X magnifier works great for her mascara.

      5. Beautiful Sight Beholds


      The Beautiful Sight Beholds is the compact that will make your bridesmaids feel adorable as they pull it out of their purses. With a classy vintage floral print, and a scripted font, your leading ladies will grin when you hand them this gift on your wedding day. 

      4. Bridesmaid Compact Mirrors

      This Bridesmaid Compact Mirror is a wooden compact mirror perfect for your bridal party boxes. It can be personalized with either names or titles. Due to the nature of wood, they all come in different colors and patterns, but this simply  helps add to the rustic charm. It's one gift that will be treasured by your bridesmaids. 

      3. Compact Mirror

      This beautiful Compact Mirror is the perfect gift for your wedding party! You will receive it beautifully wrapped with the gorgeous design and personalization. This is very useful for your bridesmaids as it has a small size making it easy to carry with them in any size of purse.

      2. Personalized Compact Mirror Push Button

       This Personalized Compact Mirror Push Button is made in the color of your choice with any letter you choose. It is made from nickel-plated metal and features two mirrors inside. It opens with a little push button and snaps closed. The top is embellished with epoxy clay decorated with a silver-plated filigree stamping and many Swarovski crystal chatons each placed by hand in a beautiful pattern. The center has a beautiful Script letter to add a special personal touch. It is then gift wrapped in wrapping paper and ribbon. It comes with a protective pouch to protect from scratches.

      1. Photo Engraved Compact Metallic Mirror

      This Photo Engraved Compact Metallic Mirror is an ideal unique gift choice for your wedding party. It can be engraved on one side with images, messages, symbols or logos. It is made from high quality silver plated material. This elegant ladies compact mirror is double-sided and has a quality feel. It also coms with a velvet gift pouch ready to be handed to your favorite ladies.