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    Wine Labels

    Ask her with wine or champagne but don't stop there. Let the label of your wine do the asking, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Choose from a wide variety of bridesmaid wine labels with touching words and different designs that truly make it unique. Personalize it by placing her name on it and you'll certainly get her big yes!

    Looking for a unique and fun way to ask your bridesmaids 'will you be my bridesmaid' or maybe just to say 'thank you for being my bridesmaid'.  Look no further, as these wine labels are a great way to pop the question or just to say thank you.  These wine labels come with so many different designs and touching words for a great price.

    15 Best Bridesmaid Wine Labels

    Whether it's to ask them to stand by your side on the day you say "i do" or simply thank them for all their hard work and effort in making your wedding day extra special, you can never go wrong with giving them a bottle of wine. Make it extra special too with a customized label and design that will go with the theme of your wedding or your bachelor's party.  These labels may be edited as to the font color and easily contain the message you want for your special ladies. No doubt you would be getting a resounding "yes" as these labels do the asking for you.  

    Here are 15 of the best bridesmaid wine labels you can choose from:  

    15. Greenery Eucalyptus Wine Label 

    This Greenery Eucalyptus Wine Label is perfect for your garden themed wedding. Your favorite ladies would be happy to give their resounding YES as you hand them this wine. This wine label template features a hand-painted greenery artwork with bright greens and delicate shades of grey.

    14. Jailbird Wine Label

    Your naughty and future bridesmaids will be delighted as you ask them to have a special role in your wedding. Giving her a good bottle of wine with this personalized Jailbird Wine Label would be the best way to do it! . This personalized wine label is designed with a chic black and white stripes with a 'Be My Bridesmaid?' text with your name, the date of your wedding and the venue.

    13. Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label

    This Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label is one of the ways to thank your bridesmaids in an extra special way for being a part of your special day with their own custom wine bottles! Each label is 3.5 x 4.5 inches and fits on your standard wine bottles. Labels are peel and stick and instructions are included with your order. It is laso waterproof so no accidental splashes will ruin them.

    12. XOXO

    This XOXO wine label is like sending your hugs and kisses to your besties with a good bottle of wine or champagne! Don't forget to spice it up with with a personalized 'Be My Bridesmaid?' text. Who wouldn't say yes? Surely, your big day would be extra amazing with your best friends by your side to celebrate with you. Each individual label measures 4” wide x 3.3” tall and professionally printed on weatherproof matte or gloss stock, your choice!

    11. Mini Champagne Labels

    This Mini Champagne Labels is designed with Burgundy/Wine Floral. These custom favors are perfect for your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding or just about any other occasion! You will receive completed water resistant labels, ready to be applied to your bottles. Feel free to place over the original label. The wine type will still show under the new label. These labels are meant to fit the Sutter Home Brand Mini (187ml) Wine Bottles. The front and back design features faux gold glitter text.

    10. Bright Light Wine Label

    This Bright Light Wine Label will allow you to ask your favorite ladies in a unique and creative way. Instead of the usual way, why not give her an amazing bottle of wine or champagne, with a customized wine label that she would surely love?Ask her to join your wedding party! This label is designed with a black background, combined with a beautiful white and pink font color and a cute party neon-styled design.

    9. Bridesmaid Proposal Custom Labels

    This Bridesmaid Proposal Custom Labels is a unique way to surprise your bridesmaid. These stylish, personalized wine labels are fully customized for each recipient. Ideal for bridesmaid proposals, thank you gifts, in-law gifts, hen parties, and more. This design is available in grey, blush and white. All labels are WATERPROOF (ideal for the fridge or ice bucket - the ink won’t run).

    8. Delicate Flower

    This Delicate Flower wine label  is perfect to pair with your chosen wine or champagne bottle. Your best friend or loved one will definitely appreciate the simplistic design. It will add flair, elegance, and delicate beauty to your gift. The labels read: i can't say i do without you, NAME, BE MY___? OR THANK YOU FOR BEING MY ___xo, Closing. Each individual label measures 3.25” wide x 4” tall and are professionally printed on a weatherproof semi-gloss stock.

    7. Custom Flower Wedding Party Wine Labels

    This Custom Flower Wedding Party Wine Labels are perfect for your outdoor wedding. Proofs come with every order. You can also send notes for each label and change/add/delete any wording on the label. Does not have to match listing image at all. Wine is not included. 

    6. Pink and Gray Wine Label 

    This Pink and Gray Wine Label is one cool way to ask your bestie to play a special role in your wedding. With a great bottle of wine or champagne complete with a personalized wine label, she would surely say yes! It is specifically designed to suit the ladies taste. It has a pearly white background and a combination of lovely pink and gray color for the text font. Each individual label measures 4” wide x 3.3” tall and is professionally printed on weatherproof matte or gloss stock, your choice!

    5. Thank You Bridesmaid Wine Label

    This Thank You Bridesmaid Wine Label would be an extra special way of expressing gratitude to your bride tribe for being a part of your special day. Each label is 3.5 x 4.5 inches and fits on your standard wine bottles. The labels are peel and stick and instructions are included with your order. They are also waterproof so no accidental splashes will ruin them.

    4. Pastel Pink

    This Pastel Pink wine label is an impressive idea to ask your best friend to take an important role on your wedding day. Giving her a good wine or champagne bottle she really likes is the way to go. But, why not give it a little twist? Remove the original wine label on the bottle and replace it with a beautiful Pastel Pink Wine Label with your personal touch, surely, she would be amazed by your gift. These labels are the perfect size for your favorite 750 mL bottles of wine or champagne.

    3. Will You Be Wine Bottle Labels

    These Will You Be Wine Bottle Labels will definitely surprise your bridesmaids. It's unique, stylish, and personalized. You can never go wrong in trying to impress them with a bottle of wine with this gorgeous label. These labels are fully customized for each recipient. This design is available in grey, blush and white. It is also available in various sizes to fit wine bottles (large/small) and Champagne/Prosecco bottles (large/small). 

    2. A Girl's Best Friend

    A Girl's Best Friend is the way to go in asking your best friends to be at your wedding. Do it in an amazingly unique way of sending her a bottle of wine or champagne with a pretty and funny personalized wine label! This label has a minimalistic design with a white clean background combined with a classy black and gold text. It has a witty message for your girl best friend which will surely make her smile.

    1. Will You be My Bridesmaid Modern Wine Label 

    Want to make her get all sentimental? Give her a bottle of wine with this Will You be My Bridesmaid Modern Wine LabelThese wine labels feature a fun font paired with a classic font and let you upload your own photo for an extra special touch. These labels are not compatible with Avery or any other brand templates. Instead, they should be printed on full size label sheets.