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Bridesmaid Earrings

Earrings are the perfect way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them. A touch of sparkle will add a bit of glamour to their day, and they'll love wearing these earrings long after the wedding is over. From beautiful Opal drop earrings to sparkly knotted studs check out our selection perfect for all your bridesmaids.
Bridesmaid Earrings

29 Best Bridesmaid Earrings in 2022

It’s already a given that these ladies are the closest in your heart. They have worked hard and long days just to make your wedding as special as you want it to be. It’s time to reward them and show some appreciation. Let them know how grateful you are for the strong connection you have by giving them a jewelry gift. Make them look fab and gorgeous on your wedding day by completing their look with a great pair of bridesmaid wedding earrings. Choose a pair that will complement their wedding gown and one that they can wear after your wedding day, yet still remind them of the fond memories they had being your bridesmaid.    

Here are 29 of the great pairs of bridesmaid earrings you can choose from:   

29. Teardrop Bridal Earrings


This Teardrop Bridal Earrings is made with high quality AAA grade Cubic Zirconia for diamond-like brilliance. It has the perfect size at 1.5*1cm (0.6*0.4 inch). It's  safe for sensitive ears as it is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead-free. This gift comes beautifully packaged in a box reminding your special ladies how much you care!

28. Leaf and Teardrop Earrings

This Leaf and Teardrop Earrings are sophisticated and brilliant. It will surely add sparkle on your special day! Perfect for your bridesmaids, this gift is sure to complete her look on your wedding day. This is one gift that is sure to be on top of her list for jewelry accessories especially because of the fun memories that goes with it! 

27. Rhinestone Dangle Earrings

This Rhinestone Dangle Earringsis made with high quality AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia for diamond-like brilliance which provides a peculiar visual feast. It's the perfect wedding accessory for your bridesmaids. Packaged neatly in a beautiful box, you are sure to put a big smile on their faces!

26. Gold Hydrangea Earrings

This unique vintage style Gold Hydrangea Earrings are the perfect flower blossom earrings for your bridesmaids. It has a large 16k gold plated over brass cluster hydrangea flower posts(30mmx30mm, 1.25 inches) and is available in Swarovski crystal teardrop pearl option. It comes in a beautiful box that is sure to delight your bridesmaids! 

25. Marquise Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Cluster Earrings

Its made of the finest quality AAAAA grade cubic Zirconia on highly polish settings, with silver plated copper. This Marquise Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Cluster Earrings feature tiny marquise-shaped cubic zirconia stones perfect for your vintage 1920s art deco, Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey style wedding. It comes with delicate copper post with bullet clutch earring backs. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this gift is ready to be handed to your bridesmaids.

24. Rose Gold 3-leaf Sprout Earrings 

She will never forget you because of this awesome Rose Gold 3-leaf Sprout Earrings. You can have this gift customized by attaching gemstones, pearls, cubic zirconia charms, or anything of your choice to the loop at bottom of the earring components. 

23. Zirconia Stud Earrings

This shimmering Zirconia Stud Earrings has the perfect shape at 10mm. It comes in a cushion shape halo frame in AAA grade cubic Zirconia, and silver plated copper. It has a delicate copper post with bullet clutch earring backs. It comes in s beautiful gift box ready to be handed to your bridesmaids. 

This Rose Gold Druzy Earrings are simple but beautiful. It comes with a rose gold plated setting and has just the right size at 10 x 14 mm. It's lead and nickel free so you can be sure your girls won't have an allergic reaction. What's more, you buy 4 of these earrings and get 1 free.

21. Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings


This Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings is uniquely designed. It features olive leaf vines, and is made of sparkly clear cubic zirconia and bronze material with 18k rose gold plating. It's one gift that she will surely wear way after your wedding day. 

20. Rose Gold White Ivory Swarovski Pearl Earrings

It's stunning and elegant. This Rose Gold White Ivory Swarovski Pearl Earrings is perfect for your bridesmaids. It's made of gold plated metal framed with clear white multi shape cluster cubic zirconia and set on gold plated sterling silver posts. It's available in gold tone or silver tone. It's packaged in a beautiful box ready to be handed to your bridesmaids.  

19. Teardrop Cluster Floral Leaf Crystal Rhinestone


It has the perfect size at 1.15"H x 0.4"W. This gorgeous handmade jewelry is sure to bring a big smile on her face. The Teardrop Cluster Floral Leaf Crystal Rhinestone is 14k gold plated with the look of fine jewelry. It has a 5D shiny marquise and teardrop cubic zirconia crystal rhinestones with copper and sterling silver needles. 

18. Leaf Style High Quality Cubic Zirconia Bride Earrings

Let this Leaf Style High Quality Cubic Zirconia Bride Earrings complete her bridesmaid look. This one is made from cubic zirconia and can be rose gold plated or yellow gold plated. It comes packaged in a gift box, an organza bag (as shown in the last picture) and a message card. 

17. Mini Gold Dipped Lace Heart Earrings

Lace and gold come together with this Mini Gold Dipped Lace Heart Earrings Artisans transform lace into stunning, finely detailed jewelry. The process is entirely done by hand: pieces of lace are cut and sewn, dipped in wax to seal and reinforce them, then in a layer of copper, and finally in 24k gold. Finally, a lacquer is brushed onto each piece to protect its delicate beauty. It's one gorgeous item to add to her collection.

16. Shimmering Moon Sliced Raw Diamond Earrings

The sparkle of this Shimmering Moon Sliced Raw Diamond Earrings is all it's own. The design is inspired by the traditional Indian Polki jewelry made of unfinished natural diamonds. The uncut diamond slices in sterling silver are hand-set to make beautiful moon and star scenes that lend their enchanting glow to your bridesmaids, day and night. Handmade in India. 

15. Bridesmaid Earrings

Wow her with these white freshwater pearl earrings with square glass blocks that are 9mm with 3mm thickness and ear wires that are 14k gold filled. Your bridesmaids would be delighted to wear this on your wedding day. You can be sure she will have this atop her accessory list as it goes well with any style.  

14. Wire-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Earrings

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. While there's no doubt these ladies are your best friends, let them sparkle with these Wire-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Earrings. This gold-toned wire is wrapped around the luminous quartz, adding handcrafted detail and whimsical texture. It's a handmade earring from New York, home of Herkimer county and its brilliant crystals.

13. Sea Glass Stud Earrings

Let her take a little shimmering sunshine on water and velvet sand under her feet with this pair of Sea Glass Stud EarringsThese studs are built around "pebbles" of either seafoam- or cobalt-hued sea glass. The reflective silver makes the translucent glass catch the light, almost glowing from within. It's such a beautiful collaboration of artistry and nature that your bridesmaid will surely appreciate. 

12. The Stella Studs

This is not a cheap proposal. The Stella studs are made of Swarovski crystals, something every bridesmaid would be delighted to wear on your wedding day. You can be sure your friend will have this atop her accessory list as it goes well with any of her outfits.  

The Tear Drop Stud Earrings are made of cubic zirconia, something every bridesmaid would be delighted to wear on your wedding day. Each jewelry comes in a beautiful gift box with ribbon! You can be sure this will be a welcome addition to her earring collection. 

10. Sparkling Diamond Earrings

Bridesmaids Gifts Sparkling Ear Rings

The Sparkling Diamond Earrings are not real diamonds but a fabulous pair of Cubic Zirconia crystal studs. These gorgeous earrings are hypoallergenic, lead, and nickel free so all your bridesmaids can wear them. They even come in a cute festive box with a message card for you to add your own special touch to each gift.

9. Will You Stand By Me 

 Let her fall in love with this Bridesmaid Pearl Earrings. This Will You Stand By Me earrings is made from 14K rose gold. It features a 4mm cubic zirconia stud and an 8mm shell pearl at the bottom, measuring 1 3/8" total in length. It is also available in white gold and yellow gold. It comes in a special gift box complete with a card ready to be handed to your bridesmaids. 

8. Studly Box 

Delight her with this simple and elegant Studly Box made of 14K Gold Plated Halo Cubic Zirconia at 3/8" diameter in size. It is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. This explosion box is completely handmade from a creamy white cardstock - by removing the lid, it pops open to showcase the adorable "It's my turn to pop the question" and gorgeous halo stud earrings! 

7. Pearl Over Pearl 

An ocean bling for her comes to life with this Pearl Over Pearl. Classic and elegant, these earrings are sure to look picture perfect on your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids will literally have this atop their list of any occasion jewelry.

6. Moissanite Earrings

Keep your bridesmaids positively radiant and elegant with these Moissanite Earrings. These hand-polished sterling silver studs are wrapped in a layer of brilliant 18k white gold and is ethically sourced. They go perfectly well with everything from that little black dress to a pair of jeans. It's one awesome option at a cheap price. 

5. Sapphire Earrings

Let these Sapphire Earrings complement her gown on your wedding day. It's that kind of earring she will never want to take off. Made from 100% genuine sapphires, it's made to stand out in a crowd. It comes with four sparkly prongs hold your gems securely in place and durable friction earring backs will keep her earrings from falling out. 

4. Monogram Black and White Drop Earrings

Let these Monogram Black and White Drop Earrings constantly remind her of the fun and excitement of your wedding day. These unique silver-plated drop earrings will add some custom class to her favorite outfit. You may also add a joyful photo, a few loving words, or a bold design for a memento that is as personal as it gets.

    3. Bridesmaid Wedding Gold Plated Knot Earrings

    With the Bridesmaid Wedding Gold Plated Knot Earrings, you are all set to pop the question to your bridesmaids! These beautiful knot earrings are perfect for everyday wear, or as wedding jewelry. It comes packaged in a gold foil stamped gift box, with the phrase "I Couldn't Tie the Knot Without You". Your bridesmaids will surely treasure this gift.

    2. Ruby Earrings

    These awesome Ruby Earrings will definitely display your bridesmaids' fashion sense. Stunning and captivating, these gorgeous gemstones will stand out no matter what the occasion. It comes with four sparkly prongs hold your gems securely in place and durable friction earring backs keep her earrings from falling out.

    1. Raw Birthstone Studs

    These Raw Birthstone Studs worn on your wedding day will look perfect on your bridesmaids. What's more, it pairs with almost any look, from ripped jeans to sleek office ensembles. The gorgeous raw gemstones are nestled on minimalist, sterling silver posts, and backs using traditional metalsmithing techniques.

    13 More Cute Bridal Earrings for Your Bride Tribe

    When the dress is fit and the footwear is set, when hair and make-ups are already a “go!”, the last thing to think about and put on are accessories. For Bridesmaids, earrings are one of the most needed pieces of jewelry as it enhances their overall facial visuals. A great pair will make their hair and make-up stand out while an ill-chosen one can ruin the whole look. To avoid committing the mistake of picking the wrong one for your bride squad, here is a list of 13 Great Bridesmaid Earrings for Your Girls.

    13. Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

    bridesmaid earrings set

    Give your bridesmaids a gift they can use on your big day and years to come. One that looks good with most outfits and expresses your sentiment to her. This gorgeous Swarovski crystal earring and necklace set adds an air of sophistication and simplicity to any outfit. Its elegant solitaire diamond style and subtle sparkle are the height of taste, and the high-quality materials used ensure that it’ll never tarnish even long after your wedding’s over. Choose either a silver or gold finish, pick from a variety of packaging designs to help you pop the question customized with her name, and you have a gift she’ll remember forever.

    12. Circular Style AAA Cubic Zirconia Stud Bridesmaid Earrings

    The design and wonderful visual of this Circular Style AAA Cubic Zirconia Stud Bridesmaid Earrings are enough to convince any bridesmaid that this should be the ear accessory of choice. Made from copper with Cubic Zirconia as its gemstone, this piece of jewelry will bring out the beauty of anyone wearing it. It measures 2.5 cm in length and 1.3 cm in width. This set comes packaged in a gift box, an organza bag, and a message card of your choice. The message card that can be attached to this set has a lot of options for whoever you wish to give this to.

    11. Marquise Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Cluster Earrings

    Let your bridesmaids pull a hairdo that reveals their years in confidence wearing this Marquise Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Cluster Earrings. It features tiny marquise-shaped cubic zirconia stones which are just perfect for a vintage 1920’s art deco, Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey style wedding. Made from finest quality AAAAA grade Cubic Zirconia on highly polished settings, silver-plated copper, this jewelry also has a delicate copper post with bullet clutch earring backs. It will come beautifully packaged in an elegant box that makes it more perfect for a bridal shower gift for your bride squad.

    10. Wedding Dangle Teardrop Bridesmaid CZ Earrings

    Since you cannot say “I do” without your gal pals, propose to them with something they can also not do without. These Wedding Dangle Teardrop Bridesmaid CZ Earrings make for a nice proposal gift as it is beautiful to wear and elegant to give. This set is made of copper with Cubic Zirconia for gemstone and wire for secure closure. The teardrop size is 12 mm x 9 mm and has copper and silver plate for metal types. Jewelry as beautiful as this can only come in a great package such as a box or an organza bag. Box color options are kraft paper, white and silver. Organza bag color options are white, gray, pink, Champaign, red, blue, navy, lavender, and purple.

    9. Sparkling Silver Earrings


    As you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, your babes also deserve to walk wearing something that is shining shimmering, and splendid. These Sparkling Silver Earrings presents a stunning visual that will not outshine the beauty of your bride squad but will illuminate more the magnificent presence they are giving. Made plated in sterling silver with Rhinestone, these earrings are crafted in V drop style that is 7/8 inches long. A set of jewelry made as intricately as this is perfect for a thank you gift or a proposal presentation for your most esteemed friends.

    8. Leaf Style High-Quality Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Earrings

    Combine the yellowish hue of gold-plated jewelry and match it with the sparkling glimmer of Cubic Zirconia and you will get these astonishing Leaf Style High-Quality Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Earrings . That or you may choose from Rose Gold and Silver too, whatever matches your wedding theme and motif. More than the choice of metal type and color, you may also choose whether this set of beautifully crafted gifts shall come in a box or an organza bag. A message card is also included, and it comes in a wide array of options depending on who you are giving this to and what you want to say to that person.

    7. Ace Of Hearts

    Ace the proposal and the gift-giving part of your wedding with these Ace Of Hearts earrings. This set includes 0.6 cm earrings and a 42 cm necklace that are both lead and nickel-free Made of Swarovski crystal and stainless steel, this wonderful jewelry set adds a touch of simplicity and sophistication to any outfit. The heart design of the necklace is a sweet embellishment that dangles into your bride squad’s necks. Its timeless style and subtle sparkle are extremely tasteful and elegant, and its high-quality metals won’t tarnish even after years of wear.

    6. Ivory White Beaded Tassel Earrings

    Are you a fan of long and extravagant but elegant earrings? If yes, then your bridesmaids might also love these Ivory White Beaded Tassel Earrings. Made from Czech glass seed beads, Swarovski Rivoli crystals, 925 sterling silver ear studs, this set will surely capture everyone’s attention and will highlight the beauty of your bride squad. The boho and hippie style of this piece adds to its appeal and attraction. The combination of Ivory white color glass seed beads and golden shadow Swarovski Rivoli crystals together with its breathtaking visuals are the most notable feature of this jewelry.

    5. Pearl Over Pearl

    When it comes to wedding accessories, one can never go wrong with pearls.  These Pearl Over Pearl earrings give an ocean bling vibe and an elegant visual with their metal base and crystal embellishments. They say the only thing better than double rainbows is double pearls and everyone will notice and understand why the minute your bridesmaids walk down the aisle wearing such a beauty. So, class up the bridal photos with elegantly accessorized ears and joyful smiles emanating from the appreciation of your gift. This set of jewelry can be worn on any occasion because of its neutral design and color.

    4. Stella Studs

    When you want your gal pals to shine but the sparkle of a diamond is beyond reach, your go-to friend will be Swarovski Crystals. These Stella Studs earrings are made from the said crystals and stainless steel. The said materials are lead and nickel-free, so it is sure to give glamour and elegance safely, even for those with sensitive skins. Your gratitude towards the women who will walk with you in the aisle on your special day will be endless and this gift is but a symbolic representation of such. Regardless of how long they will enjoy using this gift, they will not tarnish.

    3. ROSE GOLD Romantic Teardrop with Long leaves

    Combine a top-quality crystal in teardrop and long leaves shape with elegant copper and rose gold metal, and you get an astonishingly beautiful piece of jewelry. Your bridesmaids will love this ROSE GOLD Romantic Teardrop with Long leaves and they will immediately say “I do” to you too. This set may also be a token of your appreciation even after the wedding, but it is best to hand it to them in advance. Wearing such a stunning piece will add more to their glamour and style. This set will come packaged in a box with a white lining cushion behind the card for added protection of the jewelry. The said box also offers a wide variety of color options to match your wedding theme.

    2. Studly Box

    Simplicity meets sophistication. This Studly Box earring set is a must-have for your bridesmaids who will walk with you as you shine and sparkle on your wedding day. Made of 14K Gold Plated Halo Cubic Zirconia at 3/8" diameter in size, these studs are available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The box with which this beautiful gift will come is handmade from creamy white cardstock. As your bride squad removes the lid, a surprise question will be shown as it pops open to reveal "It's my turn to pop the question, (name) will you be my bridesmaid?”. Of course, inside it is the gift that will, sort of, guarantee a “yes!”

    1. Asscher-Cut Antique Drop Earrings


    This Asscher-Cut Antique Drop Earrings is a set of platinum-plated sterling silver earrings that can be secured in your bridesmaids’ ears via lever-back closure. It is an Asscher cut drop earrings set with Swarovski Zirconia in cushion-shape halos set beneath trios of bezel-set rounds. Each Swarovski Zirconia is laser engraved like a seal of authenticity and guarantees the highest quality diamond simulant in the world. Available in Rose-gold, Platinum, and Yellow Gold Plating, this piece features metal plating or flashing or electrocoating for a more lustrous appearance.