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My fiance is not helping with the wedding planning

Fiance not helping

You have started to feel overwhelmed with all the details that go into planning your perfect wedding from narrowing down the many different vendors to picking out design elements to planning the logistics. And through all this stress you have been lucky if your fiancé has poured you a glass of wine!

How much should you spend on bridesmaid gifts?


Ok, so this may be the million-dollar question that all brides seem to ask.  The good news is that you will not need to spend a million dollars.  However, this is not an expense you should look at as a place to save.  The fact is your bridesmaids have invested a great deal of money....

Wine Box Ceremony – A Beautifully Sentimental Idea

 Wedding Wine Box

A few years ago I attended my friend’s Greg and Theresa’s wedding.  It was a beautiful event on a farm in Connecticut and aside from a slight bee infestation, the ceremony went off without a hitch.  There may have also been an incident with Theresa’s...

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