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    17 of the Best Handbags for Your Bridesmaids

    No matter where your bridesmaid goes or what activity she is doing, a handbag will always be something she can't live without. It's one accessory that she would love to show off to the rest of the world. Not only that it will always be a functional item that carries her essentials whether at the beach, shopping, or even on your wedding day. Choose a handbag that will speak much of her personality and that will be useful for a long time. Let it come in her favorite color with her name or monogram on it and you would have given her a gift she will treasure for a long time.  

    Here are 17 of the best bridesmaid handbags that you can choose from: 

    17. Bohemian Straw Handbag

    They will love this Bohemian Straw Handbag! It is made with straw basket handwoven in the souks of Morocco, from a palm leaf. An intricately made bag with a touch of your love for your ladies is something that any bride tribe member will appreciate. These bags are natural, reusable & eco friendly that can last for a long time so they can use them way after your wedding day. 

    16. Personalized Mini Handbag

    This Personalized Mini Handbag are made from soft PU leather. It's the perfect accessory for your bride tribe. These mini hand bags come in 8 different exciting colors and can be personalized with any name or initial of your choice. It's one gift your favorite ladies will be delighted about.  

    15. Boho Beach Bag

    This Boho Beach Bag will be a versatile and convenient choice for your bridesmaids to carry on your special day. It's a trendy way to hold all necessities and trouble-shooting essentials. Made of cotton rope, this bag is also an awesome gift suggestion for bridal shower parties. Each macrame bag comes in either pink or white with an embroidered bride or babe patch.  

    14. Personalized Bag 

    This Personalized Bag is perfect for tour bridesmaids. It is available in three different colors and you can add initials or names for that unique gifting. It is made from PU leather and comes with a strap that is removable and can be used as a personalized clutch. 

    13. Large Luxury Beach Bag

    This Large Luxury Beach Bag is a convenient choice for your bride tribe. It has a professional and elite appearance with its woven make-up and natural color combination that come side by side with the huge space inside. Its perfect for your bridesmaid's beach essentials while still having enough room for other needs. Available in various color combinations, this bag may be printed with initials of your choice.

    12. Transparent Chain Handbag

    This Transparent Chain Handbag is also a  perfect evening clutch purse. It's both stylish and useful so there's no doubt your favorite ladies will love them. Each purse comes with a removeable gold metal chain. It can also be personalized up to 10 characters. 

    11. Beautiful Burlap

    This Beautiful Burlap will surely be an appreciated addition to their attires. Made from 100% Burlap Fabric with a laminated interior, this dainty piece of a handheld is your ladies' best option to carry their beach essentials in style. Give as is, or fill it up with treats. Place her name or monogram on it to make it extra special.  

    10. Personalized Handbag

    This Personalized Handbag is individually customized and handmade for your bridesmaids. You may also choose the color strap to engrave their name (maximum of 10 letters) on the top middle. Your girls will surely love this amazing gift.   

    9. Beach Bum Bag

    This Beach Bum Bag is sure to add more fun to your already cool wedding. It is made from 100% burlap jute fabric. This bag comes with leather handles, a zippered closure, and an inside pocket. Fill this up with your bride squad’s favorite stuff and girl essentials to add more cheer.

    8. Personalized Acrylic Bag 

    This Personalized Acrylic Bag comes in 4 different colors. It is made from acrylic so make a unique and pretty addition to any special occasion. These clutches are slightly different to our other option. This listing is for the initials to be placed at the bottom right hand corner. 

    7. Monogram Jute Bag

    Let your bride tribe enjoy this Monogram Jute Bag which will allow them to carry their beach essentials. Made from 100% burlap fabric with a laminated interior, this bag is large enough to carry a beach towel, books, sun hat, lotion, water bottle, and more. 

    6. Personalized Handbags

    These stunning Personalized Handbags are available in 5 different colors. The personalization is also available in 4 different designs to coordinate your preference. It features 3 compartments and an additional strap so the bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Your bride tribe will surely love this!  

    5. Stuck on You 


    Your search for an eco-friendly yet functional gift end here. This burlap tote bag is the gift you’ve been looking for. Stylish, practical, earthy and spacious, her wedding essentials will have a new home with this bag. You can even have it customized with their name to make it extra special.  

    4. Monogrammed Straw Handbag

    This Monogrammed Straw Handbag is very versatile. YOur favorite ladies can wear them like a handbag with the leather strap or use it as a clutch. It is handwoven with palm leaves and can be personalized up to 3 hand painted initials. You may also choose the color you want. It features a tassel and comes with leather trim and leather strap. 

    3. Ladies Colorful Handbag 

    This Ladies Colorful Handbag is a monogrammed straw bag with sequins from "Art Of Handmade" Design. It is perfect for your bachelorette party, wedding or honeymoon. This circular woven bag was made using palm leaves in the Moroccan tradition. It is ideal for a day out shopping(reusable grocery bag), a lazy afternoon on the beach, or even the corporate boardroom. Flex those girl by surprising them with these stunting bridesmaids gift bag.

    2. Mosaic Tile Handbag

    This Mosaic Tile Handbag is handmade all the way from India! It's a statement piece for any event that will be attended by your bridesmaids. This bag can fit most plus size Smartphones and is handmade from broken mosaic tile pieces. Your bride tribe will surely be delighted with this gift! 

    1. Monogram Handbag

    This Monogram Handbag is the ideal size to hold all the daily essentials and still look stylish. They feature an interior pocket, snap closure, and double carry handles and are created from high-quality vegan faux leather. You may choose from four beautiful colors and five monogram styles.