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    17 of the Best Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes in 2020

    The excitement begins the moment she sees that box. You can almost imagine how many things are running inside her head. She would begin with from whom does this package come from? Then think of the occasion and then finally realize that the most recent event was when you announce you are finally engaged. And it all makes sense now that it is from one of her besties. Wait until she peeps into that box and find all of her favorite stuff in it. 

    Get that excitement started by choosing the perfect boxes that will house her favorite item and pop the question too. Get her resounding yes with 17 of our great bridesmaid proposal boxes.


    Get the party started with your favorite girls in the whole world as you give them this Party in a Box set!

    The fun officially starts as they unbox this gift that comes complete with a gorgeous flask, a shot glass and a bottle opener. The flask comes in pink color and can contain up to 6 ounces while the shot glass can hold up to 2.25 ounces of her favorite drink. The stainless steel bottle opener also comes with a corkscrew and a knife.


    Being a bridesmaid can be a huge commitment, show your girls how much they mean to you with this amazing gift set.  Make your ladies blush with this lovely pink Bella gift set.  You have the option of customizing your gift box with a soft lace or floral robe that may be personalized with a single initial, a heart pendant bracelet, a stemless champagne glass that features vibrant colors and your choice of a scented candle. This full set is the perfect way to WOW your ladies, and show your love and gratitude for them as they walk with you on this exciting and once in a lifetime day.  The Lid  Can Be Personalized with, "I Can't Tie the Knot Without you"

    15. CHARVORIA Bridesmaid Proposal Box

    Stir up the excitement as you give your favorite ladies this bridesmaid proposal box. The luxury gold foil stamping reads ‘Bridesmaid’ sitting above a cute Peonies bouquet. Inside the lid reads, ‘I couldn’t tie the knot without you leaving a white space beneath for your message to your bridesmaids. This box is deeper than other bridesmaid boxes and ready to fill with a personal bottle of champagne, a candle, a greeting card, and other personalized bridesmaid gifts.

    14. Wrap and Write Gift Box

    Here’s a box that comes with two useful gifts for your bridesmaids. The Wrap and Write Gift box contains an elegant shawl available in 13 colors and a personalized journal with your bridesmaid’s initials, name, and message engraved on the cover page. The shawl can be used as an elegant wrap that drapes daintily over her shoulders or as a stylish scarf. It’s also available in 13 colors. The gift box can also be personalized with the initials of your bridesmaid. Wherever you choose to have your question placed, this is one creative way to ask her to be your bridesmaid.  


    Finding the right gift for your bridesmaids or maid of honor can be extremely consuming.  So instead of choosing just one gift, why not surprise your bridal party with an entire gift box of goodies?! Let’s be honest, your bridesmaids are essentially the behind-the-scenes stars of all weddings or a supportive foundation.  At the end of the day, your 'maids have a lot of work cut out for them. That's why you should treat your friends/family to something special when you ask them to be your bridesmaids.  Our Dream Chaser proposal box is one of our best sellers and for good reason!  Not only is it perfect for an amazing proposal/thank you,  but it’s filled with goodies that she’ll use over and over again after the big day!  Start with the box and build from there....'

    12. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

    Getting yourselves pampered has been a tradition that you both enjoyed from the very start. Now that you want her to be part of your bride tribe, there’s no perfect way to ask than to hand her this beautiful gift box that is set to prepare her for your wedding day. Each of these gift boxes is adorably packaged and includes 4 awesome handmade beauty items all set to pamper her. To ensure it will be a unique and quality gift, each item is 100% handmade from scratch in small batches. The colors and prints of the packaging are seasonal and may vary. The gift set includes 1 full-size bar wrapped soap, 1 natural clay face mask, 1 shea butter lip balm tin, and 1 small bath bomb. You may choose the soap that will match the theme of your wedding or your soon-to-be bridesmaid’s favorite scent. As for the face mask, you may choose from green, pink, white or black kaolin clay. For the lip balms, you may choose between blood orange or pink grapefruit. The box label is customizable depending on who you would be asking or thanking for that matter - your maid/matron of honor or your bridesmaid.      

    11. Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set

    This set proves that your dreams can be shining, shimmering and splendid! Packed with a soft cotton robe that has a trim lace and can be personalized with your initials. It has an engraved champagne glass flute and a heart pendant necklace, this Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set is indeed a collection of treat wrapped in a named box sealed with a ribbon.

    10. Getting Ready Outfit Bridesmaid Gift Box

      What can be a more ideal bridesmaid proposal gift than giving her all she needs to get ready for your big day? This bridesmaid proposal gift set comes complete with a satin robe, hair ties, hand lotion, personalized shatterproof champagne flute, tissues, lip balm all placed in a personalized gift box with a satin blush ribbon and a card asking her, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Robes can be in petal, blush or white. You can also choose to personalize the robe by embroidery or via heat transfer. No doubt about it. This gift will get you that resounding “yes!”

      9. Time to Shine

      This Time To Shine Set shines bright with its treat inside the round gift box covered in various colors and patterns women of different tastes can choose from. The decorated candle and the heart matchbox set the mood to explore other gifts: a clear hard plastic shatterproof flute, a personalized compact mirror, and a lip balm that all comes with a nice card.

      8. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box 

      If you are a bride on the go and want things decided quickly, allow this gift set to amuse you with its choices. These treats await your bridesmaids: a scented candle, a lip balm, a hand cream, a Bridesmaid badge, milk chocolate and a pack of rose petal confetti.

      7. Bridesmaid Gift box

      Ladies love anything fancy, classy but functional. This Bridesmaid Gift Box puts together some girl “must-haves” and “want to have” in one fine collection. It has a satin robe, personalized shatterproof champagne flute, hair ties, hand lotion, lip balm, tissues and it even comes in a personalized gift box with satin blush ribbon not to mention some add ons to choose from.

      6. Will you be my Bridesmaid Proposal Box

      Ask your gals in style and walk away in stride. This Will You Be My Bridesmaid gift set includes must-haves in its box. Treats are as follows: proposal card with envelope (to say your piece), white and pink artificial roses, set of two light pink and tan hair ties. It's personalized, double-walled, insulated 12 oz wine tumbler with straw complete with a champagne bottle label.

      5. Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Set

      The Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Set speaks of the richness of quality and joy it will bring to your bridesmaids. Your choices include a cotton robe that has a detailed trim lace and can be tailored with initials; a personalized double-walled insulated wine cup, a customizable wine label, an engraved glass champagne flute and a vacuum plated heart pendant necklace.

      4. Crispy Pink Bridesmaid Proposal Box with Gold Foiled Text

      Pop the question in style with this bridesmaid proposal boxEach box also includes 4 corner stickers which are double-sided adhesive. These boxes are stronger than regular paper gift boxes on the market. Each box is made from a natural 1200gsm cardboard and wrapped with 200gsm quality pink paper. What's more is that these boxes can be easily recycled, composted or reused to organize her belongings. 

      3. French Rose Spa Gift Basket

        This French Rose Spa gift basket will relax and rejuvenate your bridesmaid-to-be. Packaged in a box that is nicely wrapped with an artificial rose flower and twine, it comes complete with all-natural items inside like rose and pink clay bath salt, lavender vanilla soy candle with rosebuds, pink clay rose goat milk soap, organic lemon coconut lip balm and handmade dark chocolate by Beets & Apples.

        2. The Sugar Gift Box

        You are sweet, so should your gesture of asking be. Give this set of floral robe and glossy tumbler to your vibrant and amazing sister. Ask her to be your “Maid of Honor and get a “Yes” as sweet as you.

        1. Bella Gift Set

        Your sister or best friend is a total package, right? She deserves the same gift from you. This set includes a heart pendant bracelet, a necklace, a stemless wine glass, a champagne flute that can be customized and a robe in detailed trim lace that can be personalized as well.