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    63 Fun Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

    With all the available options, asking her to be your bridesmaid can be quite complicated. Keep it elegant and simple by choosing a bridesmaid proposal card where you can write your heartfelt message of how special it would be to have her stand beside you on your wedding day. Choose the ones that go best with your wedding theme and color as well as the kind of occasion you have (formal or informal)  in the time of asking. Choose an elegant, fun and a card that will give her no other choice but say yes to your proposal. 

    Here are 63 of the best bridesmaid proposal cards you can choose from: 

    63. Message in a Bottle

    You would want it in a rustic way to convince them to be part of your entourage and bride squad, send them this Message in a Bottle so they could not say no to the thoughtfulness and artistic way of popping the question. Ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your special day with this elegant bridesmaid proposal special invitation. The roles can be modified for maid of honor, matron of honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and more. The miniature glass bottle height is 2 ½ inches and comes with handmade rose petals and pearls. Rose selection colors are pink or light pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. You also have the option to have the bottle inside a gift box.

    62. Polaroid Card 

    With Polaroid Card , you can have better options to choose a template in a fully editable way online since it is through digital download plus you have the chance to try the templates before you buy. You will do most of the crafty selection and printing and will only pay once for a minimal price. This will be an interesting way to see how personalized and how details will all be with your preference and taste using your pictures and own message or attractive quote. The size options are two sizes such as 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches (A2) and 5 inches x 7 inches.

    61. Bridesmaids Bracelet Card

    If you are looking for a set and grandeur bridesmaid proposal, then the Bridesmaids Bracelet Card is your best pick. The card has a “Will you help me tie the knot?” and comes with a personalized bracelet with initial and pearl, a floral trinket dish, plantable seed paper, a knot candle, a box with a personalized name in gold, silver, or rose gold, and it will be tied with green ribbon. The bracelet has Swarovski Pearl pendant measuring 6mm, the disc is 9mm and hands stamped with initial, the chain is 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Filled. It is waterproof and can also be worn every day.

    60. Wedding role card

    Wedding role card will be applicable not only be applicable for your bridesmaid but also other important roles in your entourage. The card has a written “I cannot marry my Mister without my sister. Will you be my Maid of Honor?” and measures 147.5 x 147.5 mm. These cards are hand-finished with the choice of 7 different foil colors, including gold or rose gold, copper, pink, blue, red, and silver metallic foil. You can choose from a white to kraft brown envelope and the inside of the card is blank for your message.

    59. Kraft Lace Rustic Bridesmaids Proposal Note

    Kraft lace designs are known professionally for commercial purposes, yet, most craft laces were popular as domestic pastimes from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. The Kraft Lace Rustic Bridesmaids Proposal Note with written “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” in front and “I Can't Say I Do Without You” at the back comes in a set of 15. It is made from high quality & durable thick high matte cardstock that makes it easy to write on. The back of the card is blank, which allows you to address them and send them as postcards. Envelopes are not included but you can order it in an A6 size separately & choose any color of your preference.

    58. Foil Lined Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    The Foil Lined Bridesmaid Proposal Card has “Ain’t No Party Like a Bridal Party” message and is the most sophisticated among all these cards. The refined design of gold lines on the edges and the font clearly show the elegance of your choice. This listing includes an A7 (65lb) foil-lined folded card and an A7 foil-lined envelope and your envelope color preference can be white, black, green, navy blue, or pink.

    57. Proposal Card with Elegant Vellum Jacket

    “I can’t say I do, without you! Will you be my bridesmaid?” is stated in the bridesmaid proposal card Proposal Card with Elegant Vellum Jacket. The listing includes 5x7 classic white 100 lb. cardstock, a Vellum "I can't say I do" jacket, and a Bow of your choice with a matching envelope. You have the option to have added personalization such as Name on the card only, Name on envelope only, and Name on both envelope and card. The selections of style are, Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor and others in colors white, ivory, silver, gold, pink, navy, wine, and black.

    56. Sunflower “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

    It is always exciting to pop the question plus do it in a scratch-off card as a lottery has. The Sunflower “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card will be an enjoyable way to make your proposal happens. Plus, the sunflower symbolizes good luck and lasting happiness to everyone who receives and keeps it. It measures 5.50 inches wide x 4.25 inches high and comes with white, metallic gold, and metallic silver or rose gold envelopes. The scratch-off close to the name on the card color options are Gold Metallic Heart, Grey Heart, and Rose Gold Heart. For more personalization, you can choose to change the quotations as desired, the text color, font style, and event date.

    55. Elegant Proposal Card

    The timeless proposal card with deckle edge paper and white silk ribbon is unique as well as an Elegant Proposal Card you can add to your Bridesmaid Proposal gift box. You have the option to choose from Wedding White, Pastel Pink, and Grey cards. Names can be added for personalization such as Name on the card only, Name on envelope only, and Name on both envelope and card. As expected, you will receive an A2 deckle edge flat card of your choice, white silk ribbon detail, and a white A2 envelope.

    54. 6 Scratch-off "Be My Bridesmaid" Cards

    Another scratch-off card thrilling to receive is the 6 Scratch-off "Be My Bridesmaid" Cards. The cards are blank inside for you to add your note for your maid of honor, flower girl or ring bearer, and any other role. It measures 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches fold-over card (A2) and the writing area is 1.5 inches circle. In adorable champagne pink and gold colors. The set includes 6-fold-over cards, 6 recycled brown kraft envelopes, and 6 scratch-off stickers, printed with soy-based ink on ultra-thick, sustainably sourced paper and will be packaged with care in a clear plastic box.

    53. Foil Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Foil Bridesmaid Proposal Card is a glorious-looking card everyone prefers to get. Handmade from real metallic foil printed on vellum, attached to a white eucalyptus cardstock backing with an eyelet. Each is personalized with your chosen wording and name. The card comes with a grey envelope and the foil colors available are Iridescent Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, and Hot pink. So as with the tassel, color options are Ivory, Baby or Blush Pink, Light Peach, Gold, Navy, Silver, and Black.  It can be made for any member of your bridal party, including; Bridesmaid, Maid of honor, Chief bridesmaid, Flower girl, Mother of the Bride, and Mother of the groom.

    52. Bohemian Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Bohemian Bridesmaid Proposal Card is your supreme selection for Boho-themed weddings due to its simple style and terracotta hue. The set of 10 cards includes 10 white envelopes, 6 Will you be my bridesmaid cards, 2 Will you be my maid of honor, and 2 Will you be my matron of honor cards. All of these are blank on the inside for you to write your message. Cards are printed on sturdy, thick card stock. Size 4.1 inches x 5.5 inches (folded).

    51. Floral Blue Striped Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

    Another scratch-off card with a unique design that you can pop your big question and create memories is this classic Boho Floral Blue Striped Bridesmaid Proposal Cards. The set of 4 professionally printed folded cards measures 4.2 inches x 5.8 inches or 105 x 148 mm.  The cards are blank inside, so you can write your message. It is made of heavy 120 lb. snow-white premium card stock with gold foil shimmering scratch-off hearts. The package also includes 4 matching white premium heavy paper envelopes. You can send them in the mail or use them for your bridesmaid proposal boxes.

    50. Funny Proposal Scratch Card

    Let your happiness show with a sense of humor. Surprise your ladies with this Funny Proposal Scratch Card and leave a smile on their faces. These custom wedding proposal cards are printed on high-quality linen heavy cardstock and each wedding invitation comes with an envelope with color selections such as White, Salmon Pink, Craft, Metallic Gold, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Burgundy, Pale Blue, Light Turquoise, Fairy Green, Purple, Metallic Silver, Grey and Black. Personalize your “Will You Be My” cards with your girls' names, choose the heart ink and envelope colors of your choice and add your signature to make it even more special. The card is left blank for a personal message and measures 4.25 inches x 5.50' inches (folded).

    49. Watercolor Floral Rustic Chalkboard

    For a color black theme wedding that symbolizes mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication, so you can never go wrong with Watercolor Floral Rustic Chalkboard. The set of 10 cards includes 8 “Will you be my Bridesmaid” and 2 for “Will you be my Maid of Honor”. Envelopes and cards are professionally printed on high-quality card stock and are flat (non-fold over) with plenty of writing room on the back. It measures 4 inches X 6 inches.

    48. Scratch To Win Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    The most engaging of all scratch-off cards among all these selections is the Scratch To Win Bridesmaid Proposal Card. Your bridesmaids have the perk of scratching it with so much enthusiasm and joy like a lottery card as they anticipate a prize. Made from semi-glossy card stock and measures 4 inches H x 5.5 inches W (cards are flat and double-sided). Envelopes are included and you can choose from colors White, Salmon Pink, Craft, Metallic Gold, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Burgundy, Pale Blue, Light Turquoise, Fairy Green, Purple, Metallic Silver, Grey, and Black.

    47. Lure with Free Wine Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

    Make your proposal hilarious as you spiel your question. For a "Yes!" to be quickly blurted, send them this Lure with Free Wine Bridesmaid Proposal Cards. The front of the card indicates “Free Wine! Now that I have your attention” with a card legend on the back. This set of 10 cards includes 8 Bridesmaid Cards, 1 Maid of Honor Card, and 1 Matron of Honor Card and comes with 10 color Blush envelopes. It measures 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches (folded), and 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches (open).

    46. Fashion Ready Proposal Cards  

    Fashion Ready Proposal Cards  made it to this list because any woman will be enticed with the thought of wearing something fashionable and beautiful just like what is featured on this card. More than asking your ladies to be a part of your bride tribe, this piece of paper also proposes the idea of looking fabulous for one day with you and your other friends. It is a foldable card with your choice of female drawing in front and the “Will you be my…” hanging question. Inside is either “Bridesmaid?” or another role in your squad plus the phrase “I couldn’t say “I DO”, without you” 

    45. Thick and Thin Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation

    Your sisters by blood and by heart have gone with you through your life’s journey. As you embark on a new one with your beloved, this Thick and Thin Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation honors their relationship with you and all the good and bad things you have all experienced. Measuring 5”x7” (portrait) or 7”x5” (landscape), this proposal card prints these words in front: “You’ve stood by me through THICK AND THIN, now I need you there when I MARRY HIM”. Inside is the question “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”.

    44. “I know of a great party” Proposal Card

    Your gal pals may be party girls and you love that about them. Use their cravings for parties by asking them to be your “Bridesmaids”. This “I know of a great party” Proposal Card is made of premium white Ice shimmer cardstock in A2 invitation size. Since it is one-fold, let the front read “I know of a great party” and have the inside ask your question “Will you be my Bridesmaid?’” Choose your envelope from the catalog and be on your way to getting your ladies to go to your party, a.k.a. wedding.

    43. Floral Dress

    Printed on Lux paper, the beautiful Floral Dress design of this proposal card is fully customizable. Each bridesmaid card has custom interiors to include even more photos and a more detailed message. Who can say “No” to such a nice visual with a matching question that only gets asked by the most amazing ladies in your life? They may or may not wear something as pretty on the card, but they will surely treasure this proposal piece as well as you.

    42. “Now Act Surprised” Bridesmaid Card

    If a little love goes a long way, a little humor may go an extra mile. “Now Act Surprised” Bridesmaid Card is a funny and unique way of proposing to your ladies to be a part of your bride tribe. They have been a part of your life most sweetly, and they probably already know that they will play a crucial part in your wedding. However, asking them through a card like this will ignite laughter and elicit an immediate “Yes!” Envelopes come in various colors to fit your theme.

    41. “Need One More Thing” Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation

    This “Need One More Thing” Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation is heartwarming as it is funny. It implies that even when you have found the love of your life and get a ring for it, at the end of the day, you will still need one more thing, your bride squad. Every bride wants their tribe around her when she says, “I do”. Bridesmaids may not need to feel validated, but they will appreciate being informed that they are an essential person, for you, on your wedding day.

    40. “Help me keep my shit together” Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Sometimes due to all the pressures of preparation and planning a bride goes “bridezilla” and may take an entire army to bring her to calm down. Before that happens, they surround themselves with women who will help them be their best, while going through the tedious processes. “Help me keep my shit together” Bridesmaid Proposal Card is a beautiful tool in asking your ladies to stand by your side should hell break loose. It’s simple, funny and on point. Now that is a proposal!

    39. Par Avion

    The days of snail mail or letters sent Par Avion are slowly vanishing into thin air. However, one can attest that receiving mail you have been waiting for, for days or weeks brings a certain level of thrill that is not found in electronic mail. The beauty of its visuals also kicks differently in the heart as the name and address of the sender and receiver are both reflected, giving the intentional thought a deeper impact.

    38. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle

    Gather your ladies together and bring them to your place for a few snacks and play. Then scatter the pieces of this Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle and have your gal pals bring them together. As they form the puzzle, be ready to get their “Yes” as this heartwarming gesture not only gives a climactic feel but also symbolizes the idea that your wedding will not be complete without them. Customize each with the names of your bride's tribe including their roles.

    37. Cute and Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation

    Most women love attending parties and weddings. What they do not enjoy much are the tasks attached to the role. So, before your gal pals say “Nah” to your proposal, ask them using this Cute and Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation. The words “All you have to do is show up (and a few other…small things)” are written in front of this card. The first part will be highlighted, giving an illusion that the only task at hand is being there at the wedding. The rest of the wordings in parenthesis is just funny but subliminally true statements that you can hold them accountable for.

    36. Get Ready to Party Will You Be My Bridesmaid Greeting Card

    Hit your ladies with a glaring invitation to have fun with this Get Ready to Party Will You Be My Bridesmaid Greeting Card. Measuring 5”x7” this folded premium matte is blank inside so you may write anything you want. Ask them to be a part of your bride squad after luring them into your proposal card with a fun message. After all, your wedding will be more fun with your gal pals present. Each card comes with a white envelope.

    35. 4 Photo Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation

    Why put just one, when you can do more? This 4 Photo Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid Proposal Invitation allows you to scour all the funny, memorable, or emotional images you can find that have you and your friends in it. Call it an emotional manipulation if you may, but photos have a certain appeal to the hypothalamus that may elicit an instant and jubilant “Yes!” Add in a few more funny anecdotes and you have yourself a guaranteed “Wedding Tribe”

    34. Watercolor Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    The beauty and simplicity of this Watercolor Bridesmaid Proposal Card are what makes it so lovely. Add it to a proposal gift or basket and make this card stand out without a fuzz. Write words such as “plan with me, stand with me, laugh with me, cry with me” then match it up with a question or a declaration that they are surely going to be your bridesmaid. It will be best to have their names placed on top as the highlight of the card to make it display-worthy.

    33. Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Girls in Robes Card

    Part of the job of being a bridesmaid is preparing with the bride on the day of the wedding. That task is probably one if not the most gratifying of all as your ladies get to watch you transform from a single lady to a bride-to-be. All the glamour and make-up will be there, not to mention wearing matching robes for a “getting ready” pictorial session. Excite your ladies for such a moment by giving them a glimpse with this Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Girls in Robes Card. Try giving it with a robe and a “Yes!” will be in play.

    32. Save the Date and Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Whether you like to admit it or not, some of your besties already know they are going to be in your squad. All they need is a date and a formality. Let this Save the Date and Bridesmaid Proposal Card hang on their fridge or walls as a reminder of when your special day will be and that they are “surely” a part of it. This card is a small calendar that only features the month of your wedding and highlights the date together with either “Save the date” or “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

    31. Vintage Romance

    A vintage touch always adds elegance and timelessness to any piece. Your proposal card should be no different. Since you have found romance in your life, ask your gal pals to be your bridesmaids with Vintage Romance. The scripted font in a lovely hue mixed with subtle floral and leafy accents makes this card stand out even when mixed with a gift basket or a proposal box. Your ladies may opt to display it as part of their interior even after your wedding.

    30. Lizzo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Your big day is coming and your gesture of proposing to your ladies should no doubt be huge as well. Do it with this Lizzo Bridesmaid Proposal Card that shows an illustrated Lizzo on the front and a message for your bride tribe inside. A blank option is also available in case you want to ask in your own words. Whether you are the empowered plus-sized woman or your bride tribe, this card will surely level up your confidence to propose, a notch higher.

    29. Scratch Right Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    bridesmaid proposal card

    It's time to ask your besties to be bridesmaids! A bridal party is only as good as its members, and you're going to need some amazing helpers if you're going to pull off a stunning wedding. Say it with a bridesmaid proposal card! These cards are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding and get your friends excited about what's to come. They'll love the adorable design, and you'll love knowing that they're on board with being part of your big day.

    28. Picture Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

    bridesmaid proposal cards

    This creative bridesmaid proposal card is perfect for popping the question to your besties. Just scratch off the black box on the front of the card to reveal your proposal message. They'll love being asked to be a part of your wedding!

    27. Bridesmaid Proposal Card and Wish Bracelet

    This Bridesmaid Proposal Card and Wish Bracelet provides an element of surprise when asking the big question to your friend or family member. The card comes with a sweet little heart wish bracelet to give the proposal that extra touch. This dainty wish bracelet contains one 6mm heart shaped bead on quality 0.5mm nylon cord. It is available in gold or silver and you also have an extensive selection of 25 stunning cord colors to choose from 

    26. TRIXIE Retro Bridesmaid Proposal Card 

    This TRIXIE Retro Bridesmaid Proposal Card is a DIY PRINTABLE bridesmaid proposal card template that features a groovy 70's vibe with a bright pink and orange color palette. You may use this template to edit the fonts, font color, and background color to match your wedding event needs.

    25. You're Like Really Pretty, Bridesmaid Card

    That intro message will get her to say YES even before you ask. This You're Like Really Pretty, Bridesmaid Card is simply adorable. It's a unique and clever way to ask your pretty bridal party to stand beside you. It is flat printed with black text on a professional press. It also comes with an envelope color of your choice. 

    24. Pampas Grass Boho Proposal Card 

    This beautiful Pampas Grass Boho Proposal Card  is so easy to edit and so easy to fall in love with! It is a digital editable template, that you edit your-self. No physical product will be sent to you, but once downloaded you can print them as many as you wish! It includes a bridesmaid card 5x3.5" in 300 dpi
    and PDF instruction. 

    23. Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid

    This Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid proposal card is perfect for giving individually or as part of your bridesmaid proposal gift box. It's elegant, classy and sparkly. It has just the right size at 4" x 3" and comes with a matching ribbon. You can  also choose from the foil/Ink colors: gold, rose gold and silver foil or black ink, white ink. 

    22. Burnt Orange Will You Be My Bridesmaid

    This Burnt Orange Will You Be My Bridesmaid features minimalist modern calligraphy with a burnt orange background - the perfect and most special way to ask your best friends to be apart of your special day! You get to have an online application editor that allows you to completely personalize your printable directly in your browser. The good news is there's no need to download any fonts or software.

    21. Desert Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    This Desert Bridesmaid Proposal Card is a DIY template that you can edit online from your browser on JetTemplate. You can have access to unlimited downloads & saves. The access will last for 365 days from the date of purchase. 

    20. Rustic Bridesmaid Proposal Card 

    This Rustic Bridesmaid Proposal Card has a perfectly unique and elegant design. Text is easily edited to serve your needs! You are able to alter all colors on fonts and personalize the font choice as you like. You can also move around the placement of your text and add more depending on your preference.

    19. Boho Tropical Bridesmaid Proposal

    This Boho Tropical Bridesmaid Proposal is a beautiful pampas grass bridesmaid template that is so easy to edit. This is a digital editable template, that you edit your-self. No physical product will be sent to you, but once downloaded you can print them as many as you wish! It comes complete with a 
    PDF instruction guide too. 

    18. Orchid BOHO Bridesmaid Proposal Card 

    This lovely Orchid BOHO Bridesmaid Proposal Card is an instant downloadable template. It is a fully editable template and will be perfect for your special day. You can edit all text with mobile devices and tablets. It's one proposal card you can totally be creative with. 

    17. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

    What can be a better looking card than with the two of you standing side by side side? This Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card can be customized to what you need, including the wording. You may also browse through the bridesmaid proposal card listing images to view the options available for you! It also includes a recycled, peel & seal envelope for all sizes apart from A5 Flat.

    16. Bridesmaid Proposal Card 

    It's the perfect addition to your proposal box! ThisBridesmaid Proposal Card comes in a set of six mini cards and envelopes. Small cards are folded tent style so you can handwrite in your own special note on the inside. Throw these cards in any gift set to make sure you get each of their resounding 'Yes'. 

    15. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gold Foil Navy Blue

    This Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gold Foil Navy Blue comes in A2 Size (4x5.25 Folded) with matching envelopes. It features real foil details too. This pack includes 1 Maid of Honor Card, with the remaining cards intended for asking your favorite ladies to be your bridesmaid. 

      14. Bridesmaid Proposal Cards with Bath Bombs

      You definitely DONUT want to say “I Do” without your favorite crew! Ask them with these Bridesmaid Proposal Cards with Bath Bombs because it’s your time to drop the (bath) bomb and ask your best ladies to be by your side for the BIG DAY! All cards are blank inside and includes an oversized envelope so you can personalize your proposal message.  

      13. Burgundy and Navy Bridesmaid Proposal Folded Cards

      It's perfect for your wedding theme color. This Burgundy and Navy Bridesmaid Proposal Folded Cards comes in a  set of 12 Cards to ask 8 bridesmaids, 2 maid of honor, 1 matron of honor & 1 flower girls.  This watercolor flower style card also come with matching envelopes. 


        These "Can't Say I Do" Scratch Off Cards are perfect for popping the question to your special ladies! Each scratch-off card comes with a blush envelope and your choice of bridesmaid, maid of honor, matron of honor, or flower girl. Write your own message in the blank field and cover it with the included heart-shaped scratch off stickers.

        11. I Can't Tie the Knot Without You

        Pop the question in style with this I Can't Tie the Knot Without You proposal card. It features a softly colored floral arrangement in tones of ivory and blush, complimented by green foliage and delicate, soft grey lettering. It has a blank inside with plenty of room for you to write your own personal message.This set of 10 cards says "I Can't Tie the Knot Without You!" and will be great to use for any member of your bridal party.

        10. Custom Proposal Card


        Ask them the old fashion way! This Custom Proposal Card provides that much-needed break from everything digital. You may choose from the signature, pearlescent or recycled card depending on your preference. The Signature cards are known for their thick, luxurious stock in an off-white hue with a creamy cotton texture. The Pearlescent, on the other hand, adds a subtle shimmer finish to your card and a soft glow to photographs for that elegant touch. 

        9. Greenery Ask Bridesmaid

        This Greenery Ask Bridesmaid are both fun and elegant. They are actually scratch off cards. Each scratch off card (post card style not fold over style )measure 5.50" wide x 4.25" high and comes with white envelopes. It sure is a fun way to ask your special ladies to be your bridesmaids. 

        8. Floral Cards with Gold Foil

        This Floral Cards with Gold Foil is a cute and unique way to ask them to be your bridesmaids. Each box set contains a set of 8 elegant Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards and 2 Will You Be My Maid of Honor cards for a total of 10 cards. Each card and envelope has a unique floral style suited for many wedding themes: fall, beach, country, rustic, contemporary, boho, so many!

        7. The Perfect Bridesmaid Recipe Card 

        It's the perfect recipe for a wedding! You would love to have these special women in your life  by your side on your wedding day! Ask them to be your bridesmaids and show them how special they are with all the qualities you see in them with this Bridesmaid Recipe Card.

        6. Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Card

        This lovely Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Card is a speacial way of asking your favourite people to be by your side on your wedding day. This card is blank inside for your own personal message, and comes with a dusty pink envelope. Each name on the front can be personalized as well. 

        5. Friends Bridesmaid Proposal Card

        Ask them to be part of your wedding party with this bridesmaid proposal card! This Friends Bridesmaid Proposal Card has an ideal size of 3.5x5 folded card and comes blank inside. A white envelope is also included with every card. Other envelope colors are available upon request for an additional fee.

        4. Classic Bridesmaid Proposal Card

        Asking your nearest and dearest to stand by your side on your wedding day need not be complicated. Let this Classic Bridesmaid Proposal Card do the asking. This card has a beautiful and elegant floral design that can be personalized with their name for an extra special touch.

        3. Personalized Foil Bridesmaid Proposal Card


        It comes with a personalized foil in rose gold, silver, gold or light pink foil. The Personalized Foil Bridesmaid Proposal Card measures 5x5inches and are printed on premium white card with a white envelope to match. It is a folded card and comes blank inside for your own personal message.

        2. Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Card

        This Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Card is printed on FSC approved 300gsm recycled matte card. It comes with a blank inside for your own message as standard. You may also upgrade to have your personalized message printed inside. It also comes with an envelope ready to be handed to your bridesmaids. 

        1. Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

        These Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card features a fun font paired with a classic font and allows you to upload your own photo for an extra special touch. You can access your self-editable template(s) within minutes of purchase and create your own bridesmaid proposal cards using TEMPLETT - an application which lets you fully customize the templates right in your browser. Purchase once and edit as many times as you need - create a different card for each of your bridesmaids as well as your maid of honor!