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    Bridesmaid's Treat Box

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    You can go ahead and stop your search for bridesmaid gifts here because this is everything you will need and more to make your girls go crazy with joy in preparation for your big day. Your girls will love this gift box because these items are a perfect way for all your girls to match on the big day. 

    This set comes with matching earrings and necklaces, as well as a choice of either a light pink or white floral robe to wear as you all get ready on the morning of your wedding. These are great for when you want to snap a couple of pictures while you all prep! Not only can they wear the jewelry on the big day, but they can keep them forever in remembrance of how fun they had at the wedding! These boxes are fully customizable so make sure you fill out all the boxes.


    • 1 Personalized white box with a name label on the side
    • 1 light pink or white floral robe (one size fits all)
    • 1 Pair of Cubic zircon earrings (rose gold or silver) 
    • 1 Cubic zircon necklace OR bracelet (rose gold or silver) 
    • 1 Personalized card
    • 1 jewelry box & ribbon