17 Great Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

September 30, 2019

17 Great Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

Women like to always be a part of a team. That’s why it’s no surprise that for your wedding day, you will need your gals to be there. Whether to throw a veil, strike a pose, say something nice for a video, or hold the end of your trail. A bride like you puts a premium on the selection process. This practice has evolved from merely selecting and appointing to a trendier and more fashionable way of asking. So when you finally found your roster of bridesmaids, the search is on for the perfect “proposal” gift! It simply means a proposal to be a part of what they call it nowadays, “the bride squad!”

Below is a list to help you ensure they will say “yes” to you too:

17. Wedding Day Keepsake Bag

Bags, in all shapes and sizes, will always put a smile on a woman’s face. So ask your friends to be your bridesmaid using this personalized keepsake bag that is useful for almost anything. It comes in different sizes and various color to fit your theme. Bring out your creativity and write something special for your bridesmaid to be.

16. Bridesmaid Candle

Friends guide us and keeps us on track most of the time. Whenever we feel we are in the dark, their presence shines a light in our times of dim. Ask your sis or your friend to be a part of your squad with this bridesmaid candle. It's dye-free, lead-free, phthalate-free and paraffin free stylish candle and adds more glimmer to your friendship.

15. A Pearl's Delight

A pearl is precious and indeed a hard find. Put it beside a person’s initial and present it in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver and what do you have? This pearl necklace that speaks directly “You are precious to me!” This gift will surely elicit delight from the receiver and a “yes” for you.

14. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cookie 

You are getting married? That is sweet! Ask your friends to be your bride squad with a yummy treat. This set comes in two gingerbread cookies: a plaque with a question that can be personalized and a dress in the color of your choice.

13. Personalized Frame Gift

Pictures and poetry immortalize memories. Say you need your gal in your wedding day and spur a “Yes” with this personalized 9”x 9” wooden frame that used Perspex for cover. Bring out that old photo you keep with your sis and unleash the poet in you, send those details in and let them do this time capsule for you.

12. Girl Power Compact

A woman’s power comes from her confidence and belief in herself. A mirror is a constant reminder that we hold that power within the palm of our hands. This gift is a meaningful treat wrapped in an elegant and sophisticated package. It has three metal finishes and two leather inset colors to choose from. Engrave it and spread that confidence!

11. Treasured Love

Of course, you will want your most treasured friends and sisters to be around you on your wedding day. Get them to be there by asking them with this magnificent treat. Let your love dangle around their wrists as they hold your hand on the day you give it to your beloved. Personalize your box too.

10. Romancing the Birthstone

“Elegance and style just for the woman you truly are.” This Romancing the Birthstone Necklace brings that message to anyone who will be given the honor to wear it. Your birthstone and your name initial in one dangling token? Isn’t that a treat?! It comes in either silver or gold box that can be personalized with a single initial.

9. Personalized Puzzle

You are finally putting the pieces of your life together and your wedding day celebrates that. Let your closest sis or friend know that the celebration will not be complete without her standing with you on that day. Say it with this creatively crafted puzzle and let your bond be as complete as ever. This can be personalized with various choices of hair design and hair color that accurately represents your friend and you.

8. Bit of Love

Dare to go simple but meaningful. This heart pendant bracelet speaks love and simplicity with its dainty appearance and elegant presentation. Its 4 colors: Rose Gold, Black Onyx, Gold and Silver represent the variety of friends you will have in your squad. Let not their roles on your wedding confuse you, personalize their gift box too!

7. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box 

If you are a bride on the go and wants things decided quickly, allow this gift set to amuse you with its choices. These treats await your bridesmaids: a scented candle, a lip balm, a hand cream, a Bridesmaid badge, milk chocolate and a pack of rose petal confetti.

6. Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set

This set proves that your dreams can be shining, shimmering and splendid! Packed with a soft cotton robe that has a trim lace and can be personalized with your initials; an engraved champagne glass flute and a heart pendant necklace, this Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set is indeed a collection of treat wrapped in a named box sealed with a ribbon.

5. Time to Shine

This Time To Shine Set shines bright with its treat inside the round gift box covered in various colors and patterns women of different tastes can choose from. The decorated candle and the heart matchbox set the mood to explore other gifts: a clear hard plastic shatterproof flute, a personalized compact mirror, and a lip balm that all comes with a nice card.

4. Bella Gift Set

Let this girly gift set overwhelm you with its collection of treats. Feel free to decide what to put in this box of goodness. Customize this set by including either or all of the following: A cotton robe that has a detailed trim lace and can be personalized; a hand-crafted necklace, a heart pendant bracelet, an engraved glass champagne flute, and a stemless wine glass.

3. Bridesmaid Gift box

Ladies love anything fancy, classy but functional. This Bridesmaid Gift Box puts together some girl “must-haves” and “want to have” in one fine collection. It has a satin robe, personalized shatterproof champagne flute, hair ties, hand lotion, lip balm, tissues and it even comes in a personalized gift box with satin blush ribbon not to mention some add ons to choose from.

2. Will you be my Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Ask your gals in style and walk away in stride. This Will You Be My Bridesmaid gift set includes must-haves in its box. Treats are as follows: proposal card with envelop (to say your piece); white and pink artificial roses, set of two light pink and tan hair ties; personalized, double-walled, insulated 12 oz wine tumbler with straw; and a champagne bottle label.

1. Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Set

The Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Set speaks of the richness of quality and joy it will bring to your bridesmaids. Your choices include a cotton robe that has a detailed trim lace and can be tailored with initials; a personalized double-walled insulated wine cup, a customizable wine label, an engraved glass champagne flute and a vacuum plated heart pendant necklace.

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