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There are many things that need detailed preparations for your wedding. The venue, the flowers, the food, the guest list, the ceremony, the reception, the wedding favors and yes, the bridesmaid gifts!  That special token of thanks is something your bridesmaids will be excited to receive! Your appreciation and gratitude for all their time, support, and generosity won’t be complete without handing over the best bridesmaid gift idea that you can think of to each of your girls.  Whether you are looking for bridal robes, bridesmaid gift boxes, bridal jewelry, or a specific gift for your maid of honor, we have the largest selection and everything you could need!

36 Best Bridesmaid Gifts of 2023

As you prepare your bridesmaid gifts, be in the know of what’s trending for weddings this 2023. For custom wedding elements, welcome baskets or gift boxes are replacing the traditional party favors. Aside from what’s trending give your bridesmaid something she can use on your wedding day, something to pamper her must-have items for the wedding preparations or something unique. To help you choose, here’s a quick list of 36 best bridesmaid gifts for 2023:

36. Totes Magotes

Imagine her entering the reception party carrying this clutch with her new last name! She will be thrilled to have this gift from you. This is the perfect bridal shower gift she can use on her honeymoon and any given occasion after her wedding day. Each acrylic cross body purse comes with a removable chain and is printed with "Mrs." in pretty gold script vinyl lettering. It comes with a clasp closure and gold hardware. She would be delighted to see her future last name as you give her this bridal shower gift! 

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    35. Tie The Knot Bracelet 

    A charming gift indeed! This Tie The Knot Bracelet is a unique way to ask/propose to your bridesmaids!  Inside each box, you can choose a floral card that says "I Can't Tie the Knot Without You" OR "Thank You for Helping Me Tie the Knot".  Your bridesmaids are special people in your life that truly deserve this amazing gift. Each bracelet comes packaged in a pretty heart gift box with a floral insert of your choice. Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold. It will surely look great having all of you wear it on your wedding day.

      34. Succulent Gift Box

      Is she the eco-friendly type? Then give her this Succulent Gift Box as a thank you gift or as you ask her to be your bridesmaid. Most boxes will include a 3oz candle and a 2.5inch succulent, in Ceramic pot or plastic pot wrapped with burlap (check the pictures), other boxes will include spa products. Affordable, memorable and adorable, this gift will truly be treasured by your bridesmaids. 

      33. Pampered Babes 

      Gift-giving is easy with this luxurious spa gift set. This Tangerine and Grapefruit scented assortment of handmade bath and body products make a perfect gift for anyone in your bridal party. Your bride tribe has given their best to make your wedding day as special as possible. Giving them this gift is their go signal that it’s time to relax and get pampered.   

      32. Jungle Palm Gift Set 

      Stir up the excitement as you give your favorite ladies this Jungle Palm Gift Set. Treat your girls to this amazing gift box which is a thoughtful way to say thank you to your girls, or a way to invite them to have special participation on your wedding day. Have it filled with cute and adorable goodies including bath bombs, faux pearl bracelets, compact mirror, lip balm, and more.  To keep the theme consistent, shop for tropical inspired wedding favors for your reception.


        Poolside with the babes, bachelorette party weekend, drinks in hand and matching coverups! Bridal swimsuit cover-ups are the perfect addition to any bachelorette weekend!  Each swim cover comes printed with either white for bride or black with babe in a pretty script and a floral silhouette on the backside.

        30. FLORA & FAUNA GIFT BOX

        Intimate and alluring, the Flora & Fauna Gift box is a specially curated gift box for the ladies in your wedding! Thinking of asking your friend to be one of the bridesmaids at your wedding or perhaps as a Maid of Honor? This set is the best way to go. With a lovely set like this one, they will surely say yes.

        29. NECKLACE OF LOVE

        18 kart gold necklace engraved with the initial of your closest friends. Get the girls you love this beautiful monogrammed pendant that they can wear for any fancy occasion. Add the signature gift box and you can add this box with any of our other gift bags for the final touch to a perfect gift. If you are asking your girls to be part of your special day or thanking them for standing by your side this necklace will always bring a smile to their face. Necklaces are available in your choice of pink, black, mint, or white with a gold vinyl monogram letter of your choice.  

        28. Facial Mask Kit


        As your wedding approaches, you don’t ever want your bridesmaids to be looking all stressed out. This gift will definitely be part of their beauty routine as the face mask deep cleans their skin and improve the skin appearance. Let your gift provide her the beautiful skin and pampering she needs.

        27. Bride Tribe Spa Set

        Want her to be part of your bride tribe? Or thank her for being the best bridesmaid in the world? Then this gift will be perfect for both. The Bride Tribe comes with a Shea butter hand and nail treatment, soy candle, herbal bathtub tea, and a lip balm. All these are placed on a washed ivory burlap bag complete with a gift card.   

        26. Bridesmaid Canvas Makeup Bag 

        Her wedding essentials as your bridesmaid would need a new home. And this Kate Aspen gold foil canvas makeup bag would be perfect to carry all of that. Made of cotton, metal, and nylon this gift will fit no matter what your wedding theme is and would definitely add to that chic look.

        25. Diamond Pens

        Glamorously designed, these diamond top pens are the perfect bridesmaid gifts or unique wedding favors you’re looking for. Add some dazzle to your gift-giving as you present these sparkly doodlers to your special ladies. The pens are available in brushed gold, rose gold and brilliant silver. Have it placed in a black velvet bag and you're all set to giving a fine gift.

        24. Simply Pretty Tank Top 

        They’ve said yes and what better way to reward your bridesmaids than with these personalized tank tops that feature their new role.  Holding your bachelorette party will never be the same with each one wearing their personalized bridal party tank top. It’s available in 4 sizes and in fun colors.  

        23. Embroidered Personalized Pashmina Scarf 

        It's like tapping her shoulders and giving her a warm "thank you" embrace each time she makes use of this engraved and personalized Pashmina scarf. Plus it will look perfect when the color is matched with the gowns of your bridesmaids and worn on your wedding day. 


        22. Swarovski Crystal Earring Heart Necklace Set 

        This is one gift that will look good on all your bridesmaids on your wedding day. This Glitz and Glamour Jewelry Set includes Swarovski crystal earring and a heart designed necklace. Want something that they can remember you by even after your wedding? Then this gift is one they won’t easily forget!

        21. A PEARL'S DELIGHT

        A Pearl’s Delight features a personalized first initial uppercase charm paired with an elegant pearl making this look timeless and elegant.  Giving gifts to your bridesmaids is a time-honored tradition.  So why give a gift that can easily be forgotten? Gift your lovely bridesmaids with a beautiful necklace that is the same design, but customized with her own initial, making it personal and unique to her.

        20. Heels Survival Kit

        We all know what those shoes will do to your feet during the wedding. Let's hope your best friend will keep it quick and get you out of those shoes fast. But if not this kit will help your bridesmaids get their feet ready for an hour or two of standing in heels.  

          19. Classic Wedding Survival Kit

          Bridesmaids need to be ready to assist you on whatever may go wrong on your special day. Let this wedding survival kit be the kit they run to for all the supplies they would need. The survival kit comes with wedding emergency supplies in a compact size vinyl bag with a clear front to easily find items you may need.  

          18. Foldable Flats Pocket Shoes


            Her feet deserve some form of relief from wearing those high heels while partying! Let her have this handy foldable pocket shoes she can easily slip when her feet feel tired from all your pre-wedding parties. This gift comes with a small zippered pouch. The shoe unfolds into a light nylon tote. Personalize it by engraving her initials on the pouch.  

            17. Bracelets for Bae  

            Pretty Monogram Bracelets are perfect gifts for bridesmaids, maid of honor or anyone in your bridal party! Gold monogram bracelets come packaged in a pretty white gift box with a floral insert. These 18k plated gold bracelets come with a personalized monogram initial, heart charm, and a glitzy gem! 

            16. Custom Name Canvas Cosmetic Bag 

            With just the right size to hold her essentials, this chic cosmetic bag becomes extra adorable as you personalize it with your bridesmaid’s name. The Chloe Cosmetic Bag is available in two colors - white and black and uses shiny gold foil print for their names or their wedding party status.  

            15. Tumbalicious 

            Your search for a unique gift ends here. This tumbler comes with your bridesmaid’s digitally printed caricature. Just send in their pictures and a sketch will be created for each of them. Once the draft is approved, the tumbler is ready to be sent for your bridesmaids. The bonus is you also get to have a digital format of the caricatures for future use.   

            14. Floral Makeup Clutch  

            Floral makeup bags are the perfect small gift for your girls and the cutest little storage space for all of your small and easy to lose items. Perfect for lip balm, mascara, compact mirrors, sunglasses and more! These cotton canvas bags come personalized with one black monogram letter of your choice.    

            13. Fantastic Flip Flops

            Your bridesmaids will love these Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Flip-Flops! Party some more in style with these pair of a comfy treat for your feet. You don’t have to stay in your heels as you dance the night away. Slip on one of these flip-flops with your name and give as a gift to your bridesmaids with their names on each pair.  

            12. Geo Prism Tote Bag 

            The modern bridesmaid deserves to have this beautiful tote bag. The geometric pattern design is bold yet neutralized by the black and white colors used making it a timeless piece for the sophisticated bridesmaid. The large sized bag has soft rope handles and a metal snap. Customize it with a monogram and choose your bridesmaid's favorite color to make it extra special. You can't go wrong with a handy tote bag!


            Ariel would definitely approve of this gem of the sea and add it to her collection of whosits and whatzits—and so will your bridesmaids! The classic 18” stainless steel chain holds a flawless freshwater pearl and a 9.2mm stainless steel circle charm. Engrave the circle charm with each of your bridesmaids’ initials. These timeless necklaces are the perfect accessory to gift your girls as a thank you the day of the wedding, during a beachy bachelorette vacation destination, or as a cherished gift to your mother and your future mother-in-law. All necklaces are sweetly packaged in individual white gift boxes so you can remind your girls that they are the true jewels of the sea.

            10. Faux Leather Tote Bag 

            This Don’t Make Me Blush tote bag goes with any outfit your bridesmaid decides to put on. Its color blocked with sturdy handles and closes with a snap metal. Your girls can carry their bridesmaid bags while doing her errands for your wedding. She can even use it at work or when traveling.

            9. Personalized Porcelain


            These customizable mugs feature a personalized caricature of your bridesmaids including their names, their role and the date of your wedding. Place it in a gift basket and combine this gift with fresh coffee grounds or her favorite tea. Your bridesmaids will surely love this one of a kind gift.

            8. Initial in my Heart  

            Your Bridal party will adore the simple elegance of this beautifully crafted heart pendant, featuring a floating initial in the center. This is one thank you gift that will definitely be treasured for life.

            7. Hanger Bangers

            Your bridesmaids won’t be using just about any hanger on your wedding day. Let them display their bridesmaid dresses on this custom bridesmaid dress hanger. These hangers have carved notches that prevent their dresses from slipping, have a curved shape and a modern hook style that makes it look even more elegant.

            6. Pink Ladies 

            Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them with this engraved pink flask and accompanied pink shot glasses.  The flask can feature her name, wedding title, and special date.  The personalized touch creates a permanent finish that will last forever, making this a great gift that will serve as a memory or your big dar for years to come. 

            5. Pajama Gift Set 


            Make your bridesmaids feel extra pampered by giving them this bridesmaid pajama set. Made from satin charmeuse, it has a silky-soft feel on the skin. It is definitely the perfect combination of style and comfort. Classy and yet has a comfy fit, it simply is the perfect lounge wear for your bridesmaids!

            4. Stuck on You 


            Looking for that eco-friendly yet functional gift for your bridesmaids? This burlap tote bag is the gift you’ve been looking for. Stylish, practical, earthy and spacious, your bridesmaids will really be making use of this gift to hold wedding essentials. You can even have it customized with their name to make it extra special.  

            3. Radiant Stemless Flute 

            It’s your big day and you’re surrounded by all the women you care about most. What better time to toast your appreciation and to do it in style!!  Add some extra sparkle and sophistication with these Radiant Stemless flutes.  Classy, stable, and easy ­grip design that is just perfect for toasts of all occasions.  


            This set proves that your dreams can be shining, shimmering and splendid! Packed with a soft cotton bridal robe that has a trim lace and can be personalized with your initials; an engraved champagne glass flute and a heart pendant necklace, this Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set is indeed a collection of treat wrapped in a named box sealed with a ribbon.

            1. Dream Chasers Gift Set 

            Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

            A gift box full of her favorite goodies will definitely be the ideal gift for your bridesmaids. Let that have a big check on her wish list as she receives this Dream Chaser Gift Set from you. Your bridesmaids are the behind-the-scenes stars of your wedding. Treat them with something special when you ask them to be your bridesmaids. The box has a magnetic closure and comes with a black matching ribbon. 4 x sticky corners per box with easy-peel release paper coverings for easy assembly. This proposal box can be filled with goodies that she’ll use over and over again after the big day! 

            If you’re still wondering where to get bridesmaid gifts check out the link below for hundreds of more affordable gift ideas that you can have personalized and shipped directly to your door.

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