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    20 Fantastic Gifts for your Maid Of Honor

    Ever wonder why the bride’s best friend or sister is usually the number one choice when it comes to the “Maid of Honor” title? Well, it’s because the job description it entails can be very challenging and only the one with the deepest emotional connection to the bride can withstand such atrocities and still manage to stand by her side during the actual wedding. MOH’s are usually the assistant of the bride during, before and even after the wedding itself. However, there are lots of women who will vie for the most coveted role that’s why being chosen as one is considered an honor too. To ensure a “Yes” from one of your beloved gals to be your MOH, we’ve ranked these gift suggestions for you:

    20. Scent of Honor

    Candles never really go out of season. Whether your gal wants to set a mood, illuminate the room or simply smell an aromatic scent, lighting a scented candle is always the way to go. Give this to your Maid of Honor and light it on your bridal shower party. See how the lasting flame ensembles your friendship. It comes with different scents perfect for your wedding theme too.

    19. Maid of Honor Make-up Mirror

    A girl can never have too many mirrors in her life and it’s a bag must-have for any woman who wears make-up and gets out often. This set offers a package of deals. It has 1 champagne mirror for the bride, 1 for the Maid of Honor and 6 for Bridesmaids plus 8 gift bags for all.

    18. Cooler Sleeve Set

    Gifts make your friendship warm and this one keeps your canned drinks cool. This awesome cooler sleeve set comes in two: one for “Maid of Honor” and the other for “Best Man”. Buying this gift will literally be hitting two birds with one stone. One purchase, two “Yes-es”

    17. Maid of Honor Beach Hat


    Is your wedding going to be on a beach or somewhere sunny? Let your “Maid of Honor” literally wear the pride of being there by your side with this floppy, adjustable and embroidered beach hat. Everybody knows you are the bride, but with this hat, they will know who your best gal is, in one hot look.

    16. Round About Gorgeous

    A  towel made especially for your “Maid of Honor” and your bride tribe?! Now that is unique and exciting! This round microfiber polyester towel may be personalized so that your squad will all look sleek and dry in a pool or a beach.

    15. Pretty in Rose Gold

    If she’s drinking water, this is super cool. If she’ll be drinking liquor, then you might want to know exactly what it will be, right? Give her this transparent tumbler with rose gold lid and add her initial to the body. Now she will have no choice but to take accountability for what she drinks.

    14. Stuck on You Tote

    Every girl has carried a bag once in her life, so this gift is a safe and functional at the same time, not to mention, stylish. You may personalize it with the name of the woman you are proposing to, to be your “Maid of Honor”

    13. Coffee Mug Gag Gift

    You want your Maid of Honor to remember you and her role on your wedding, every time she drinks coffee? Oh, and you want her to laugh too? Then this gag mug is perfect. Customize the design and message if you want to.

    12. The One Where You're my Maid of Honor

    Whether your sis is a wine lover or simply a hydration fanatic, this wine glass says what you want to say in one gift. It has 17 ounces fluid capacity and has witty wordings that resemble that of “Friends’” lettering.

    11. We're with the Bride Tank Top

    You are asking your best friend or sister to be in your bride squad? Give one personalized tank top to her and add “sexy” to the list of her qualifications as your “Maid of Honor”. It comes in Black, white and navy blue. Sizes are from Small to 2XL.

    10. Maid of Honor Artisan Painted Wine Glass

    This wine glass sure says “I want to celebrate my upcoming wedding with you, so let’s drink together in style, here is your glass, and I’ll have mine”. When she makes a toast on your wedding day, this elegantly crafted wine glass will come in handy.

    9. Wedding Socks

    Talk about a cool gift that warms the feet, I mean the heart. This 80% cotton sock fits sizes from 7-11 and reads “The Bride”, “Maid of Honor” or “Bridesmaid”. No one will confuse your roles even when your feet are not on the ground.

    8. Pop & Fizz

    Well if your gal drinks like a pal or she simply loves parties and drinks, this gift set is for her. Give it earlier so you can all use it for the Bridal Shower.

    7. Maid of Honor Initial Bracelet

    This bracelet is as versatile as the one you will be giving it too. It comes in different colors to match your wedding theme or the personality of your “Maid of Honor”. Not to mention her initial may be hanging in this jewelry you hand-picked for her.

    6. Maid Of Honor Necklace

    She can wear this gorgeous necklace during your wedding day and when asked where she got it, the honor of saying “it’s from the bride” will overflow gratitude and sweetness. This necklace comes with a 0.5 cm pearl pendant with chain that can be either gold or silver.

    5. Maid of Honor Gift Box

    One can never go wrong with a Lavender scent. This gift boxcontains Lavender scented spa products, a box that says your heart felt message in one look, and a wooden heart that can be kept by your “Maid of Honor” since you are giving away yours on your wedding day.

    4. The Sugar Gift Box

    You are sweet, so should your gesture of asking be. Give this set of floral robe and glossy tumbler to your vibrant and amazing sister. Ask her to be your “Maid of Honor and get a “Yes” as sweet as you.

    3. Bella Gift Set

    Your sister or best friend is a total package right? She deserves the same gift from you. This set includes a heart pendant bracelet, a necklace, a stemless wine glass, a champagne flute that can be customized and a robe in detailed trim lace that can be personalized as well.

    2. Better With You

    Is your gal a spa enthusiast like you? Then set her mood to say “yes” and stand with you as you say “I do” by giving her this gift set. It contains all the spa essentials any girl-friend could ask for. Plus products are all natural. What a treat!

    1. Luxury Gift Box

    Your “Maid of Honor” deserves a gift that transforms her into a royalty in a snap. This is luxury gift box contains a wine cup, a champagne glass, a heart necklace, a wine label that fits various bottles, and a robe that can be personalized on your heart’s desire. Choose the color of the box based on your theme too!