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    17 Best Gifts For The Father Of The Bride

    To the man who has watched and joined you in your walk in life, you will always be that little girl who clamors for his hand and guidance. Most fathers never get over the fact that the bride, their daughter, will always be their princess. So as he takes one of the most amazing walks he could ever do with you, in the aisle, to give you a way to the man of your dreams, give your Dad a gift that will honor him and remind him that he is not losing a daughter but gaining a son. Whether the gift comes from you or your spouse-to-be, here are the 17 Best Gifts For The Father Of The Bride.

    17. Forever His Little Girl


    You will walk down the aisle with you with all the pent-up emotions and the minute you say I do, tears will fall in one call. So catch those precious drops with this Forever His Little Girl handkerchief and you will not only make him keep his macho image, you know, by hiding the tears, but also you will have given him a precious gift. It is a 17” square and soft handkerchief that can be personalized depending on the message of preference. 

    16. Father of the Bride Necktie


    On your wedding day, your dad will surely want to look dapper and a tie is most likely in the outfit schedule. Take his grooming to the next level by giving him this Father of the Bride Necktie. It will have a hand-stitched love note and a photo of you and your first love- your Dad. In front, your dad will look like he is just wearing a regular tie, but both of you know the sentimentality of the message underneath as you both walk down the aisle.

    15. Daddy’s Girl Picture Frame


    After your wedding, you will probably be moving out of your house and your parents will see less of you. To lessen the missing of your face part and to highlight the reason why you are out of the house, give your Dad this Daddy’s Girl Picture Frame. It can be hung on a wall or placed upright with a folding stand allowing it to be displayed on a desk, stand, shelf, or any other flat surface. This picture frame has a vegan leather finish.

    14. Father of the Bride Cuff Links


    Add small loving detail to your dad’s attire on your wedding day with this Father of the Bride Cuff Links. Each is printed with “I love you” and “Always and Forever”. Plus there will be a card that will say your heartfelt message and add to the loveliness of your gift. Choose your box color from black, white, kraft, teal, gold, and silver. Also, align your theme to the color of the ribbon that the box will come wrapped with.

    13. Coffee and Espresso Machine


    You will now be making coffee for the man of your dreams but the first love of your life must not be left making his own coffee. Give your Dad this Coffee and Espresso Machine and he will be making a barista grade brewed single serve coffee or espresso cups at the touch of a single button. It includes 40 oz. water removable water tank for no hassle refilling. The fast heat-up time which is 15 seconds will make your slightly impatient Dad have his morning coffee in a jiffy. 

    12. Father Of The Bride Engraved Wooden Watch


    Time may have flown by so fast but this Father Of The Bride Engraved Wooden Watch will always be a reminder that your time together will always be precious and yours to keep. Made of natural wood and leather, this analog watch can be engraved with a personal message hidden on the back. Now as he looks at it on your wedding day and the days to come, he will always remember you and that you will always have time for him. 

    11. Moloa Slipper


    A father’s tired feet can cause a grumpy disposition. Let him feel your love with this Moloa Slipper that embraces his stressed feet and gives him rest. It has hand-sewn moccasin stitching on the toe and heel and a shearling lining for warmth and comfort. Also, it has a dual-density molded foam footbed and gel insert for support with a wool blend cover for comfort and an on-marking gum rubber outsole with a buffed finish. 

    10. Father of The Bride Wine Glass


    Make him toast with pride on your wedding day with this Father of The Bride Wine Glass. It is a classic style wine glass that can be engraved with the most prideful title on your wedding “Father of the Bride”. He can proudly carry it as he walks around and greet the guests and since it can hold up to  11 oz of drink, a refill may not be much of a necessity. Plus he can have his own private party at home after the event.

    9. Father of the Bride Gift Set


    For a Dad who will give the world to you since you were a kid, this Father of the Bride Gift Set is a fitting gift. It is a black gift box with crinkle paper, a microwave, and a dishwasher-safe coffee mug that is printed with “Father of the Bride” Text, socks with a tag that says special socks for a special walk and a card with a black envelop. Write your heartfelt message on the card and this box will be grand.

    8. Father of the Bride Poem Custom Photo Canvas Print


    If you cannot say in a letter, say it in a poem. Add your most memorable image with him and this Father of the Bride Poem Custom Photo Canvas Print will be the outcome. You may choose from 12” x 18”, 16” x 24”, and 20” x 30” sizes of the gift. Your Dad can display it in the room or living room and read the poem you wrote or your favorite poem written in the frame. After all, you will always be his little girl and he can never get enough of you.

    7. Father of the Bride Engraved Knife


    His life’s mission is to protect you since day 1. Now that you are getting married, that task is somehow shared with your husband to be. Let him keep that task and be able to defend himself too, in style, with this Father of the Bride Engraved Knife.  It is a handy pocket knife with a folding blade and wooden handle. There is a clip on the back of the knife, which allows this knife to be attached to a pocket. Engrave it with a touching message of choice.

    6. King Dopp

    For a Dad who loves to travel and keep his things organized, this King Dopp will really be a fitting gift to the king in your life, until you met your Prince. The male equivalent of a cosmetic pouch, its canvas material is lightweight and durable, and easy to pack neatly into any luggage. Turn it into a more memorable Dopp kit by personalizing it with monogrammed initials or names. Every time he opens it, he will remember that his princess ensured his stuff will be organized.

    5. Smart speaker with Alexa


    Give your Dad or soon-to-be Father-in-law a taste of the future with this Smart speaker with Alexa. It is an Echo Dot that is a cute little version of the original with all the same features. Tech gifts don’t get better than a virtual personal assistant and powerful speaker all in one. So even after you get married, he can still get the assistance he so deserves while being aware of the latest technology.

    4. What I Love about Dad Fill in the Love® Book


    A testament to why your Dad is your first love and the best of all the men until your groom-to-be came along, this What I Love about Dad Fill in the Love® Book will be a heartwarming gift that will ignite tears anytime. Complete each line and you will have given your father a memorable present. It has a hardcover with a removable clear plastic jacket and contains 112 pages. Splurge in writing your heart out for a man who loves you for so many reasons as well.

    3. GPS Running Watch



    For your fitness junkie Dad, there’s nothing more thoughtful than getting him a tech gift made for running. This GPS Running Watch will help him keep track of his run and all the other essential details from his workout. It also estimates heart rate at the wrist, all day and night, using Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology. Plus it automatically uploads his data to Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community where he can join challenges, receive insights and share his progress as he meets his goals.

    2. Custom Antic Leather Cable Organizer & Passport Holder


    While it is true that giving gifts to the Father of the Bride may be challenging, it need not be always on the nose. This Custom Antic Leather Cable Organizer & Passport Holder is the best gift for a dad with tons of gadgets and gizmos who likes to stay organized. It is handmade from 100% Antic Leather that naturally ages over time to acquire a beautiful patina. It comes in three colors Black, Brown, and Purple. Plus, it can be personalized. 

    1. Twist and Shoot


    Hit the nail on the head with this Twist and Shoot gift for the Father of the Bride. This customizable black flask for dad from daughter will be the perfect thing for him to carry in his pocket on your wedding day and on other days when drinking is a part of the event. It can hold 6 oz of his favorite beverage and can be personalized with his name, his title “Father of the Bride” and the date of your wedding.