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    Forever His Little Girl

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    There is a reason why the “Father and Daughter Dance” is one of the most tear-jerking parts of a wedding reception. It highlights the love of a father to his daughter as he takes courage in giving her away in marriage to a man who will never measure up to his expectations. For a dad, no man ever will. But apart from the glaring love of her father, the daughter dances with him as a sign of gratitude and assurance that he will always be her first love.

    This First Man I loved Personalized Wedding Men’s Handkerchief is one of the most appropriate and nice gifts a bride can give her father. Not only does it serve as evidence that he is the first man his daughter loved, but also it will prepare him for the crying moments that will happen. It is a 17” square and soft handkerchief that can be personalized depending on the message of preference.

    Product Details:

    • Handkerchiefs are 17"
    • Square and soft to the touch
    • Machine Washable
    • Includes FREE Personalization