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    13 Best Bridal Robes of 2022

    The bride is the center of attention at her wedding and everyone waits in anticipation as she comes out fully made up wearing her bridal gown. However, behind closed doors is a woman getting ready for such a big “look” reveal. As she and her bridal party prepares, there is nothing more comfortable and elegant than a beautiful bridal robe. The kind that will allow her to move with ease while she is being dolled up and can easily be taken off without interfering or ruining her hair and make-up. Such is a cover-up called a “robe”. However, over the years, robes evolved into different looks, materials, colors, and even designs. Brides out there, put your minds at ease because here are the 13 Best Bridal Robes of 2022 that will help you pick your best getting-ready but a picture-worthy robe.

    13. Twirl in Style 


    Preparing for your big day can be a bit stressful and exhausting. While marrying the love of your life makes it all worth it, looking good even before you walk down the aisle is a requirement as much as feeling comfortable. Hence, you deserve a robe that will allow you and your bridesmaids to Twirl in Style . Measuring 36” long, with 21” chest width (shoulder to shoulder, this cover-up will fit ladies up to size 14. It shall provide style and relaxation as well as the pampering you deserve as you rest and let loose before your special day. Plus the back part may be printed with your name or just the word “bride”, you know for a little extra show-off.

    12. Garden Party Robes 


    While the entire venue, peripherals, guests' outfit, and entourage is aligned with your wedding theme, you and your outfit will still be the most anticipated during that day. Sure, you cannot wear your wedding dress just yet, but that does not mean you cannot treat the eyes of your ladies the night before or as you get ready for the day. Garden Party Robes are the perfect cover-up or getting-ready outfit for your garden or floral-themed wedding. With the soft touch of a warm spring or summer morning embodied in the pattern, you can pick the background color that is most flattering for you and each of your bridesmaids or make them all match while you take the most unique one, after all, you are the center of all the attention.

    11. Retro Bride & Babe Robe 


    There is nothing wrong with going back in time and adapting styles that transcend through generation, even if it is for your robe. Retro Bride & Babe Robe is a pretty lace cover-up with a cute retro design and comes with a matching belt for the outside. It has an elegant and detailed lace trimming and is soft to touch as it uses cotton material aside from the lace. You and your ladies may choose colors from White, Blush, Black, Mint to Grey. If you are the bride, choose the one that says “bride” on the back, but if you also want your ladies to have the same comfort and style, pick the one that says “babe” for them.

    10. Velvet Wedding Robe


    Wrap yourself in the luxury and love that you deserve and grab yourself a Velvet Wedding Robe as you prepare for your special day. It is made with the finest velvet fabric that feels buttery soft against your skin with just the right amount of stretch. The sleeves and hem feature a crochet lace trim that has been hand-dyed to match the velvet fabric. Then it is finished with an inner tie and an outer sash, to make this “one size fits most” robe work on a variety of body types. Plus it is available in Rose, Mauve, Dusty Blue, Burnt Orange, White, Berry Purple, Emerald Green, and Light Blue so you may match your wedding palette.

    9. Jersey Robe


    If you are the fun but slightly conservative type of bride, then this Jersey Robe is for you. It is the perfect getting ready outfit that will hug your body and show your legs while leaving more to the imagination, of your husband to be of course! The length is not too short to make you uncomfortable as you sit and conscious as you move but is also not too long to render your leg shaving useless. Made from a premium weight cotton jersey with just the right amount of stretch, this robe is the epitome of comfort. It also includes both internal and detachable outer waist ties.

    8. Pure Silk Kimono Robe with Feather


    Unleash the inner Queen in you and treat yourself to a royally comfortable and intricately fashionable Pure Silk Kimono Robe with Feather. Equipped with bracelet sleeves, this  88 cm/34.5 inches long classic kimono is crafted from high-quality pure silk in a natural white color with a feather. It has a relaxed silhouette and wide sleeves that provide true comfort and is attached with a silk belt. This robe will come beautifully packaged in tissue paper with ribbon in case you want your ladies to have the same exquisite comfort as you will experience in this piece.

    7. Washable Silk Robe


    More than being the most comfortable outfit for your dream night- binge-watching movies and series, wine drinking, and going to bed early, this Washable Silk Robe is also a fitting attire as you get ready on your wedding day. It’s versatile, washable, and sure to be the most low-maintenance and convenient part of your day. Worry not about your theme because this beauty is available in 5 main colors: Otium Tan, Tranquil White, Meditative Grey, Deep Blue, and Immersed Black. Plus it has limited edition color offerings too: Enamored Pink, Serene Pink, Fancy Burgundy, and Cumulus blue.

    6. Femme Robe Long


    Long yet sultry, this Femme Robe Long features a stunning feminine silhouette that will surely make your wedding day prep all the more enjoyable. It may be worn the night before your big day too, as you unwind and shake the stress of all the wedding preparations away. Crafted with intricate details, this robe may also be the classing and graceful getting-ready attire of your ladies. It features an optional and delicate double dash with luxe pearl and gold hardware for that extremely regal and ladylike feel. Be covered and sexy, and make your figure more of a mystery.

    5. Chiffon Satin Ruffle Robe


    Who says chiffon should be limited to bridal gowns and entourage dresses? This Chiffon Satin Ruffle Robe offers the material in a comfortable twist. Get ready to walk down the aisle in a breathable and smooth robe that drapes better on the body because of its materials. Available colors are Pale Blush, Pure White, Midnight Black, Laurel Green, Aqua Mist, Ocean Navy, Wild Rose, and Light Mulberry. Wearing this will feel like being embraced by the unbelievable softness of matt satin that even your bridesmaids will enjoy it. The romantic flounce edge is both elegant and flirty, which is probably what you want your robe to be.

    4. Beach Bride Robe


    Ready the bathing suit and the sunblock, your beach wedding is about to happen but you cannot be caught in your birthday suit before that right? This Beach Bride Robe is exactly what you need as you prepare for your wedding day. Let your hair dry and your make-up settle wearing this and the camera will never get a bad candid image of you. Made with Cotton Rayon and Gold foil, this pretty light robe is crafted with palm leaf print and may be monogrammed with your choice of name or role, such as “Bride”. Plus it comes with a matching belt outside.

    3. Boho Babes 


    Put on your inner garments and be ready to wear this Boho Babes robe that will not only look great in your bridesmaids but will look perfect in you too. It is the perfect wardrobe for the start of the wedding, that is you. This robe is beautifully embellished with tassels on the end of the sleeves for that added Bohemian visuals. Made from 100% Cotton Rayon, it will make your getting-ready images look staged as your snapshots will be stunning. How can it not? A bridal robe like this can already be a boho outfit if one may dare. Get one for your ladies too, so you may all enjoy the beach or pool after, in a nice and dainty cover-up.

    2. Gorgeous Satin 


    There is always something appealing in any wear made of a Gorgeous Satin. This robe will make the ceremony prep documentation a feast in the eyes as its visuals are gorgeous, not to mention its comfortable feel. No bride will turn bridezilla wearing something as relaxing and cool as this cover-up. Even after your big day, this piece made of Soft Polyester Satin will still be a staple stay-in attire you may wear with ease. Measuring 37” long, it can fit women up to size 14 and can fit plus size ladies up to 18.

    1. Lace it Up


    The minute that the same day edit videos got popular, brides to be made it appoint that their getting ready outfits will be camera ready. But even before all the modernity, women who are preparing for their big day have managed to wear a stunning robe and Lace it Up. Made with White Lace, 96% Viscose, and 4% Spandex, this robe is beautifully made to make the bride wear a white and lacy piece even before putting on her wedding dress. Now her radiance will be seen and highlighted even as her photos are taken during preparation.