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    Boho Babes

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    Ready the make-ups and flash those smiles, the bride squad will be out to pose with the bride. These Boho Robes are the best wardrobe for the wedding pictorial with the star of the wedding. Keep the ladies cute and comfy with these sleek cover-ups that have a boho pattern and comes in mauve and beige color with a matching belt for the outside.

    This robe is beautifully embellished with tassels on the end of the sleeves for that added Bohemian visuals. Made from 100% Cotton Rayon, this garment is precious and delicate, so it must be delicately washed, hang dry, and unbleached. If it is going to be ironed or steamed, it must be in low heat only to protect and preserve the beauty of this gift.

    Product Details:

    • Fabric: 100% Cotton Rayon
    • Size: One size fits most 0-14
    • Length: 37"
    • Chest Width (Shoulder to Shoulder): 26"
    • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Delicate cycle wash, hang dry, do not bleach - iron/steam on low heat only.