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    12 Boho Chic Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

    For an unconventionally prepared and artistically planned wedding, your Bridesmaids Gifts must also come as a beautiful surprise. These gifts should be beautiful, functional, and most of all valuable enough to remind them how much you value them in your life. Since a lot can be found on the net and in the market, here is a list of 12 Greatest Bridesmaid Boho Gifts to help you streamline what Boho-inspired presents you may give your bride squad. 

    12. Boho Babes

    Let your bridal babes prepare in style on the day of your wedding wearing this Boho Babes. These robes are beautifully embellished with tassels on the end of the sleeves for that added Bohemian visuals. Made from 100% Cotton Rayon, this garment is precious and delicate, so it must be delicately washed, hang dry, and unbleached. It may also be a pictorial outfit with the star of the wedding as it highlights the beauty of the bridesmaids. Keep the ladies cute and comfy with these sleek cover-ups that have a boho pattern and comes in mauve and beige color with a matching belt for the outside.

    11. Boho Bridal Candles

    The whole venue of your wedding may be lighted with these Boho Bridal Candles and your ladies can bring it home as a reminder of how majestic your wedding was. These candle tins have floral scents and are labeled with beautiful metallic foils that may be printed with Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Flower Girl, or Bride tribe. Not only are these candles Boho-themed, but also they are very useful in the location and the homes of the recipients. Simple lighting of candles can do so much in setting up a relaxing mood.

    10. Personalized Macrame Keychain

    If simplicity with effort is your goal for a gift to your bride tribe, then this Personalized Macrame Keychain will do exactly that. Handmade, eco-friendly, and unique, these key chains may seem to only serve the purpose of adding style and beauty to your collection of unlocking steels, but they can also be an embellishment to a tote or a purse and a sweet trendy reminder of how beautiful your relationship is with your bride squad. Choose the color of the braided part, the keychain clips, and then add the names you want for a more personalized gift-giving.

    9. Crochet Tote Bag

    Let those ladies walk in style on a beach or hallways carrying this Crochet Tote Bag. Handmade, these round macrame bags are perfect for your ladies who might be needing to carry a few essentials during your wedding day. Of course, they cannot carry a large tote but a dainty piece of Boho gift such as this bag will add more class to the outfit and overall look of your bride tribe.  As a bonus, this bag can be used not only on the beach or during weddings but also as a daily bag. After all, your bride tribe should always stand out even outside the wedding venue. 

    8. Boho Makeup Bag

    A cosmetic bag that doubles as a clutch such as this Boho Makeup Bag is a much wanted and sought-after piece. It is stylishly beautiful and functional than carrying it on any occasion will be a delight. This beautiful boho, Aztec design is made with a soft, tapestry-inspired fabric, a cotton lining, and features a fun & functional tassel attached to the zipper. The intricacy of its features is nicely shown in how it was sewn with care and attention to detail, including reinforced stitching. Your bridal babes can put their touch-up essentials in this bag and put it in another tote or carry it as it is.

    7. Boho Feather Ring

    You are already wearing an engagement ring and you will soon be wearing another one that represents your union with your husband. Your ladies deserve a ring that symbolizes the fashion and your beautiful relationship aligned with the Boho theme. They will appreciate receiving this Boho Feather Ring that is made of 925 Sterling Silver. It is adjustable to fit ring finger sizes 6 to 9. This jewelry is nickel-free and tarnish-resistant. It causes no allergic reaction so it is safe even to the most sensitive skin of your bride squad. It is styled in Boho and Hippie so if you are looking for a Boho gift, you just landed a great one.

    6. Boho Grunge

    Perhaps by now, all your bride tribe knows that you are a unique person with unconventional tastes. So for your ladies who will prepare with you on your wedding day, let this Boho Grunge be their getting ready outfit. They will seemingly be wearing the same shirts but are not as these bleached and distressed flannels are made uniquely from each other, just like your bridal babes. These sun-bleached shirts are perfect for pictorials as you all get ready to wear your dresses. The buttons in front allow for easy wear-on and off as you change attires. The sizes available are from small to 3XL.

    5. Boho Plant Print Pajamas

    These Boho Plant Print Pajamas are warm-colored and artistic pajama set with plant and floral print, cottage core style, and V-neck design.  It is perfect for the sleepover after your bridal shower or your ladies may wear it during the party and go straight to bed in comfort and style.  The fabric of this pajama set is extremely soft, silky, comfortable, and breathable to sleep in. It is. In fact an amazing homestay outfit. Great for spring, autumn, or cold winter nights,  this versatile sleepwear can make anybody feel stylish and cute while offering amazing comfort. Available sizes are small to large.

    4. Bohemian Straw Handbag

    Your bridesmaids will love this Bohemian Straw Handbag that is a straw basket handwoven in the souks of Morocco, from a palm leaf. An intricately made bag with a touch of your love for your ladies is something that any bride tribe member will appreciate. Measuring approximately 29 x 18 x 11 cm - 11.4 x 7 x 4.3 inches", these bags are natural & reusable & Eco friendly that can last for a long time so you can use them even after your wedding it can be used for decoration or as a small candy bag for your future children. Your ladies may use them after the wedding and bring them into parks, galleries, quick lunch dates, or even for errands. After all, being stylish and carrying a gorgeous bag such as this has no perfect timing, but always. 

    3. Triangle Macrame Earrings

    A Boho gift and a great accessory, a great combination that defines these Triangle Macrame Earrings. Your ladies will be delighted to wear this on your wedding day and bring it home to use for a future stylish walk in the mall or park. These bohemian-style macrame earrings are made to order with 100% recycled natural cotton cord. They are perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or dressed down. Made of cotton, these adorable earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Available cord colors are White, Natural, Steel, Black, Eucalyptus Green, Avocado, Laurel, Peacock Blue, Terracotta, Wild Rose, Mustard, Blush. You can even choose the metal finish of the brass triangle. Pick from Gold, Silver, or Bronze, and be on your way to accessorizing your bridal babes in trendy earpieces.

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    2. Festival Shawl

    The astonishingly beautiful Audrey Hepburn once said " When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman", and for some reason, up to this day, women believe this to be true. A fine scarf definitely brings out more ravishing confidence in women that smokes out more beauty out of them. Your bridal babes deserve to feel that way on the day that you are the most beautiful woman in the room. Share your confidence by giving them this Festival Shawl. Made of Polyester, this large watercolor-looking colored shawl/scarf/wrap feels like a soft cotton ball as it is very lightweight and airy. The color combination is stunning and is a great addition to a Boho-inspired outfit.

    1. Bottled Wildflower Necklace

    Capture the beauty of nature in a bottle and wear it on your neck. Now that thing used to be impossible until you see and wear this Bottled Wildflower Necklace. These simple little vial necklaces are so precious and they go with just about anything and make you feel amazing and pretty. Each one is a powerful meditation piece that can bring a smile to anyone throughout their busy day. This accessory can serve as a reminder to stop and "smell the roses" and appreciate the simple beauty in the world and life. Your bride tribe will not only be receiving a pretty gift but also a life lesson then can pass down to the next generation. Each necklace is carefully created so that each piece is unique. They come hanging on a chain of your choice: stainless steel, 14k gold plated, copper or bronze. They feature a variety of dried wildflowers and moss that have all been carefully broken up and placed into various styles of shaped glass vials.