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    Weekend Custom Tote

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    Before you and your ladies travel to your weekend wedding destination, hand them over a Weekend Custom Canvas Tote Bag during your bridal shower or maybe even as you propose to them. This way, they know that they will have a space for all the arsenals they will use in ensuring your special day plans will be executed accordingly. Not to mention you are giving them a gift they can use after the glamorous event.

    Made in 100% cotton weighing only 6 oz., this canvas bag is relatively lightweight and can carry more than it can show as the tote does not add to the upcoming gravitationally pulling tools and accessories they are yet to put. Let them stroll the beach, the hotel, and even the aisle with something you gave them and remind them that they are stylish in their own rights.

    Product Details:

    • Materials: 100% Cotton
    • Size: 14.5"W x 16"H
    • Weight: 6 oz.