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    Masked Maids

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    Days before the wedding, the bride is not the only one losing sleep over all the numerous preparations that need to be taken care of. The women who promised to be there as you walk down the aisle are also short of slumber as they cover all bases to ensure that you will have a flawless wedding. Since efforts accompanied by dedication and love are not something you can repay, might as well compensate for their hard work by giving them a small token that will help enhance their sleeping habits and energize them the day after.

    This personalized sleep mask is not just a dainty bridesmaids’ gift during your bridal shower but also an aid to make them shut off all lights around them as they try to rest. Since it can be customized with their names, it can be a reminder that before they go to bed, their bride-to-be friend will always take care of them.

    Product Details:

    • Maximum Character for Personalization: 16 including spaces