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    3 Charming Wedding Photography Trends To Follow In 2022

    3 Charming Wedding Photography Trends To Follow In 2022


    A wedding is a very special day, and one that you want to make sure you can remember forever. It is often the happiest day of a person’s life, and is the start of you and your husband or wife’s future together. One of the best ways to make sure the big day is never forgotten is by taking plenty of photos and videos to commemorate. This ensures that even decades down the line, you will be able to remember this day like it was yesterday.

    A wedding photographer or videographer is a very important part of any wedding, as you want to put your trust in a professional to make sure your day is captured just the way you want it. While finding  your wedding photographer is a crucial part of the process, so is familiarizing yourself with the trends in the industry.

    These can help ensure you get the right photos, in a way that you can be happy with. With that in mind, this article is going to cover a couple of charming and great wedding photography trends to follow in 2022.

    Using Drones


    One of the biggest trends in wedding photography is the use of drones. Drones allow for photographers to capture pictures from angles never once deemed possible. They are great for getting a shot of the entire venue, or a large collection of guests that would be hard to capture with a standard photo.

    You can get some truly stunning photos from drones, and give viewers a look at the entire event from over. Of course, before you considerusing a drone for your wedding photography, ensure you have someone who can fly it well. Also, drone flying isn’t allowed anywhere, so do your homework and make sure you are legally allowed to do it at your wedding.

    Photo Shoots Before the Wedding

    While capturing photos of the wedding is very important, that isn’t the only time where pictures should be taken. There are many other situations and scenarios where photos should be captured before the wedding takes place.

    For example, taking engagement photos is something many couples do, and many today even try and get the proposal on camera. There are also manyfirst look photography ideas that can create some gorgeous and emotional photos that will be remembered forever. Taking photos and videos throughout the many stages of wedding planning is also a good idea, and you will often be glad that these times were documented.

    Also, day-after photos are also becoming more and more popular, and are certainly an option to consider. All in all, experimenting with photos taken away from the wedding reception or dinner is a trend that we see becoming more and more common.

    Paying More Attention to the Decor

    While the bride, groom, and other guests are the stars of the show when it comes to your wedding, they aren’t the only people or things worth getting photos of. A popular trend that we see growing over time is paying more attention to the decor when taking wedding photos.

    Many couples and families put a ton of time into the decor of their wedding, and want to ensure it is shown off and appreciated by all. People often personalize their decor, or make it completely by hand. As a result, wedding photographers should be sure to capture plenty of photos of the decor at a wedding. This ranges from table cloths, to table numbers, to chair covers, signage, and many others.

    In conclusion, these are some of the most charming wedding photography trends to follow in 2022 and beyond.