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    You Found Your Perfect Dress, Now Find Theirs

    You'll always remember that moment. The moment you said yes. That moment when you finally made the commitment you'd been anticipating since you were a little girl. The moment when hopes and dreams and expectations became your perfect, fabulous reality. The moment when you decided on your wedding dress.

    Sure, the "yes" you gave to your husband-to-be while he was down on one knee was important. Your life probably changed more in that moment than it did when you finally decided which white gown you'd wear on your wedding day after having tried on a myriad of lacy gowns. But your wedding dress is still as much of a part of your wedding day as your groom is – it'll be the star of just as many photos, and it'll be something you'll reminisce about for the rest of your life.

    Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

    Sadly, not everyone who needs to don a special dress for a wedding always gets to feel that way. Bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being ugly, unflattering pieces of clothing worn only in devotion to the bride who tyrannically chose them. (Ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? Somehow not one of those dresses was anywhere close to cute.) But there's no reason for your bridesmaids to have to feel that way! Here are 10 amazing bridesmaid trends that will let your 'maids wear dresses that they not only won't hate but might even actually love. Your dress is perfect – theirs should at least come close!

    Long and Elegant

    Long Elegant Bridesmaid Dress

    Nothing is more timeless than an elegant, floor-length dress. To make your bridesmaids really stand out from the rest of the wedding guests, put them in a floor-length dress (like you'll likely be in!). It'll make them look effortlessly formal and – bonus – they won't have to buy new matching shoes! (Unless they want to of course – you can never have too many shoes!)

    Short and Flirty

    Short Flirty Bridesmaid Dress

    Of course, the short and flirty look is also a classic, especially for spring and summer weddings. Putting your bridesmaids in shorter matching dresses is a great way to make your gown really pop in photos. Short dresses also generally require less hemming than floor-length ones.


    Different Shades of Bridesmaid Dresses

    Having all of your bridesmaids wearing the exact same dress in the exact same color in the exact same dress can be a bit predictable. Shake things up a bit by creating an ombré effect – put your 'maids in graded shades of your main wedding color. It'll still look totally cohesive and classy, but it won't be quite as expected. Plus, your bridesmaids will be able to wear their choice of a few different shades!


    Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

    Florals? At a wedding? Groundbreaking. Your all-white gown will definitely stand out against a sea of florals. Plus, choosing to put your bridesmaids in floral dresses can allow you to incorporate more of your wedding colors. The possibilities of floral prints are endless – you can go bold, or very subtle.


    Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

    Why limit yourself to only florals? Consider dressing your bridesmaids up in your favorite print, whether it's polka dots, stripes, gingham – you name it! (Just don't pick all of those together, please!) Prints don't always have to be super busy; as long as the colors are muted and go along with the theme of your wedding, it's definitely possible to do patterned bridesmaid dresses in a tasteful way.

    All white

    All White Bridesmaid Dresses

    There was a time when the thought of ANYONE besides the bride wearing white to a wedding was totally obscene. Those days are over! Dressing your bridesmaids in all white is a great way to set them apart from the rest of the guests. Plus, having an all-white bridal party makes for some great photos and makes any flowers or accessories really pop.


    Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

    Go glitter, go glam! Dress your bridesmaids in sequins, whether it's from head to toe or just with a splash of sparkle. There'll be no question as to who's in the wedding party! They'll feel like a million bucks, just like you will. This is a great option especially if there's sparkle in your wedding dress!


    Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

    Metallics are so now. They're a great way to dress your bridesmaids in neutrals that don't feel at all boring. Bridesmaids dressed in shiny metallics holding white bouquets with lots of greenery – perfection!


    Separate Bridesmaid Dresses

    Skip picking out a bridesmaid's dress altogether - opt for a sleek blouse-and-skirt combo instead! Separates are a great way to incorporate multiple wedding colors, or to dress your bridesmaids in a print without it being too overwhelming. The possibilities are endless with separates!

    Broader Color Scheme

    Color Scheme Bridesmaid Dresses

    Tell your bridesmaids your color scheme and let them find their own dresses. This requires a lot of trust and specificity on your part – make sure you send them swatches of the exact colors you're going for and require that they run any purchases by you first. It won't be quite as clean and orderly of a look, but it'll allow each of your friends to wear dresses they surely feel comfortable and beautiful in as well as express their own personality and style. You can still achieve a cohesive look by making their hair and makeup uniform.

    Your bridesmaids will already treasure the chance they had to be a part of your wedding – but they'll love it even more if they get to feel beautiful and thought of as well. A great way to do that is by asking them what sort of trends they'd prefer or what sort of styles they feel comfortable in. But remember, it's your wedding – take their feelings into consideration, but in the end, you should still choose a look you love that will add to the wedding theme you're going for. They're your friends – they'd wear anything for you on your special day!