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    What Do the Diamonds You Choose For Your Significant Other Mean

    What Do the Diamonds You Choose For Your Significant Other Mean

    Love is a sweet feeling. Experts suggest that love enhances life quality as it increases bladder control in women, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, and boosts the immune system. Indeed love is magical!

    At the thought of love, diamonds come to mind. The minerals represent true and chaste intimacy. If you have been with someone special and wish totake your relationship to the next level, do it in style. 

    While shopping for a ring sounds like the most exciting aspect of an engagement process, it can be the most agonizing for most people. Though a bit pricey,  unique diamond rings are personal, timeless, and every girl's dream. There are no wrong choices when you go for diamonds, but it does not hurt to get the perfect piece. See below the diamonds you choose for your significant other and what they mean. 

    Heart Ring Cut

    Nothing spells love better than a diamond heart-shaped ring. It is the sweetest of all ring cuts, the most endearing piece, and a variation of a brilliant cut. Customizing this ring will get you extra points. If you are dating a fierce princess that takes life challenges head-on, this bold choice on their finger will match her personality. 

    A heart ring cut is not everyday wear, and you will rarely see it regularly. Women inclined towards this style stand out in a crowd. 

    Asscher Cut

    The Asscher cut diamonds appear square-like when viewed from above. However, they have corners that allow more light into the diamond and typically have 50-58 facets. 

    A modern woman who loves antiques is a rare gem, and an Asscher cut will add a sparkle to her life as it has an old-world sophistication. These unique diamond rings have a retro look and step-cut faceting, making them elegant and understated. In the 20s and 30s, the short octagonal cut was the hallmark. It has an Art Deco feel too.

    Radiant Cut

    Though the radiant cut is similar to the emerald cut in shape, they are different in character. Radiant is a dazzler that comes with 70 light-reflecting facets in it. The radiant cut offers impressive fire and brilliance, and the stone is an excellent choice for a lady who does not want a round one. 

    The radiant cut is for an outgoing and bubbly woman that keeps you entertained. Thanks to the brilliant faceting and rectangular shape as it complements anyone who loves flash and sparkle. 

    Marquise Cut

    If you are looking for a ring that is ultimate in elegance, check the marquise cut. A marquise-cut stone is long and narrow pointed, giving it the gentle oval shape that resembles a ship's hull. Well known as the Navette cut, which means "little boat" in French, the marquise cut is a modified brilliant stone that appears more prominent than its actual size. 

    It is an excellent pick for anyone that wants to create an illusion of elongated hands. 

    Pear Cut 

    The Pear Cut blends the Oval and Marquise cuts with a pointed end on one side and round on the other. It is also known as pendeloque or teardrop cut.

    Pear Cut shape mimics a tear of joy and makes the wearer's finger appear longer than usual. This cut is among the least common engagement ring designs and is loved by ladies who love unique things. If your significant other is not afraid to toot their horn, get her a pear cut!

    Oval Cut

    These cuts are steadily growing in popularity. As the name suggests, it comes in an oval shape and is another excellent way to add sparkle to your love life. 

    The oval cut is for the extraordinary woman who is always ahead of trends but loves class and elegance. 

    Round Cut 

    Round cut diamonds have the most sparkle! However, the level of sparkle depends on factors like the diamond cut grade and quality. Besides leading in shine, they are the most expensive as more diamond is cut to facet the piece. 

    The value and popularity of this type relate to its light reflective ability through more facets. A round cut is a good choice if your fiancée is a sophisticated lady with a deep love for the best things in life. 

    Emerald Cut

    Emerald has an elongated shape that exudes refinement and elegance. The step-cut faceting is incredible if your significant other is more on the understated side. 

    If she skews classic with an edge and has a discerning taste, get her an emerald cut!


    As you can see above, there are several sparky shapes whenchoosing diamond engagement rings or general jewelry for your significant other. Any of these pieces will deliver the excellent sparkle to affirm your feelings. Rest assured that whatever your pick, you will get it right.