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    What Do Brides Usually Get Their Bridesmaids?

    With all the preparations for your wedding, it is easy to just decide to buy anything available and budget friendly for your bridesmaids. While there’s really nothing wrong with that, you know for a fact that you really want to let your gift giving speak of how grateful you are to your bridesmaids for all their support and the effort they have put in just to make your wedding day extra special. Searching for gifts online may help but can also leave you a bit overwhelmed because of the many choices available.

    You may be asking yourself as to what kind of gifts are usually given to bridesmaids. There’s also the consideration as to how much you would spend for them. You may also be wondering when will be a good time to hand them your gifts. Read on and let this be your guide on giving gifts for your bridesmaids.  

    What kinds of gift are usually given to bridesmaids?

    Here are some of the most common gifts given to bridesmaids:


    They have been your long-time friends and you have shared your life with them, both the good times and the bad. That solid connection has grown over the years and there’s no better way to share that strong bond than gifting her with jewelry she can wear on your wedding.   

    Check out the Hearts and Kisses Necklace. This hearts and kisses necklace speaks of your love and gratitude no matter where your bridesmaids may be. It is specially engraved to remind you of the special friendship and closeness you share with them. Have them in gold or silver, the “heart you” engraved will look just as great.    

    Not a fan of necklaces? Then go for this stunning Stella Studs or this Charming Pearl Bracelet that will certainly end up as your bridesmaid’s favorite accessory way after your wedding day. What’s more is that these accessories will definitely look great if all your girls get to wear them on your wedding day.  

    Gift Set Option:

    Want something that they can remember you by even after your wedding? Give your bridesmaids this Glitz and Glamour Jewelry Set that comes with a pair of  earrings and a necklace. This is one gift they won’t easily forget!

    Bridal Robes

    There are many robes available online that look so comfy and picture perfect on the bride and her bridesmaids. You won’t be able to resist not having to buy a whole set for your bride tribe.

    Give your bridesmaids this fabulous Rosebella robes as a reward after the long and stressful days of working on your wedding preparations. It will definitely provide the pampering and relaxation they badly need. Choose from a variety of colors, fabric and style. You can even personalize it by having each robe monogrammed. Robes are simply the perfect gift for your bridesmaids especially for the getting ready time on your wedding day.   

    Gift Set Option:

    There are also gift boxes that pair the robe with special items like the following: Posh and Pampered Gift SetShimmer Dreams Gift Box .


    Your bridesmaids have put in a lot of time and resources for your wedding. Showing her how much you appreciate all that by giving her a functional yet stylish gift is simply the way to go. Quench her thirst after a long day of doing errands by giving her this Bridesmaids Need to Hydrate Too water bottle. 

    These tumblers and water bottles simply look Instagram perfect when you gather with your favorite ladies and sip from a uniform tumbler that’s personalized for each of them. These items are stylish, durable and safe. It will definitely be used for a long time. What’s’ even better is that no matter what your wedding theme is, tumblers can easily blend in with a choice of silver, gold, floral and even smoked type.

    Gift Set Option:

    Have a look at these lovely tumblers partnered with gorgeous bridesmaid items like a ceramic ring dish and hair tie - Gold Glamour Gift Set , a baseball cap - Girl on the Go Gift Set  or this mirror and pen - Gold Magic Gift Box.


    Give her a warm thank you hug each time she uses this Perfect Pashmina.  Let it adorn her outfit naturally to keep warm from the sun or from the chilling wind.  Match her pashmina color with the gowns of your bridesmaids and let them wear it on your wedding day.  

    Shawls never grow out of style. Your bridesmaids will truly have that elegant and regal feel each time they get to wear these shawls. You may also choose from the many available colors that will match your wedding motif.

    Gift Set Option:

    Have your shawl paired with this leather journal - Shawl and Leather Journal Gift Set or this mirror - Mirror and Shawl Gift Box. You can also have it come with a bracelet flask, a pen and a notebook - Custom Bracelet Flask, Shawl, Notebook and Pen Women's Gift.


    Let your bridesmaids know that you simply can’t do without them by giving this By My Side Tote. Totes are a woman’s best friend. It’s something she can carry along in a party by the beach, a night out with friends or just to run errands with your bride tribe.  

    This functional gift can easily match with whatever outfit she has and carry all her bridesmaid essentials too. No matter what her lifestyle, there’s always a tote bag that’s perfect for your bridesmaids.

    Choose from a variety of designs too like this My Initial Tote , a Flaura Tote Bag  or this Naturally Chic Tote

    When should you give them?

    Timing is always important when it comes to gift giving. You would like to present your gifts in a way that your bride tribe will genuinely feel your sincere gratitude for all the help and support they have extended for your wedding. You can present your gifts to your wedding party at the rehearsal dinner or on the day of your wedding during brunch or lunch. You may also present them at the time that you are all getting ready together. This is especially practical if your gift is something you would want them to wear during your wedding like jewelry or shawl or shoes may be. A separate meal may also be arranged like a fun bridal lunch or dinner a number of days before your wedding day.

    How much do most brides spend?

    Part of the 2% coming from the over-all wedding budget is allotted for favors and gifts. It covers the spouse gifts, gifts for your maid of honor and best man, gifts for parents, including the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts. The general rule is, specifically for the gift for bridesmaids, you may spend approximately from $75 to $150 per bridesmaid.    

    Your bride tribe has spent a lot of money for your bridal shower and hen night. While it is okay to be mindful of your budget, be practical and look for affordable bridesmaid gifts, don’t forget that you should also be spending appropriately for your bridesmaids. Your gift should be able to communicate just how much you appreciate their time, effort and the resources they have invested on your wedding.