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    15 Vintage Theme Gifts for Your Bridal Party

    A vintage theme may be a common inspiration for a wedding but the paraphernalia and details that are involved are not commonly found and chosen. The couple may align the venue, the dresses, and even the reception set-up but choosing the most fitting gift for your girls on your bridal party that will align with such a theme may be a bit tricky. Here is a list of 15 Vintage Theme Gifts for Your Bridal Party to advance your search and aid you in your choosing.

    15. Crown Jewel-Ry Box


    This Crown Jewel-Ry Box deserves its label as it is crafted in a regal fashion. It is plated with nickel and has a cover that is hinged with a scroll design bordering the cover. An engraved Victorian Era-inspired jewelry box such as this is a stunning vintage-themed gift you may give away at your bridal shower party and you may put in some small treats to add to the delight. The bottom of this box is lined with dark blue flocked cloth to protect the delicate contents inside from being scratched.

    14. Vintage Umbrella

    Vintage Umbrella 

    The days of using a parasol have long been over but to be reminded of such an era will be a nice touch to a bridal shower gift giving. This Vintage Umbrella is made of Polyester and has an aluminum handle. It is double layered so it can be used during rainy and sunny days. The lace decoration of this timeless piece of weather protection makes it more elegant and classic. An umbrella is made to protect its user from the sun or the rain, but this one can be an addition to outfit and memorabilia from a generous bride to her bridesmaids.

    13. Vintage Glitter Floral Match

    With or without embellishment, a match is already one of the oldest and all-time favorite arsenals for many occasions. However, this Vintage Glitter Floral Match pushes its vintage appearance by decorating the box with glitter on top and plastic pink roses. Such visuals are perfect, not only for a vintage-themed wedding and bridal shower party but also for ladies who simply love anything pink and anything that sparkles. This gift works best if it is given along with other essentials that are also vintage-themed.

    12. To The Fair Queen Mirror

    One of the oldest routines of women, especially in the royal family, before they go to sleep is brushing their hair in front of a mirror. But before the existence of human size, steel or copper mirrors, ladies take pride in looking at a wooden handheld reflector. This To The Fair Queen Mirror brings any woman back to that era as it makes them feel a little more regal with every glance. Made from natural wood, your bridesmaids will know that they are the fairest of them all every time they see their reflection in it.

    11. Vintage Style Rhinestone Stud Earring

    Although this Vintage Style Rhinestone Stud Earring  looks like it is designed in a modern era, its visuals and make-up have been appreciated by the previous generations. This simple yet stunning jewelry is crafted from Gold, Silver, and Stainless steel with rhinestone and crystal in the shape of a clover.  It can go well with any outfit, but it will stand out most in a vintage-themed outfit as well. Such a classic gift will be appreciated by your bridesmaids especially if it will be given to them before the wedding.

    10. Monogram Miss Compact

    When the wooden handheld mirror became too bulky for small purses or pockets, this Monogram Miss Compact emerged in history. Girls can keep it under their skirts or even in their pockets if they have one. A glance at how they look before they present themselves was made possible by this handy, image-reflecting tool. Warp to the present, your bridal babes will surely need a retouch after a long day, and they may not have the luxury of carrying a huge tote. Personalize it with a monogram to seal that vintage yet modern touch.

    9. Rustic Milk Glasses

    Gone are the days when a milkman would deliver fresh milk on the doorsteps packed in milk bottles, but the tradition of drinking from such an old-fashioned container need not be forgotten. This Rustic Milk Glasses will give your bridesmaids a vintage and rustic twist to a modern drinking session. Made of glass, these bottles can hold up to 8 oz of liquid. Should your ladies decide to drink warm milk during your bridal shower party, they may still use it for what it was originally made for. Each glass milk bottle can be personalized with the name of your choice in white vinyl.

    8. Vintage Pulsera

    Now and then, it feels good to go back to an earlier era when fashion is stunning despite the lack of technology. This Vintage Pulsera is inspired by the vintage bracelets of the 1980s. Made from gold-tone metal settings and findings, faux pearls, and clear rhinestones, this piece of jewelry depicts elegance and a combination of great elements. It measures 7 inches in length and the bracelet width is ½ inches. The wrists of your bridesmaids will continue wearing this piece as the hinged clip closure will secure it in place.

    7. Vintage White Initial Linen Hanky

    They say men carry handkerchiefs for the women, but even before, women used to bring their own. This Vintage White Initial Linen Hanky is a dainty gift to your bridesmaids aligned to your vintage-themed wedding. Made in linen and cotton, this gift will be very useful especially if your best friends cry during the ceremony or if they want to wipe their sweat in style. This hankie is inspired by the 1950s so your ladies will have a feel of how it is back in the day. It measures 11” and can be embroidered with the initial of choice.

    6. Rare Like A Pearl

    Pearl is timeless and each year that passes, its value becomes higher. Since your best friends are Rare Like A Pearl, a stunning vintage-themed gift should be in the works. This pearl necklace with rhinestone toggle is a scream of how special your ladies are to you. Like the pearl, your friendship is rare and has withstood the test of time. Similarly, those challenges made you into the gem that you all are now. This timeless piece features double-strand glass pearls and an engraved rhinestone toggle that all comes in a complimentary gift box and an enclosed card.

    5. Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener

    What a joy it will be to see your ladies open a celebratory drink with glee using this Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener and pop open more happiness. This antique matte gold metal bottle opener features “Cheers” in an elegant script and is presented with a burgundy satin ribbon and decorative “Cheers to You” tag. You may opt to personalize the tag if you wish to, but this vintage or antique-themed gift already screams joy even before opening a bottle.

    4. Rich With Charm

    Back in the day, one of the most common gifts is a piece of jewelry that contains the initials of the person wearing it or that of the giver. This Rich With Charm is truly filled with charm on its own as it features a weighty link chain and toggle bar clasp. Engrave the heart charm with the initials of your bridesmaids to bring them back to an era where initials are elegant and mysterious. This bracelet also contains gemstone charms based on the month of birth so you may level up the personalization feature by putting the right gemstone color in each.

    3. Vintage Butterfly Brooches 1970 And 1990s

    One of the most underrated but timeless female accessories is brooches. Its use is not limited to being a decoration as it can also help pin together clothes and adjust lose ones in style. This Vintage Butterfly Brooches 1970 And 1990s is a set of three butterfly brooches: one pink and two clear diamante butterflies. Your bridesmaids can place it in their dresses one at a time or they may opt to put them all together. You may also give it as it is or you may include it in a gift box or treat bag.

    2. Gems & Jewel

    In the old times, ladies and gentlemen alike keep their small essentials in a trinket. This Gems & Jewel is a nice reminder of those times as it features a vintage visual with timeless usability. These ring dishes are available in Black, Mint, Light Pink, and White, all with a gold finish. Made of ceramic, this keeper of treasures comes with a gold monogram in metallic vinyl for that flawless and long-lasting finish. Choose to personalize this gift by putting a monogram, a heart, or the role of the person you are giving it to, in your wedding.

    1. Vintage Porcelain Rose Hair Comb

    This Vintage Porcelain Rose Hair Comb was inspired in a comb from the 1980s and measures 4 ¾” across by ¾” high. It features tiny pale porcelain roses that are surrounded by pearls and crystals which are bendable to arrange according to your bridesmaids’ taste or hairdo. This headpiece is not only perfect for vintage-themed weddings, but it is also fitting for garden weddings or lavender-themed weddings. Your gal pals can wear it even after your wedding as this hair comb is a timeless and versatile piece.