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    Unforgettable Bridesmaid Gifts For a Winter Wedding

    Your winter wedding is fast approaching. While your schedule can get filled up pretty fast, you will have to keep in mind the gifts for your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are usually female relatives or closest friends of the bride and groom, so you definitely do not want to leave them out! Although you could give a simple phone call to ask them to be part of your special day, wouldn’t it be more exciting and extra special if you get to ask them with a gift perfect for your winter wedding?

    Bridesmaids have very important roles in your wedding. They are a source of great support for you as the bride. Planning for your big day would not be as easy and enjoyable without them. With their talents and skills, you instantly have a power team to whom you can assign specific things to do in preparation for your wedding. Need someone to go dress shopping with? They are the best girlfriends you can count on. The wedding day is not something you should be worried about when you have reliable and dependable bridesmaids to help.

    Gifts For Your Bridesmaid-to-be

    Bridesmaid Card

    Giving your bridesmaid-to-be a simple card or a memorable gift before popping the question increases the chance of them saying yes and gives you the right opportunity to give them an advance token of gratitude for the work and support they will extend. And rightfully so, there are plenty of gifts you can choose from. Here’s a list of thoughtful and useful gifts especially for your bridesmaids:


    A jewelry gift is like giving a piece of who you are. Whether you’re giving a bracelet, necklace, ring, brooch, watch or any piece of jewelry, the meaning behind what you are giving matters a lot. When giving jewelry to your bridesmaids, let it be something they will remember you by not just on your wedding day but every time they get to wear them.  

    Bridesmaid Necklace

    A bracelet symbolizes infinite love, a special friendship, and sisterhood with your bridesmaid. A heart shaped charm bracelet with a gemstone personalized with your bridesmaids' initials would be a perfect jewelry to wear on the day of your wedding. Necklaces are fine gifts as well. They are mostly given to people with whom you have an emotional attachment to. Giving one to your bridesmaid is like saying “I feel emotionally attached to you.” This heartwarming crystal necklace pretty much represents that attachment and goes well with the charm bracelet.  You can also go for classic jewelry with fresh pearls and double take necklaces, gifts that are elegant and sentimental and may be used by your bridesmaids even after your wedding day.

    Bridesmaid Bracelet

    Match the bracelet and necklace with Swarovski crystal studs or to make it even better, choose a Swarovski crystal earring and necklace or the Solitaire jewelry set and you’re sure to be remembered by your bridesmaids for life. Adorn your bridesmaid’s crowning glory with this elegant snowflake hair accessory to complete her look on your big day.  

    Equally important in giving jewelry as a gift is the type of gem that comes with it. Choose a gemstone whose meaning resonates to you the most. Consider also the metal used, preferably gold or silver.  


    Labeled Wine

    It can sometimes be challenging to choose a gift for people closest to you and your groom. However, there’s always a gift that always works - wine. Wine is for celebrating beautiful moments and what moment can be more beautiful than your very own wedding with your chosen bridesmaids.  Giving wine as a gift always leaves a really good impression no matter what the occasion. Choose the rich and full-bodied wines and let your bottle of wine do the asking as you label it with a theme that matches your winter wedding.

    Bridesmaid Gift Wine Cup

    For starters, you can give your bridesmaid-to-be something to put the wine in to. A wine glass or simply stemless wine cups with their names on it. Pair it with the perfect wine and it’s sure to make an unforgettable gift for your bridesmaids. Just right for winter, choose Cabernet Sauvignon, popularly known as winters perfect red wine. Other choices for the red wine are Zinfandel, which has a ripe and crisp flavor, Syrah and Petite Sirah. For the white wine, choose between Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. Label your bottle of wine in line with your winter wedding theme and choose from the following: simply chic, so loved , gold finger, sleekless night, royally golden, fine writing wine and bride tribe wine label.

    Will you be my bridesmaid wine label

    The best kinds of wine to give during winter are those that warm you up and are perfect for long conversations, intimate dinners or simply relaxing with family and friends.    

    Practical Stuff

    Find something useful and let that guide you in searching for a gift and you’ll never go wrong. You can find all kinds of practical stuff that will not only be functional but will delight your bridesmaids too. Check out this scent for a bridesmaid, a little candle in a brushed gold metal and a lid that pops the handwritten question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Make it more personalized, depending on your bridesmaid’s favorite scent, as it comes with 7 scents to choose from.    

    Will you be my bridesmaid candle

    Let this tote-all package be filled with the essentials as they do your wedding errands but first get it filled up with personalized gifts for your bridesmaid. Include a little cosmetic bag with her name, perfume samples, lipstick, and a girl power compact or a wreath compact mirror that reminds her of how special and gorgeous she is. Add to your tote bag the wrapped in love wallet and a journal as you ask her to be your bridesmaid.    

    Bridesmaid gift wallet

    As your bridesmaids get busy, gather them and take a break from your wedding preps for coffee or tea time using the enamel or plaid coffee mugs specially designed with their names or initials complete with a monogram agate coaster.     

    Winter weddings won’t be complete without these beautiful blanket scarves for that picture-perfect moment with your bridesmaids. Choose from the checkered design or go for the plain ones with their initials delicately embroidered on each shawl.

    Bridesmaid gift box with journal and shawl

    Getting useful and functional items as a gift is something that would remind your bridesmaid of your appreciation and thoughtfulness every time they use them.


    Gifts For Your Bridesmaids After the Wedding

    Your wedding day and all the preparation that goes with it is finally over. And you know it would not have been a fun-filled perfect wedding if not for the help of your precious bridesmaids. You may choose to give a uniform gift or one that is specific to their personality, just make sure it will be a thank you gift they will never forget. Here are some helpful things to remember as you choose your gift:

    Choose a sentimental gift. One that would make your bridesmaid feel the depth of your appreciation. Give her a framed personalized letter, a snowflake personalized charm bracelet, a digital story, a scrapbook or a journal with special notes from you. Let your gift be a token to remember on this special moment of your friendship.

    Pamper them.The preparations for your wedding may have been stressful. There’s nothing like a gift of R&R for your bridesmaids. Treat them for a spa or a salon appointment. Some gift suggestions include a lotion set, home spa kit, manicure and pedicure, high-end perfume, a pajama set or a weekend getaway bag.

    Make it Extra Special.Let your gift create new memories for your bridesmaids by making your gift extra special. Get them a gift card to a fancy restaurant. Purchase tickets to a musical or a sporting event. Let them enjoy a VIP pass to a gallery opening. Make it more personalized by finding out their inclinations. A yoga membership, a wine, and painting class or a cooking class maybe? A weekend treat to a favorite destination is another one way to make your gift extra special too.

    Don’t get too concerned if you are buying identical gifts for your bridesmaids or picking something different for each one. What really matters is that your gift will make them feel special and appreciated. Want to gauge if they will be happy with your gift? If it is something you would be glad to receive as a thank you gift, then it’s sure to make them feel appreciated too. 

    Whether you are about to ask your closest female friends or relatives to be your bridesmaid or thanking them for all the hard work, resources and effort they have put in for your wedding day, it is important to make an effort to make them feel valued and special.  You can have them wear your gift on your wedding day yet something they can also remember you by even after your wedding. Your gift may be big or small, pricey or affordable, but what counts is that you remembered them and you went out of your way to extend your thanks and appreciation.