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    Top Wedding Trends Of 2019

    Each year, the bride and groom are in search for new, exciting and unique facets they can include on their wedding ceremony and reception. Make your wedding day extra special by checking out what’s on the rise for 2019. Let these wedding ideas and trends serve as an inspiration as you plan your big day.

    Photo Source: Pinterest

    Engagement Rings

    While diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, alternative engagement ring styles are trending for 2019. Colorful stones like opal, blush pink sapphire, and rainbow engagement rings with multi-colored sapphires are the ones on the rise.  

    Wedding Day

    A weekend, specifically a Sunday is the preferred day for 2019 weddings. Hosting families and friends for the weekend will give more time to spend with them and end the weekend in a high note with the full ceremony and reception celebration.



    On the rise for 2019 are unique invitations with emphasis on rose gold, silver, gold, and raised foil. Trending designs include geo patterns, marble and agate and multi-colored marble for a more distinctive look.  Hand-illustrated designs are also trending giving your stationery that more personal touch.  

    Video and Photo

    The use of drones and video-mapping will be more common this 2019. Memorable photos are taken using drones to create that more dramatic effect plus capturing experiences on video with the use of advanced technology will definitely be trending.



    The trending colors for 2019 include the coral colors. As announced by Pantone, this sunny, bright and pinky-orange, cheery tone fits the wedding scene. It is the perfect color for a summer wedding with the “living coral” color seen in flower arrangements, cakes, bridesmaid dresses and even on makeup.

    Shades of purple and lavender are also on the rise in replacing the pale pinks and classic blush tones. Purple, being a versatile color can easily be played with from bold and dramatic to light and airy. It will definitely become the go-to shade or 2019.

    More colors are expected for 2019. Veering away from the whites and creams that usually color the wedding arena, the color trend will be saturated with color palettes like red, orange, pink and carried n to the floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses. Even the confetti moments of weddings are expected to carry more colors to perfect that Insta-factor.

    Black accents are also to be expected on the tablescape. The blush color palettes and the black accents create that glaring contrast in color making any display standout in photos.

    For weddings, this spring, expect to see the celadon green or that minty green pastel color to frequent wedding color palettes in 2019. This trending color can be easily matched with beige, lavender and pale blush shades.    

    As for fall weddings, rust will be the new hot metallic for 2019. Partnered with trending brighter colors, the rust tones won’t be looking too dark. Combine it with cream and burgundy or navy and grey to achieve that picture-perfect look.     

    Look of the Bride

    Classic is considered the bridal trending look for 2019. The more natural looking, without neglecting to highlight the bride’s favorite features with bold accents, the better. Full lashes, metallic eyeshadow, wine colored or soft pink lips will define the look of the brides. For the hairstyle, half-up sweeps with a few locks and gathering it softly at the back of the head, framing the face and enhancing the look of brides will be trending for 2019.     



    The bridal gowns for 2019 are seen to have the reappearance of classic and simple wedding dresses. The trend is more inclined to have ‘practical dresses’ reflecting that modern-day, savvy bride who would rather go for comfort than the aesthetic aspect of her gown. Be on the look-out for not so long trains, pocketed wedding dresses and silk fabrics with clean lines and less to no embellishments. 

    Brides are not limited anymore to white and ivory wedding gowns. Colored, metallic wedding dresses and gowns are on the rise too.  Brassy, bold and golden as well as tones of champagne and blush. Some may even go for blue and silver.    

    Also on trend, next year is the polka dot playful pattern, asymmetrical design elements, and the two-piece bridal gowns. For the more unconventional look, high-low and slanted hemlines and one-shoulder silhouette designs and crop tops will also be on the rise. 

    As for the grooms, the mix and match look and suits that highlight different patterns and fabrics will be trending for 2019. Styles will be more distinct, flawless and perfectly tailored. More grooms will be seen suited up and looking their best in three-piece suits, definitely away from the loose-fitting shirts of the past years.

    Wedding Decors

    Velvet and lucite are expected to be seen everywhere for 2019. Use different tones of velvet offered by different linen companies. Complement name cards, flatware and table numbers with lucite. This wedding trend is perfect for winter and fall weddings, creating that cozy and warm ambiance.

    Pampas grass is on trend too. This wheat-colored, feathery grass fits just right for beach weddings adding a modern texture and unique touch to floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. Structural elements like wooden beams or goldenrods will be added to floral arrangements to add drama. Interactive elements are also seen on the rise. Signage trends will feature creative light boxes, letter boards, and seating chart displays.        

    The outdoors brought in will also be trending. Taking center stage is the use of flowers, trees, and foliage for that romantic, natural and whimsical feel. More couples would also be inclined to being eco-conscious. Installing foam-free and flowers that can be replanted, using ethical practices for wedding dresses and using locally sourced ingredients for wedding cakes, organic menus and use of less plastic are just a few examples of hosting an eco-conscious and ethical wedding.   

    The use of scented candles to create that romantic mood and enhance the wedding ambiance will also be on trend for 2019. Replacing roundtables and tall centerpieces with long banquet tables and low rows of florals are on the rise too. The couple can be seated in the middle and guests would have a clear view of each other. Definitely another Insta-loving look!  

    Simple, classic and refined aesthetics will define the style for 2019. Minimal décor and airy color palettes will be on trend. This, plus the modern blended with traditional is what you can expect on tablescapes.


    Have your eyes feast on artistic edible displays and interactive food stations where guests can have their snacks customized plus the many unique ways of displaying food. Grazing tables filled with meat, fruit, nuts, cheese, bread, chocolates and more are also on trend.

    Interactive bars and food stations like guacamole bars, popcorn bars, and the like will also replace the traditional buffet set up on weddings.

    Cakes will have metallic touches, regal piping, and personalized monograms. Sugar flowers rippled icing, and decorative finishes are expected trends too.

    Wedding Favors

    Wedding decors will double as wedding favors for 2019. Wedding boxes that are personalized would be expected to be a token of appreciation given to guests instead of the usual token gift. These boxes contain flowers, candles, wine, personal notes and even information about the wedding that every guest would enjoy. Edible favors will also be part of 2019 wedding trends. Food and drink related favors include special spice blends, artisan olive oils, custom hot sauces and the like.