Top 5 Summer Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

June 05, 2018

Top 5 Summer Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

Best gifts for summer brides to give to their bridesmaids

The sunny, warm and gorgeous months of summer make the perfect time to say “I do!” Give your bridesmaids gifts to fit the season. Whether it be fun drinkware to sip from while lounging at the pool or maybe it’s a personalized gift that will bring back memories of your friendship. Get super creative with your summer wedding bridesmaid gifts. Make your favorite girls feel super special. Your best gals will surely appreciate it! Read through our favorite gifts for summer 2018!

Gift #1: cups, jars and glasses galore

Summer brings the heat! Keep your bridesmaids cool as they run around town and help plan your very special day. Colorful cups, fun mason jars and monogrammed wine glasses make the perfect bridesmaids gifts. They’re not very expensive so they won’t break the budget and the options are really endless. No matter what type of drinkware you choose, your girls will love their unique present. Is your maid of honor a huge wine girl? Consider giving her a sparkling stemless glass with her name stamped on it or a super sophisticated glass with a sparkly rim! Maybe your best friend loves bright patterns, then a spunky mason jar is great! Is your bridesmaid a gym rat? She’ll love a cup with a colorful straw that she can toss into her workout bag. They’re great keepsakes too because drinkware lasts forever (or until you lose it).

Gift #2: Beach weather = Tote Bags

When you think of summer, you think of sand between your toes, warm sun on your skin, ocean breeze in your hair and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. Wow, this sounds like paradise. Can we go to the beach now? Well, unfortunately maybe not. Even if you can’t go to the beach right this second – you can prepare your bridesmaids for their next beach trip. Tote bags are fantastic summer bridesmaid gifts! You can personalize each bag according to each of your girl’s favorite colors. It’s not only a super cute present, but is also super practical. Tote bags are great for any outing – shopping, the gym, day at the park, errands, you name it!

What about your bachelorette party…Is it’s a girl’s trip to the lake or a full-blown weekend stint in Vegas, either way the tote bag is perfect to use for packing.

Gift #3: Tank Tops, duh!

Bridesmaid Tank Top

Summer = hot weather! What’s better than a festive bridesmaid tank? That’s right, nothing. Give each of your gals a fun bridal crew themed tank top to celebrate your wedding and look cute while doing it! Every wedding party needs shirts for the occasion. Plus, this gift is great for the bride too! The bridesmaid’s tank tops will of course say “Bridesmaid” and you will get to wear one with the words “Bride” stamped across the front. Announce to the whole world that you’re the special woman about to get married. 

 There are other options besides “Bridesmaid” if you want to get super creative. Think about “Bride Tribe,” “Bride Gang,” “I Do! Crew,” “Bride Squad,” or even a special tank for your go-to-gal labeled with “Maid of Honor.” There are lots of options to make your bridal tank tops one-of-a-kind! Use glitter font or festive prints. Maybe make your bride tank white and select your bridesmaid tanks according to your wedding colors.

Gift #4: A time for celebration

That’s right, summer brings out the party in all of us. It’s time to celebrate! Go all out for your bridesmaids and give them each a monogrammed flask. Yet again, the options are endless here. Think jewels, cute colors or even your bridesmaid’s name printed on a personalized flask. It’s a great and useful gift! Your bridesmaids can put their flask to good use during your bachelorette party and your wedding day.

The only problem with flasks…you might not be able to pull your bridesmaids off the dance floor, but hey at least they will be having fun!

Gift #5: A little bling!

What girl doesn’t like a little bling in her life? A simple necklace makes a fantastic bridesmaid gift and is one that lasts. It says, “thank you” in the sweetest way. If you want to keep things super simple, give each bridesmaid a pretty engraved bar necklace. Engrave something meaningful for each gal pal. Maybe it’s your best friend from high school, get your high school’s coordinates engraved? Is there a special date or maybe a special place you want to engrave? Your bridesmaids will appreciate the thought you are putting into each necklace. It’s really a trip down memory lane to reminisce the special connection you carry with  each person on your bridal crew. Handing out the necklaces can become its very own event. Tell the story of each engraving. Who knows, you might even witness a few tears as your best gals think of their beloved memories with you. They will appreciate your special friendship (and great gift).

yay Bride!

Finally, congrats bride-to-be! This is an extremely magical, stressful and insanely chaotic time in your life – wedding planning has crazy moments. From putting together your guest list, finding florists, venues, bakers, caterers, a dress, okay we will stop listing now to stop the anxiety. One of the last things you need to worry about is gifts.

Take our advice and give some of these easy summer bridesmaids gifts. From drinkware, unique tote bags, personalized tank tops, fun flasks or simple engraved necklaces – you simply cannot go wrong! Your bridesmaids will love their gifts and love the effort and love you put into each one even more.

Take the pressure off yourself and cross one more thing off your seemingly never ending to-do list. This is time for celebration! You’re getting married and starting a brand-new chapter in your life. Our best advice however, please soak up these pre-wedding moments because this is it! Your dream day is right around the corner and we hope you enjoy each minute leading up to it. Congrats again!

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