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    To Have or Not To Have A Bridal Party

    There comes a point in your wedding planning that you need to make a decision whether to have or not to have a bridal party. Having a good consideration of having one or not having one would be a good way to find out which one will perfectly fit your wedding. Small or big wedding, the decision to have a bridal party is really up to you and your groom.

    Here’s a simple guide to help you decide on whether to have or not to have a bridal party:

    Let’s first consider the advantages of having a bridal party:

    Having a bridal party is the perfect way to honor the people closest to you.

    Not everyone would be given the opportunity to be part of your bride tribe. This is only given to people who have been by your side through life’s ups and downs. These are people who you know only wants what is best for you, the very ones to whom you owe who you have become today. Asking them to stand next to you as you tie the knot is ultimately honoring them. It is also your way of showing gratitude for the years of friendship and unending loyalty.      

    Having a bridal party means you won’t have to worry about emotional support.

    The support provided by your closest friends and relatives who are part of your bridal party is one of the major advantages of having bridesmaids. The greater appreciation of this fact is especially felt on the day of your wedding. Stage fright and worry could set in from the moment you open your eyes to the preparation time, as you walk down the aisle and say your vows, to the time you’re at the reception and giving out favors for your guests. However, the mere presence of your bridal party at every phase of your wedding can help you relax and put you at ease knowing they are people you can rely on. You also know that they can readily offer a listening ear, a hand to hold and arms that are ready to embrace you whenever you have those wedding jitters.    

    Having a bridal party means more people to help plan and prepare for your wedding.

    They are pretty much in charge of planning your bachelorette and shower party. They also have you covered for the tasks at hand on the actual day of your wedding. With a full team working on one goal - to make your special day close to perfection, you won’t have to worry about the small details that could be missed. You can have clearly defined roles and delegate tasks to each one. You can even easily have members of your bridal party have specific assignments and even help out for last minute errands on the day of your wedding in case of emergencies. You always have a pool of people that you can tap to help whenever and whatever.      

    Having a bridal party means you have a group of people who will fight for your marriage.

    This is why it is so crucial that you get to choose friends and relatives who can commit to being alongside you not just on planning and preparing for your wedding but all throughout your married life. Reality is you and your spouse will encounter challenges in your marriage. This same group of people are the very ones who you can run to for advice and will hopefully help you stick together as husband and wife no matter what life throws at you. They are the ones you can count on to stay committed to your friendship and to help keep your marriage intact.

    Now let’s check out the advantages of not having a bridal party:

    Not having a bridal party means no hurt feelings of friends and family members who were not chosen.  

    There are too many people - friends and family members who have watched your love story unfold and have been supporting you to the day you got engaged. They are all expecting to be part of the special day where you get to say your “I do” to the love of your life. Not only are they expecting to be part of your wedding day, but they are also expecting to be part of your bridal party too. You definitely don’t want any of them hurt for not being chosen to be part of your bridal party. Not having a bridal party means no one will feel left out at all.

    Not having a bridal party means having to do the planning and preparations all by yourself.

    Since having a bridal party is no guarantee that they will be helping out every step of the way leading to your wedding, then not having one is really no big deal. You can easily hire a wedding planner and coordinator to be able to accomplish tasks fast and in a more efficient manner. Decision making also comes easy as you won’t have to consult a whole team to decide on matters like the wedding dress, style, theme or motif. You won’t have to worry about considering the preferences of each member of your bride tribe.  

    Not having a bridal party means getting rid of extra costs that can pile up.

    Your closest friends and relatives agreed to be part of your bridal party. This means they may be shouldering some costs for your wedding planning and preparations like the shower and bachelorette parties. However, this also means you should be prepared to cover the bill for certain expenses like their hair and makeup, accessories, flowers and bridesmaid gifts. These extra charges could have easily made you and your groom end up with a way grander honeymoon!     

    Not having a bridal party means less conflict management.

    These women may be your closest friends and relatives, but you should consider that they do come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. While they all have good intentions of making your wedding the best that it can possibly turn out to be, there will always be conflicts that may arise as the stress and pressure of the wedding planning and preparation piles up. This is one area you can be spared from if you choose not to have a bridal party. You definitely don’t want to find yourself choosing sides or dealing with more stress, confusion or indecisiveness because of their many opinions.      

    Not having a bridal party means more time to focus on each other.

    No stress and hectic schedules to deal with. That means you have more time to spend with your husband-to-be while letting your guests enjoy themselves without strings attached. When you want more time to be together and keep the wedding day simple and stress-free, then having no bridal party may be the better choice for you.   

    While considering the above advantages of having and not having a bridal party, it is also wise to revisit your option if you want to have a big or small wedding. If money is not an issue, then, by all means, have a bridal party and enjoy every moment of your wedding planning and preparation with your closest family members and friends. However, if you prefer a small and intimate wedding with less fuss and you are working on a tight budget, then not having a bridal party may be the best option for you and your groom.