5 Gift Basket Theme Ideas Your Bride Tribe Will Love

November 26, 2018

5 Gift Basket Theme Ideas Your Bride Tribe Will Love

Your bridesmaids have been with you through every Insta-worthy step of your wedding journey. From the proposal to the big day, your bride tribe is sure to capture every precious moment… so why not give them something to brag about and get them a gift basket that is sure to score all the likes. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our top five themed gift basket ideas!

1. Beachy Keen

Planning on saying your “I Do’s” on the beach? Give your bridesmaids a taste of the seaside with this beach themed gift set. Grab them a custom beach day tote in colors that coordinate with your vision for the wedding and fill it with vacation essentials like sunscreen and a reusable water bottle.

Pop in some comfy flip flops and roll up some Turkish towels for a day of basking in the sun before your bachelorette party. Add an aloha compact mirror for touch-ups both at the beach and on the big day and you’re well on your way to having a beach basket your girls will talk about for years to come.

This nautical-themed blue and white wine label is a fantastic way to pop the big bridesmaid's question. Got a junior bridesmaid who is too young to partake in the fun? Wrap the label around a bottle of sparkling juice to make sure she’s not left out of the celebration.

2. The Weekenders

If you’ve got a gang who likes to celebrate with a night out on the town, then you’ll need to set your girls up with gifts that are as packed with excitement as they are. Start the night out right with a bridesmaids proposal featuring these personalized wine glasses before heading out in these adorable matching bridal party animal tees.  

Gift your girls with these custom engraved team bride clutches to store their makeup in and keep them looking wedding-ready all night long. Consider grabbing your gals a notebook, too-- they may end up needing jot down all the deets on an adventure they never want to forget! Sneak a modern flask into their bag for a gift that is the tote-al package. See what we did there?

For the morning after, be sure throw in some tried and true hangover helpers. A sports drink, a bottle of water, and some ibuprofen are sure to do the trick. You can even add in a soothing eye mask to help your girls catch up on their beauty rest.

3. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

The girls who have seen you through it all deserve to sparkle and shine like the precious gems they are. Show your appreciation for your bridesmaids with a jewel-themed gift basket-- after all, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they couldn’t come close to your bride tribe!

If glitz and glam are what this gift box is about then set the tone with this custom glitter tumbler (which, by the way, matches perfectly with this uber-chic glitter nightshirt for pictures on the day of). Let your girls know you treasure them by gifting them a place to keep all their treasures with this engraved keepsake box. If it isn’t crystal clear by now how much you adore them, maybe this crystal sweetheart compact will help clear things up!

For some added shine, give your girls something special to wear on the day of. Try a pair of earrings (always plated with real silver to avoid any allergic reactions!) or a necklace engraved with a sweet message; your girls are sure to wear them again and again.

4. Spa Day Set-Up

Don’t let the wedding stress get in the way of a good time! Give your girls permission to decompress with a spa day gift set. Sheet masks and bath bombs are a great addition to any DIY spa set. You may even consider headbands to keep their hair away from their face as they soak. A must have? A comfy new robe, of course! Monogram the new piece for a gift that your bridesmaids will wear even after the big day.

Add in a polish that matches their bridesmaid's gowns and some lotion to keep their manicures fresh both before and after the wedding. If you really want to go all out, include a gift card to a local spa or salon. Even if it’s just enough for a polish change, your bridesmaids will appreciate the gesture!

Why not slip in some slippers to keep that pedis in shape? After a nice, relaxing bubble bath, your girls will need something to traipse about in. For those of drinking age, include a mini-mimosa kit complete with this chic champagne flute for your bridesmaids to sip on as they enjoy their afternoon off.

5. One Posh Party

    Got a posh party? No worries! Arrange them a gift basket that no one could turn their noses up at. Try a garden party gift set that’s fit for royalty, including such luxe items as a silky floral robe and a classy layered necklace. Surprise them with a variety of tasty teas to soothe their senses. To really take it to the next level, add in a soft, floral-scented candle to transport them to the garden party of their dreams!

    Wrap some champagne in this chic dotted wine label for a bridesmaids proposal that even nobility would envy. Even ladies with the most discerning tastes would agree that this embroidered clutch is swoon-worthy. However, if you truly want to dazzle your girls, outfit them with this precious travel case for all of their jewelry-- and be sure to stock it with something special that they can wear down the aisle on your wedding day!

    How do you plan to spoil your bride tribe leading up to the big day? For more tips on how to blow your bridesmaids away, check out the Bride Lab.


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