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    How to Store Your Wedding Photos and Videos to Last Forever

    Most people spend a lifetime planning for the wedding of their dreams. Once the day passes, only the pictures remain to remind you of it. Here are some tips for storing your wedding videos and photos to last forever:

    Three Copy Pattern

    Prevention is always better than cure and a three copy pattern will keep your wedding photos safe. Saving on a hard drive only is not a good idea as it can get corrupted or lost. The more places you store your images, the better. You can even convert your super 8 to a digital file for posterity.  

    1st copy local save – Store the first copy of wedding data on hard drives or SSD at home. 

    2nd copy off-site – Keep another hard drive or SSD at an in-law's or friend’s house.

    3rd copy on the cloud – Store your data on Dropbox or Google Drive. 

    Display Wedding Photos as Art

    Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your happiest day displayed on your wall. A house is not a home if personal images are not on display. As your family grows, your children will see the photos every day. According to a recent study, displaying family photos helps children to grow up feeling confident in their worth. 

    Invest in a Wedding Album

    If you do not like cables and believe in having physical copies, a wedding album is the solution. This is one of the best forms of preserving your memories. An album does not need internet access or software updates, which means it has no potential to crash. It also makes a great heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to another. If you have recently had a wedding but don’t have an album, chances are that your wedding photographer offers album options for you to invest in. 

    Choose a Memento Print Box

    A keepsake print box is a great alternative to a traditional wedding album. You can choose to print the photos in different sizes and matte them for extra protection. If you opt to print in bulk, you will save money. 

    Store Photos Online

    There are several image storage platforms that keep photos safe and make accessing them from anywhere easier. Before choosing a platform, research a bit to find the one that best meets your storage needs. You can choose Dropbox or Google Photos for your wedding photo storage. 

    Google Photos

    Google Photos automatically backs up photos, which keeps them safe. This means that even if you lose your laptop or phone, you can access them by logging into your Google Photos account. Another great feature of this platform is the search function that allows you to search for specific images. For instance, you can search for flowers to see pictures that feature flowers. 

    With their free plan, you get unlimited storage as long as your photos are not more than 16 megapixels. For larger images, you can subscribe to the paid plans, the lowest being $1.99 each month. 


    This platform also has automatic backup and organizes photographs in folders, which makes access so much easier. When you create folders, you are free to share them with friends and family who can look at them and comment. Dropbox works with an app called Burner that gives people temporary phone numbers. You can tell guests to send photos that they took on their phones to your burner and they will sync automatically with your Dropbox images. 


    When you follow the above tips, your wedding photos will last a lifetime. To safeguard your photos even more, you can do all the above instead of doing just one thing.