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    12 Fun Mr and Mrs Gifts for the New Couple

    If you are one of those friends, relatives, or loved ones who got so busy buying the couple an engagement gift, you can still hand over your token of celebration and congratulations even after they are married. The choices are more vast for married couples because the possibilities are endless. Narrow down your options with this list of 12 Greatest Mr. and Mrs. Gifts. 

    12. Golden Cheers 

    Say cheers to the newlyweds by clinking these Golden Cheers glasses. A gift such as this will have the new Mr. and Mrs. saying “cheers” long after their wedding is done. When deciding whether or not to give a gift like this, ask yourself, why not? An elegant event calls for a celebratory drink that can only be drunk with justice in an elegant glass. Made of clear glass, this wine buddy set is gold plated, has a Modern-shaped bells structure, a long elegant stem, a wide base for balance, a gold trim, and a unique “Hubby” and “Wifey” design. Classy and stylish, this gift will surely be a welcomed addition to any bar or kitchen of a couple who just said “I do"

    11. CUSTOMIZED MR. and MRS. Couple T-shirt

    It is never a crime to be super proud of your recent accomplishments and being married to the love of your life is one of the most celebrated and acknowledged ones. It is no secret that after getting married, a girl takes on a new title in addition to her change of the last name. Becoming a Mrs. is something most women are fond of telling to the whole world, but in doing so, she has to also show who her partner is. This CUSTOMIZED MR. and MRS. Couple T-shirt is for those couples who just like to show everyone that they just said “I do” and gained a nice partnership with a Mr. and Mrs. title. Choose from a wide variety of shirt color options. Men’s size starts from small up to 3XL, while women’s size starts from small up to 2XL.

    10. Clink Couple

    For some traditional and accepted reason, a clink of glass during a wedding ignites a series of joyful noises that is tantamount to guests enjoying. It has also become customary that a loud and daunting glass noise made by touching a spoon to the glass means that the couple has to kiss. Safely put, a glass-like the Clink Couple brings an invisible force that creates an atmosphere of celebration to any occasion. Made of glass, this stemless flute reflects simplicity and elegance altogether. Add a name or term for the newlyweds such as “wifey and hubby”, “Mr. and Mrs., and “Bride and Groom”, and you will have given them a more heartwarming and personal gift they will cherish for the rest of their relationship.

    9. Wood engraved pair of Mr. and Mrs. Keyrings

    Let’s admit it, one of the things people own and will continue to own even after they get married are their keys. For some cute reasons, huge properties can be shared but the keys that open such are owned individually. However, despite owning individual sets of keys, a matching keychain may not be a bad idea to have. So, give your newlywed loved ones or friends this Wood engraved pair of Mr. and Mrs. Keyringsand let them feel that they somehow share that part. After all, since this keyring is a matching one, the other piece will be printed with a different title which will lessen the confusion and of grabbing the wrong keys when going out. This keyring features a heart that fits perfectly in the space on the other piece, making it a statement that the two newlyweds are a perfect fit.

    8. King and Queen Glass


    A large contemporary-shaped, stemless bell with a well-balanced bottom, a gold trim, and a unique “Hubby” and “Wifey” design such as this King and Queen Glass is a perfect gift to make the celebration of the recent wedding more official. Let these clear glass and gold-plated cups find their way into the bar or kitchen of your friends who just said “I do” and let them enjoy sipping their celebratory beverage in style and gratitude of you. After all, the honeymoon does not end when the trip does, so the couple will still be devouring wines or champagnes and they will enjoy every gulp from an elegantly gold-trimmed cup such as your gift to them.

    7. Honeymoon Essentials Travel Luggage Tags


    Of all the gifts that the honeymooners have received, yours will be a standout if you hand them these Honeymoon Essentials Travel Luggage Tags. Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags are made using the highest quality cruelty-free Vegan leather, with a sturdy buckle that safely secures your tags to your luggage in seconds. Each tag and passport holder is built to last for every adventure. Since traveling makes a relationship stronger, based on some studies, let your gift ignite more romance as the delightful matching luggage tags and passport holders make the couple more recognizable as a newlywed. It’s the perfect gift to help couples bond on their honeymoon, or “just because”! Bonus feature, they will spot their luggage from a mile away making them maximize their time for more romantic plans ahead.

    6. Mr. and Mrs. Car Cup Holder Coasters

    These Mr and Mrs Car Cup Holder Coasters may be one of the commonly underrated gifts there is but it’s only because they do not see the value of having it. Made of Cork, Sandstone, and Hardboard, these cup holder coasters keep cars from all the moisture of the drinks while delegating which is the one for the wife and the one for the husband. There will be no wrongful placing and drinking of drinks with coasters such as these that are printed with “Mr. and Mrs” individually. Choose from the 3 design options and be on your way to giving the newlyweds a simple but cute honeymoon gift.

    5. Mr. and Mrs. Engagement Gifts


    Whether your friends and loved ones have just been engaged or have gotten married recently, this Mr. and Mrs. Engagement Gifts will be a delightful gift. Every set includes 1 Black Mr wine tumbler, 1 Mrs wine tumbler, 1 Mr beer koozie, 1 Mrs beer Koozie, and 1 diamond-shaped bottle opener. This bundle is packaged in an elegant box which makes gift-giving easier. The insulated Mr and Mrs tumblers have removable, BPA-free lids with a slider button to prevent accidental spillage, protect against outdoor elements, and keep drinks at the desired temperature longer. Wine glasses are constructed with stainless steel and keep beverages warm for 3 hours and cold for even longer. They are excellent for champagne, cocktails, juices, drinks, sodas, beer, coffee, and other beverages. So the couple can use these stylish tumblers for almost all their drinking needs.

    4. Mr. And Mrs. Spoons

    Some things are not thought of as a gift until someone thinks of it as one. An example of which are these Mr. And Mrs. Spoons. They are an incredibly romantic set of vintage silver plated spoons that is perfect for sharing the couple’s morning breakfast with coffee, first dinner as husband and wife, ice cream, anniversary, etc. These lovely vintage spoons will be a keepsake and a reminder of their special moments together. Plus they are great for photos too! This set includes matching spoons that are hand stamped with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” with a small heart and are polished to a bright shine. It comes in a box so giving it as a gift will be a no-brainer.

    3. His and Hers Mugs

    Brighten the honeymoon mornings of your newlywed friends and give them this His and Hers Mugs they may use for their coffee or tea drinking sessions. Surely they will appreciate waking up to hot beverages in personalized containers. These mugs come in four color choices: Pink, Blue, Cream, and Dark Grey. Should you wish to give these mugs to newly engaged but soon to be Mr. and Mrs. you may do so as various designs are available for you to choose from. Pick from His And Hers, Mr. And Mrs., Mrs. And Mrs., Mr. And Mr., Wifey And Hubby, One Lucky Mr. And Soon To Be Mrs. to Bride And Groom.

    2. Mr. and Mrs. Ring Holder

    An added decoration and functional small-item keeper, this Mr. and Mrs. Ring Holder is a unique gift suggestion for Mr. and Mrs. the double ring holder has separate personalized sections with unique and classic designs. The ring dish design looks elegant and is great to decorate any newlyweds' home. It comes with a unique gift box and makes the perfect present for bridal showers, engagement parties, or as a special gift to any bride, groom, or couple. each box comes with a double layer of foam and a packaging sleeve to ensure the dish arrives safely.  This premium quality ceramic double ring holder is crafted with hand-painted accents and is ideal for holding rings, necklaces, earrings, Jewelry, or even keys. 

    1. Mr. and Mrs. Bathroom Hand Towel Set

    When two people get married, they usually share a lot of things in the house they live in. But since men and women have different hygienic needs, this Mr. and Mrs. Bathroom Hand Towel Set will make the couple identify which ones are theirs. These 16” x 26” high-quality hand towels are printed with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” so the husband will not mistakenly grab the hand towel of the wife and vice versa. Design colors are available in a wide variety of options as well as towel colors. Safely, what men use to dry their hands or other parts of their body will not be used by the wife to wipe her face. Hygienic and systematic, this gift is smart and thoughtful at the same time.