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    15 Great Engagement Gifts Boxes for Him & Her

    A friend of yours, a relative, or someone you know well had just been engaged and you want to celebrate their great news with them. What could be a better token of such joy and thrill but a gift box that encapsulates your love and excitement for them? Since there are lots of choices out there, here are 15 Best Engagement Gift Boxes for you to choose from:

    15. Bride-to-be Gift Basket

    In the middle of all the flare and joy of being engaged, a bride-to-be will begin to think, choose and decide gifts for her bride squad and other important people. During her quest, she will stumble upon some amazing stuff that she would love to have for herself, and it will be awesome if she will get to receive an engagement gift such as this Bride-to-be Gift Basket. It includes a Diamond pen, Notebook, 12oz Coffee Mug, Happily Ever After Candle, The Perfect Match Matches, Lip Balm, Bride T-Shirt, and Personalized Congratulations Card that all come in a white gift box with white filler, floral accents, and ribbon.

    14. Engagement Candles in a Box

    Handmade Engagement Candles in a Box make a great gift for couples who just recently decided to tie the knot. It is a symbolic gesture of giving them a heartwarming present and a light on their path that shall continue to shine just like your friendship or love for them. This box includes 2 8 oz jar candles in the scent of your choice or the scent that you are certain the couple will love, a custom matchbox, upgraded gift wrapping, and a handwritten message for the newly engaged for a more personal touch.

    13. Newly Engaged Gift Set

    A unique and funny present such as this Newly Engaged Gift Set is a great way to always remind the couple of the joyous day they got engaged. This complete bundle comes in an elegant box along with the words “Congratulations on your engagement!” It includes 2 stainless steel insulated wine tumblers with straw with scratched off “boyfriend and girlfriend” to give way to the couple’s new tags as fiancé’; Future wifey and hubby socks and an elegant bottle stopper with “Engaged” print on top. 

    12. Bridal Gift Box


    Be a darling and shower your newly engaged friend with an awesome set of gifts, all inside this Bridal Gift Box. It includes Diamond Pen, Notebook, 12oz Coffee Mug, Mrs. Stemless Champagne Flute, Happily Ever After Candle, The Perfect Match Matches, Lip Balm, Diamond Hair Tie, Happily Ever After Frame, Ring Dish, Mrs. & More Mrs. Luggage Tag, Bride Koozie, Bride T-Shirt, and Personalized Congratulations Card that all come in a white gift box with white filler, floral accents, and ribbon. Being excited to be a bride will be heightened with this four-cornered piece of treats.

    11. Bridal Gift Basket 


    Bring out you’re A-game in gift-giving with this Bridal Gift Basket . This bundle is a collection of stuff that a newly engaged lady can use as she waits to be wed or even after her wedding day. It has a Diamond Pen, a Notebook, a 12oz Coffee Mug, a Happily Ever After Candle, The Perfect Match Matches, a Lip Balm, a Personalized T-Shirt, and a Personalized Congratulations Card that all come in a white gift box with white filler, floral accents, and ribbon.

    10. Campfire Engagement Box

    While it is hard to give an engagement gift to your dearest loved ones, finding the ones that fit their characters may even be more challenging. So, for your newly engaged friends or relatives who happen to love the campfire, here is a Campfire Engagement Box they will both adore. It includes two ceramic enamel-look campfire 15 oz mugs (Mr and Mrs), both hands inked, an 8 oz hand-poured beeswax and soy jar candle with a custom label of your preference, a ceramic teaspoon, 2 mini test tubes of local ground coffee, and a muslin bag of matches. All of these are inside a handmade salvaged wood gift box for gifting!


    9. Artificial Flower Engagement Gift

    The love of the newly engaged couple of friends or relatives of yours will be preserved with dedication, trust, and commitment. As for you, give them this Artificial Flower Engagement Gift as a “soon-to-be-married” gift and they will appreciate the unique idea and the symbolism it represents. This box contains an artificial rose hatbox and a card that can be personalized with your choice of message. Rose colors may be dark pink, light pink, ivory, or white. Although these roses are artificial, their stunning beauty represents a lasting love that should be in the hearts of the newly engaged.

    8. Shirts and Stuff Engagement Gift Box


    Young couples who recently decided to tie the knot enjoy wearing garments that speak loudly of their celebration. This Shirts and Stuff Engagement Gift Box includes a bride and groom shirt that can be worn by the couple during their bridal shower, stag party, or engagement party, and an elegant frame that can hold the couple’s most favorite photo. You can add more treats and gifts to this box and they will all be presented in a personalized box.

    7. Wooden Memory Box


    There are moments when the contents of a basket or a box are all that matters, but in this case, this Wooden Memory Box is already a treat on its own.  This beautifully crafted box is a stand-alone as it can be engraved on top with the names of the newly engaged couple as well as the date of their engagement and the inside may be engraved with your message to them to add more warmth to this gift. Made of Plywood, this box can hold all the memorabilia that you have of the couple or you can give it to them so they may fill it with memories.

    6. Couple Engagement Gift Box


    Give a box and decide what you put inside with this Couple Engagement Gift Box. Option A includes Two (2) 11oz or 15oz Mugs - Sided Design, Personalized Card, and Crinkle Paper. All of which are inside a 9 x 6 x 5" Box with Custom Text & Design. Option B has Personalized Card, Two (2) 11oz or 15oz, Mugs - One-Sided Design, Two (2) Laser Engraved Coaster(s) and Crinkle Paper inside a 9 x 6 x 5" Box with Custom Text & Design. The power is yours to choose what size of the mug, what to include in the bundle, and what to write on the card.

    5. Engagement Gift for Couple

    Prepare your friends who recently got engaged for a life of drinking coffee, taking a few shots of liquor or drinking beer now and then, and keeping their rings in one place with this Engagement Gift for Couple. It includes Customized Ceramic Ring Dish, Engaged AF Drink Sleeves, Customized Shot Glasses, Ceramic Coffee Mugs - 2 Options (Mr. & Future Mrs, or Fiancée). Choose the mug print you want them to see as they open the box and write your message on it as well.

    4. Engaged Box


    Your super “vain” female friend just got engaged and she deserves all the contents of this Engaged Box. It has one pink drink holder, one 5.5x8 notebook, two Chapstick, one pair of grey socks, one diamond silver pen, one white 13.5x13.5 canvas bag, one 10x7 makeup bag, and two hair tie cards with hair ties. They are all inside a box with a “Congrats” on the outside and a personal message from you.

    3. Succulent Engagement Gift Box


    This Succulent Engagement Gift Box will give your newly engaged loved ones something to take care of and grow apart from their relationship and love for one another. It includes one personalized classic white ceramic ring dish, one mini succulent plant in a 2" pot (to be transferred to the custom planter provided), one "watch love grow" two-inch custom succulent planter, one custom card, one 2 oz. naturally scented soy candle with an approximate burn time of 12 hours, one custom matchbox, and one mini paper flower. All the said treats are packaged in a beautiful white mailer box with cream crinkle paper for added security during shipment.

    2. The Marriage Survival Kit

    Your loved ones have survived the boyfriend and girlfriend stage. But now that they are engaged, The Marriage Survival Kit may be one of the best gifts they will receive. Although this bundle is ideal for newlyweds, it can also be a practical preparation kit for the “soon-to-be-married”. It includes him & hers 12oz wine tumblers made from 18/8 food-grade steel with straw and cleaning brush, an ornate, decorative key-shaped bottle opener, a set of 6 square coasters that are adorned with sweet & funny tips for how to make the couple’s new fantastic adventure easier to survive, a set of “Coupons for Couples” and some “Decision Making Dice” that are sure to make for an interesting honeymoon and a beautiful, chrome-plated, ring dish is lovingly shaped like a heart to act as a constant reminder of the one who holds their love.

    1. Bride and Groom Gift Box

     Lessen the stress of wedding preparation and bring out some joy by handing the couple a Bride and Groom Gift Box. This box includes Bride Koozie (or Mrs), a Groom Koozie (or Mr), a Bride Champagne Flute (or Mrs), a Groom Champagne Flute (or Mr), a Diamond Shaped Bottle Opener, a Happily Ever After Candle, The Perfect Match Matches, and a Personalized Congrats Card that all come in a white gift box with white filler, floral accents, and ribbon. All the contents may be useful before or after the wedding.