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    19 Great Personalized Christmas Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

    The turn of the year goes quickly and just like that, Christmas is just around the corner again. Since gift-giving is part of the holiday cheer, you might as well make the whole gesture more meaningful by personalizing it. To help you choose the best ones, here is a list of 19 Great Personalized Gifts for Christmas:

    19. Radiant Stem Flute  

    Holiday fun will not be complete without a few drinks, that is why giving glassware such as this Radiant Stem Flute  is an awesome idea. Classy, stable, and easy ­grip design this flute is just perfect for toasts of all occasions. Personalize it with the name of your recipient with premium outdoor vinyl that is sure to last. Hand washing is recommended for this delicate piece that can cater to 10.5 oz of liquid.

    18. Personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings 

    One is never too old to want to wake up to a stocking filled with Santa’s gifts, or in most cases, your loved ones’ gifts. This Personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings  is the best choice for collecting gifts for the Christmas holiday. Every Christmas stocking is knitted from high-grade woolen yarn and is available in Red, White, and Green. The beautiful knitted texture adds unique temperament to this Christmas stocking and the space is big enough to hold your Christmas gifts. Each personalized Christmas stocking is completed by hand embroidery that makes it even more lovely.

    17. Metallic Tote 

    As your loved ones and friends gather around and enjoy giving and receiving gifts, you might want to go ahead and hand them this Metallic Tote to house their presents. Made of Nylon and faux leather, the metallic charm of this bag is simply irresistible. It is spacious enough to carry lots of essentials and gifts and it is available in black and white. The metallic gold accent adds to the classy and elegant look of this party and all-day bag.

    16. Personalized Oven Mitt

    What is Christmas without sumptuous food that marks the memory for a long time? However, long hours of cooking will entail exhaustion and accidents such as burnt hands and fallen dishes. Let your loved ones and friends bring out their well-prepared cuisines with this Personalized Oven Mitt. Each mitt has a pocket that is perfect to fill with a baking mix and spatula, fresh baked cookies, cookie cutters and sprinkles, a gift card, etc. Now the holiday will be merrier and safer, in style.

    15. The Babes Box

    The usual gift for occasions is accessories and pieces of jewelry. So giving away a hideout for those precious stones such as this The Babes Box will be wise and nice. Made from leatherette material, this elegant box can be used to store multiple rings, earrings, and bracelets/necklaces. Its size is perfect for the cabinet, the table even on a tote bag as it can also be nice to bring when traveling. This box comes in white and pink, and it can be personalized with either Black, Gold Foil, or Rose Gold Foil text color.

    14. Personalized Christmas Coaster

    When the drinking session starts and all the glasses are being lifted here and there, it will be a cute and funny sight to see a Personalized Christmas Coaster every time someone takes a sip. This coaster. Measures 95x95 mm and are corked-backed. Made of cork and wood, these coasters can double as a family sign for Christmas as they can be personalized in the cutest way possible. You can have an avatar for each of your family and label it with their names for better recognition. Families and groups will love a gift like this.

    13. Clutch Lady

    A time to look sleek is always NOW. This Clutch Lady is one of the most flexible accessories you can give your lady friends on a holiday. This chic shoulder piece has a metal chain to hang from the body with glamour and style. The metal clasp closure simply adds to the ease of access for bag essentials and it can be personalized with up to a maximum of 12 characters, space included. Stylish, useful, functional, and elegant, this simple yet classy tote is a pride to carry and to give.

    12. Metal Sculpture Figurines 

    Christmas is a time for family, so when you think of giving an entire family a gift that will please them all, you might want to give this Metal Sculpture Figurines. The family scene comes with 1 or 2 adults and your choice of 0 to 4 children, packaged in a wooden box with straw. Flip the box over to show the engraved front creating a shelf for your little family. So whether your recipient just started a family of their own or they are already a big one, this sculpture is a great way to showcase that to guests and each other all year round.

    11. Personalized Christmas Ball 

    A Christmas ball that hangs in a tree is cute enough, but fill it up with your choice of embellishment and put the names of each of your loved ones including their initials, like this Personalized Christmas Ball and it will be more extravagant. The name vinyl color comes in Red, Grey, Rose Gold, and many more, while the initial vinyl color also comes with several choices such as Blue, Pink, and Lilac. Choose whichever color fits and matches the color of your Christmas Tree and the theme of your house decoration.

    10. Personalized Custom Wood Pen with Gift Box 

    When all the gifts have been given, a thank you note will be in order. That goes for some occasions, but for Christmas, writing is always part of gift-giving. Whether writing a label for the gift of making a card, scribbles are a must. That being said, a Personalized Custom Wood Pen with Gift Box may be a timely and essential gift for anyone and everyone. This pen comes with a box engraved with a personal message so more than handing a gift that will make them write a heartwarming message, they will read a heartfelt one too.

    9. Initial in My Hear



    A necklace such as this Initial in My Heart is a gift that knows no season. It may be a graduation, birthday, wedding, or Christmas gift and it will still be useful and beautifully accepted as it is. It is like saying that the person, whose initial hangs in the 20” chain, will always be in your heart. So whoever she may be, whatever occasion it is, this gift will always be personal. The rose heart pendant is embellished with Rhinestone. This necklace comes with a jewelry card and a gift box.

    8. Gnome Family Personalized Pillowcase

    Whether it is for the bedroom or living room pillow, this Gnome Family Personalized Pillowcase will no doubt add to the merriment of the occasion. This 12in x 20in pillowcase is personalized with family members printed on each of the gnome’s faces. If you prefer the whole family name to be added, it may also be printed to make the pillows it will case more welcoming and cheerful.

    7. My Initial Keychain

    Never underestimate the power of declaration and claiming, give away this My Initial Keychain to any loved one or friend on Christmas and expect and pray for them to receive a gift that will need keys it will hold. A car, a house, even just a locked jewelry box, there is no harm in wishing. After all, whether they get the desired gift or not, they will still be left with a fun and chic faux fur keychain that can be an added accessory to handbags and clutches more than carrying keysets.

    6. Personalized Purse 

    Some gifts come on paper, that have extreme value. Let your loved ones keep those bills in a classy purse that measures 18cm x 10cm x 2cm and has a zip-close with heart and tassel embellishment. This Personalized Purse comes in Pink, Black, Grey, and Green. It can even be personalized with a name of your choice using heat transfer vinyl for a permanent finish. Writing can be finished in various color options including Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Grey, Pink, Red, Light Pink or Dark Pink.

    5. Pretty in Pink Koozie

    Girls drink as much too and they like their beer cold as much as possible. So for your party-loving and drinking aficionado lady friends, this Pretty in Pink Koozie is a sleek and cool gift. This easy-to-grip koozie is trimmed with shiny silver rims and a matching engraved silver-toned oval, which can be personalized with a name, date, and/or phrase of your choice. Holds a 12 ounce or an even larger can.

    4. Personalized Christmas Mug

    Hot cocoas on a chilly Christmas day will be more enjoyed with this Personalized Christmas Mug. This ceramic mug is designed and printed using professional sublimation inks, and heat pressed to permanently place the print on the product. It has a high gloss finish and the image is printed on both sides of the mug. So it does not matter which side you drink, your cute avatar or caricature will be seen and will warm hearts like its content.

    3. Personalized Family Christmas Pajamas

    Christmas entails vacation and free time. Most of those times are spent sleeping and resting, so why not make your loved ones rest and stay at home with these Personalized Family Christmas Pajamas together with their family? T-shirt sizes come from small to 3XL and it even has an infant suit available to join the matching outfits. Start being creative on what you want to print in this set. Whether it is “Christmas Crew” or “Holiday Buddies” so long as the entire family wears it, it will be beautiful.

    2. Custom Christmas Bauble

    Add this Custom Christmas Bauble with laser-cut names of your family member to the stockings in your chimney or give it away to loved ones for them to hang on their own homes. This bauble is a nice addition to any Christmas tree or it can stand alone as a hanging decoration around the house. After all, this dainty piece made from various materials already exudes the Christmas charm to make any house merrier during the season. 

    1. Quad for Red 

    Toast to the year that is about to end and say cheers to the coming one with a classy clink using this Quad for Red glass set in your Christmas celebration. This set of 4 Personalized Red Wine Glasses are specially designed for that favorite red vintage, pleasing the wine connoisseur in your life. Attractively personalized with a classic-styled initial, these glasses are sturdy yet delicate and make a great family gift and group present to prepare them for a grand toast.