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    17 Cute Bridesmaid Pashminas & Shawls

    Pashminas and Shawls are famous in weddings, cocktail events, or any occasion that needs a stylish cover-up or classy addition to an already outstanding outfit. Bridesmaids deserve the best ones that you can offer especially as they stand with you when you say, “I do”. To aid you in choosing the most fitting pashmina and shawl for your bride squad, here is a list of 17 Best Bridesmaid Pashminas and Shawls.

    17. Monogrammed Pashminas 

    Monogrammed Pashminas make for an awesome bridesmaid gift and added outfit. They are extra soft, super cozy, and can be an added accessory to the bride squad attires that have been set for them. Monograms at the end of each piece make this gift more heartwarming as it is versatile. It may be worn over the shoulder as a cover-up, as a cozy scarf, like a poncho, or worn around the neck as a traditional scarf for a simple errand.

    16. Turkish Wedding Shawl 

    Your bride squad may be asked to wear a simple dress and this Turkish Wedding Shawl  will be the embellishment they will need to stand out in the crowd but not to overshadow the bride. Made in the city famous for its silk from ancient times, this shawl is crafted with Ottoman tulip patterns and authentic tile art named “çini” patterns. This beautiful piece of art in a garment is made of silk so it may be a soft and pretty embrace from you to your gal pals.

    15. Oversized Light Multicolor Mulberry Silk Shawl

    This Oversized Light Multicolor Mulberry Silk Shawl may be a great gift idea for your bridesmaids even before the wedding day. Not only can they use this colorful scarf as a cover-up for their strapless gowns, but also, they may match it with other garments as they throw you a bridal shower. Now, some of them can wear jeans and a tank top, shorts and a white shirt or a plain dress, and embellish their outfits with an astonishing mixture of hue. Plus, should your wedding fall in the summer, this piece may be used as a pareu. The beach will be flooded with color and your love, for your friends. 

    14. Soft Warm Cashmere Pashmina Scarf

    It’s getting cold in here, it’s time to throw in a cashmere! Should your wedding fall in a cold but not necessarily freezing season, this Soft Warm Cashmere Pashmina Scarf is the best bridesmaid gift you can hand over to those ladies. It will keep them warm, and it will keep them styled. This fine Nepalese Cashmere is incredibly soft and lightweight. It looks elegant with a dress as a shawl or wrap and any girl can rock this fashionably with a casual outfit.

    13. Wedding Faux Fur Shawl with Brooch 

    In case you plan to say “I do” in the snow like Phoebe Buffay of Friends, you may want to consider giving your bride squad this Wedding Faux Fur Shawl with Brooch . Made of high-quality faux fur, this shawl is warm and soft enough to protect your shoulder from the cold outside. It comes with a brooch to add more style to the already fashionable look of this fluffy cover-up. Now your ladies can be kept warm while projecting a classy and elegant attire in the cold.

    12. Bridal Shawls in Ivory with Light Champagne French Lace

    You will probably be wearing a white and lacy dress at your wedding, and you want your ladies to somehow have the feeling of wearing the same attire without upstaging you. If that is the case, these Bridal Shawls in Ivory with Light Champagne French Lace will be the right choice for them. It is lace, it is white, but it has a touch of light champagne hue that sets the bridesmaids apart from the bride. This chic gift is made from quality materials and was detailed with French lace.

    11. Women's Shawls Wraps

    A shawl that covers and embellishes an outfit without the need for constantly keeping it together? Now that is a treat for your bridesmaids. This Women's Shawls Wraps is made of sheer chiffon is flowy, lightweight, and is soft to the skin. It has an open front design and can be worn long, knotted, looped, twisted, or doubled around the neck. Your bride squad just needs to hang it up for a few days after hand washing it or steam it and all the wrinkles from the wash, folding and shipping will be fallen out of it.

    10. Floral Lace Scarf Shawl with Tassels


    With excellent coverage and sufficient length, this Floral Lace Scarf Shawl with Tassels covers your shoulders & arms perfectly and gives your hands freedom. It is light and soft, and it is easy to carry. Made from Polyester, this shawl offers style, comfort, and breathability. Elegance and fashion will be intact as this skin-friendly shawl allows your bridesmaids to wear it without any discomfort for a long time. Perfect for your bride squad who will go up and about to make your wedding a success while maintaining their pretty appearance.

    9. Sparkling Metallic Shawls with Buckle


    Worry not if your bridesmaid dresses are strapless and plain in color, this Sparkling Metallic Shawls with Buckle will make them shine in the morning and mostly in the evening as the light touches them. Made with 100% Polyester, this shawl is light, thin, and easily fits in the purse. Your ladies may go bare shoulder in the morning but as the celebration stretches at night, they may pull out this cover-up to give them extra warmth in the cold. A free scarf buckle is included to help hold the shawl in place and add a special fancy touch. 

    8. Red Paisley Pashmina Shawl 

    Bring out the vibrant side of your gal pals and make them wear a white shirt and any lower garment, throw in this Red Paisley Pashmina Shawl  and smile for your photoshoot. Bridesmaids can wear the scarf you will give them even before and after the wedding. The only requirement for a great bridesmaid pashmina or shawl is that it must be beautiful. This pashmina surely fits that and more. It is lightweight and soft and is easy to carry in a purse or a tote.

    7. Soft Mesh & Draping Fringe Shawl Wraps 

    Worry not in choosing a perfect shawl for your plus-size friends as this Soft Mesh & Draping Fringe Shawl Wraps  will be a perfect partner for their outfit and their bodies. With excellent coverage and enough length, the loose sleeve covers the not so skinny shoulders & arms perfectly and gives hands freedom. Whether the ones wearing this are big, medium, or slim, this beautiful, oversized shawl can conceal their shortcomings and highlight your body advantages.

    6. Chiffon Evening Wedding Pashmina


    Let’s say your wedding celebration stretched until evening, you don’t have to worry, your ladies will be literally, covered. This Chiffon Evening Wedding Pashmina is available in navy, blue, grey, mint green, and coffee so you may choose which color aligns with your wedding theme. It is perfect for all seasons especially Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In the morning or afternoon, it will cover your bridesmaids from the sun without bringing discomfort to their skin and in the evening, it will protect them from cold as it covers their exposed parts.

    5. Soft Shawls and Wraps Capelets for Bridesmaid

    Bring the sexy spirit in your bridesmaids while still being elegant and stylish with this Soft Shawls and Wraps Capelets for Bridesmaid. They can wear a strapless, halter, crisscross or slim strapped dress and top it with this cape that will not scandalously flaunt their skins but will subtly show their female features. This shawl is available in various colors that will adapt to your wedding theme and motif. It is lightweight, soft, smooth, comfortable, and breathable. Plus, it allows hands to be free while nailing the look your girls want to achieve.

    4. Silk Cashmere Feel Shawls 

    Give an artwork and a comfortable garment to your beloved bridesmaids when you hand them these Silk Cashmere Feel Shawls . Made of 100% Polyester, this garment is cozy and warm. It can be used not only as a scarf, poncho, or shawl but also as a stole to keep shoulders warm and a head wrap to block out the light and look stylish at the same time. This kind of multi-functional wear is great for cool evenings, chilly mornings, and air-conditioned places.

    3. Rhinestones Pashmina Shawls


    The ladies who said “yes” to being a part of your bride team are precious to you and they deserve nothing but the best gift from you as well. This Rhinestones Pashmina Shawls levels up the elegance and beauty of a typical pashmina with its precious stone embellishment. An eye-catching cover-up and addition to your bridesmaids’ outfits will be an appreciated scenario on your special day. This chiffon fabric is smooth, lightweight and will make an elegant draping on the shoulders of anyone wearing it bringing an extraordinary feel and visuals.

    2. Wedding Cape Fringed Shawl Wrap

    Some women have a thing for vintage and if you and your bridesmaids are one of them, then this Wedding Cape Fringed Shawl Wrap is the right cover-up and “thank you” token. This vintage 1920’s wraps are embellished with sequin flower trim and scallop edge detail, and it comes in various classic colors. Gorgeous on any occasion and season, this lovely lightweight scarf that has a see-through lace is great for spring, summer, winter, and fall. The intricacy of its design and the comfortability of its wear makes this fitting for a day-to-night wedding celebration.

    1. Winter Wedding Shawl Wrap


    Unleash the inner Audrey Hepburn in all your bridesmaids as you hand them this stunning Winter Wedding Shawl Wrap. Made of premium and soft faux fur with silky lining inside, this cover brings elegance as it warms during a chilly day or night. The size of this shawl shall fully cover the elbow and is big enough to fit plus size ladies. No worries about this garment falling as it cannot be easily detached from the body with its 2 pairs of hooks that hold the faux fur right on the shoulder.