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    17 Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas for Your Bridal Party

    When it comes to all things wedding and makeup, things can get really diverse. From retro smoky eyes and skinny brows, to barely-there natural looks to super glam sheen, your bridesmaids will never run out of makeup ideas to choose from. Let your favorite ladies natural beauty shine through with make up ideas that are sure to complement their personal styles and your wedding theme too. A piece of advice, a photo reference of how they would like their makeup done will be helpful in speeding up the process. Make sure your ready to hand them a makeup look to mimic. 

    Here are 17 bridesmaid makeup ideas for your bridal party:

    17. Smoky Eye


    Your girls may want a sultry evening look. Let them opt for a smoky eye shadow. A smoky eyeshadow is generally gray or black eyeshadow that is blended to look smoky. This makeup idea is perfect for an evening wedding with darker colored bridesmaid dresses. Smoky blending techniques don’t have to be limited to basic black shadows. Your ladies may also use nude hues for the smoky eye look.

    16. Natural Bridesmaid Makeup


    If your girls are aiming for a soft bridesmaid makeup look, the Natural Bridesmaid Makeup will be perfect for them. Let them use medium-coverage foundation (which will give the perfect balance of a natural- and flawless-finish), fill in brows, and add mascara to the lashes. They may also dust blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a radiant look. If they are a fan of natural makeup, the can opt for a neutral color for the eye shadow and a neutral lip color to make their natural features stand out. 

    15. Rose Gold Bridesmaid Look



    Your favorite ladies may be wondering how to pull off rose gold bridesmaid makeup. Let them wonder no more! Rose gold is a universally flattering shade that’ll complement a wide range of skin tones and bridesmaid dress colors. Plus, it looks equally gorgeous on the eyes, as a highlighter or blush, and on the lips.

    14. Dewy Look


    Inspired by famous Korean novela's, your ladies love the lit-from-within glow.  Add a pearlescent liquid illuminator into your foundation for a naturally dewy look. A dewy makeup look will have your bridesmaids looking fresh and radiant. This velvety finish will look beautiful in real life and for photos.

    13. Brown-Hued Beauty



    This Brown-Hued Beauty makeup has all the goods. From the range of shimmery and matte taupe shades that are adorning the lids, crease, and brow bone to the creamy neutral lip color, there’s a lot to love here—a perfect fit for a day filled with love with your bridesmaids! 

    12. Go for Gold Eyeshadow



    Add a bit of sparkle to the make-up looks of your bridesmaids by opting for a golden palette. For that glittery eye makeup, look for a gold color that compliments your bridesmaid dresses. The shade of gold that you choose may be different depending on if you want a darker or lighter look. Their faces will sparkle and glow for your special day.

    11. Full Glam


    This full glam look will take plenty of time to complete and typically needs to be done by a professional makeup artist. Golds, silvers, and bronzes are perfect makeup looks for formal and sophisticated weddings. Shimmery eyeshadow and glossy lips will look elegant with perfectly contoured cheekbones. Make sure you start early in the morning so that you get everyone’s makeup done on time!

    10. A Matte Base


    Matte shadows and makeup create a clean, elegant base. If your ladies prefer a matte finish that offers no shine and look dry on the skin, this one is best for them. Ladies with combination or oily skin generally love a matte foundation. It can reduce the appearance of pores and won't look greasy. Plus, it won't make their skin look dull but will keep it from looking greasy.

    9. Monochromatic Look



    They love the Monochromatic Look. It is both classic and elegant. Match the rosy tone of their dress to their makeup by using neutral lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. To complement their blush tulle bridesmaid dresses, choose a similarly rosy monochromatic makeup look. This trendy technique keeps the eye, cheek, and lip makeup shades all in the same color family and is often rocked by celebs and bridesmaids, alike.

    8. Glitter Bomb


    The Glitter Bomb make up style is perfect for a glamorous ballroom wedding, complete with custom wedding favors. This gorgeous, glittery eye makeup will have the entire bridal party looking radiant. If they enjoy glittery eye makeup, look for a gold color that compliments your bridesmaid dresses. The shade of gold that you choose may be different depending on if you want a darker or lighter look. 

    7. Classic Red Lip


    Want a pop of color for your bridesmaids makeup look? Then choose a posy lip color like red. If you want a more bold makeup choice, you can opt for more vampy lip colors like dark red or black. This classic shade can turn any bridesmaid into an Old Hollywood starlet! Plus, it looks lovely with nearly any dress color. 

    6. Subtle Contour

    Natural glow takes center stage with the Subtle Contour makeup style. It will expertly shape the face. Use a light contour for a natural makeup look. If you like a more dramatic makeup look, you can also contour the nose or around the forehead. Blend bronzer right beneath your cheekbones, onto your temples and below your jawline for a polished look. This look will bring shine through highlights and subtle definition.

    5. Super-Sharp Eyeliner

    Keep the overall vintage vibe with this oh-so-pretty makeup idea! Let your bridesmaids wear a bombshell eyeliner, coupled with their vampy lip colors. If you’re a novice with the eyeliner, an ultra-fine felt-tip eyeliner pen will have you mastering the look in no time.

    4. Moody, Fall Makeup


    You're planning a fall or winter wedding with unique fall or winter inspired inspired wedding favors for your guests. The muted palette is suitable no matter the wedding theme or season, bolder, deeper colors and metallic formulas are a perfect match for fall and winter weddings. The amethyst-inspired purple tones would also be an unexpected touch. A burgundy eyeshadow colors like burgundy can also be great for a fall makeup look. Darker colors can look great with certain dress colors too.

    3. Classic Bridesmaid Makeup


    There's now ay you can go wrong with the classic bridesmaid makeup! The classic look is timeless and elegant!  Sophisticated and dramatic, it focuses on eye liner, brows, lips and lashes.This look is perfect for almost any wedding venue. Use a clean eyeliner, subtle shades of brown, and a soft lipstick for a totally chic and refined look of your bridesmaids.

    2. Sunshine Sheen

    Your bridesmaids would love a pearlescent glow to the skin! Check out this golden goddess! The light-reflecting golden eyeshadow and glossy lip shine brightens up the entire complexion and is bound to pop in wedding photos. This will definitely give your bridesmaids that natural, youthful look. 

    1. Purple Bridesmaid Makeup Look


    Go matchy-matchy purple with your bridesmaids dress and a purple bridesmaid makeup look. The purple eyeshadow is perfect especially for your brown eyed bridesmaids. Have your artist use purple eyeshadow on your lids and top it off with a dark purple eyeliner. You can also use products like a high-shine mauve lip color to incorporate purple hues into their makeup look. 


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