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    13 Bridesmaid Hangers for Your Bride Tribe

    Everyone will be dressed to impress on your big day!!!! And so, why not start with making those gowns hang elegantly on customized bridesmaid hangers. Imagine the picture perfect getting ready time with your bridesmaids with hangers with matching ribbons that go with your wedding motif. You will be delighted looking at those photos way after your wedding day! This gift would be a functional and sentimental gift rolled into one.  Make sure you will make a mark on their closets when they get home with these bridesmaid hangers.

    Here are 13 of the best bridesmaid hangers you can choose from: 

    13. Single Line Wire Name Hanger

    This Single Line Wire Name Hanger is solid wood and is strong enough to hold heavy wedding dresses. Each hanger is 17.5 inches across and have notches to hang your strapless dresses. The thick aluminum wire used is malleable, so please keep in mind to handle with care. It is uniquely designed and is the best gift for your wedding party. 

    12. Personalized Laser Cut Resin Hangers

    These Personalized Laser Cut Resin Hangers are like no other. Made from cast acrylic resin, you can choose to have them engraved, or engraved and back printed with  Floral or Vine artwork. These Resin Hangers provide a much larger area to personalize than typical wood hangers. You can do two or three lines for the center only, just as the pictures show. 

    11. Hang By Me

    These Hang By Me bridesmaid hangers feature carved notches to help prevent slippage of your delicate garments, and the curved shape and modern hook style add just the right amount of elegance. It is a perfect way to show off your gorgeous gown in your wedding photos too! These hangers make a wonderful keepsake gift that your bridesmaids will love and can actually use even after your wedding day.

      10. Wooden Engraved Hanger


      This Wooden Engraved Hanger is personalized with the name of your wedding party for a special gift. You may place these bridesmaid hangers with the bridal wedding dress for an unforgettable picture. It's one functional and sentimental gift rolled into one. 

      9. Engraved Bridesmaid Hanger

      These Engraved Bridesmaid Hangers come in a set of 5 personalized hangers made with love for your unique & special occasion. It's a fantastic gift idea for bride and groom, your wonderful bridesmaids, flower girls, best men as well as for mothers of the bride/groom. These personalized wedding hangers will give the luxurious final touch to your wedding party preparations. 

      8. Dress Me Up

      These Dress Me Up hangers are the perfect way to present your pretty robe gifts on your wedding day! It is the perfect addition to your special day. Each hanger is personalized with the bridesmaid's name. These hangers were designed specifically for bridesmaid dresses. It is also made from natural hardwood and with a hard set vinyl lettering.  

      7. Hangers for Bridesmaids

      These Hangers for Bridesmaids are laser engraved and perfect as bridesmaid gift for weddings. The hanger can be engraved at the center and on the arm. You can choose from light brown or white colors depending on your preference and wedding motif. It's one gift that will forever be treasured by your favorite girls. 

      6. Hanging Pretty

      This Hanging Pretty wedding party hanger is just too beautiful not to flaunt. The slanted arms design of this hanger is meant to be gentle on delicate fabrics. Notched shoulders are perfect for hanging straps and security loops. It’s also made with top quality and classic chrome swivel hook as well as a hard satin gloss coat. These hangers come with names. Nothing can make it more personal than that.

      5. Wedding Party Gift

      This Wedding Party Gift of hangers will forever be treasured by your bridesmaids. This hanger is 17" wide with shoulder notches and swivel silver hook. It comes in natural color and can be customized with permanent vinyl letterings (not engraved). All names, titles and dates will be written in color chosen (1 color) writing. Dates will be written with six numbers such as 06.15.19.

      4. Custom Wedding Hangers

      These Custom Wedding Hangers will definitely spruce up your wedding! With these handmade and customized hangers for your beautiful day, getting ready day would never be the same. Needless to say, your gowns would look picture perfect while beautifully displayed with these hangers.  

      3. Hand Lettered Bridesmaid Gift

      These Hand Lettered Bridesmaid Gift hangers make a great gift to give to your best girls who will be standing by your side on your big day. They look beautiful in getting ready pictures! Each hanger is lettered with white ink by hand (no vinyl or stickers are used) and can include the name, title and wedding date. The hangers are made with a sturdy acrylic and measure 17.4 x 0.5 x 9.4 inches. They have a chrome hook and include notches on each end to easily hang straps. The lettering on the hangers is completely customizable! 

      2. Bridesmaid Hanger

      This Bridesmaid Hanger is decorated with a satin hand tied bow. It's a luxury keepsake to create a unique photo opportunity on your wedding day. It is also a unique gift for your bridal party. The hangers can be made to incorporate several color schemes to showcase your bridal party dresses, and will be on full display when your photographer takes a pic of  your dresses whilst they hang until you're ready.

      1. Wedding Hangers

      These Wedding Hangers would be perfect for your big say! Each hanger is personalized with the name of your wedding party in one of the options: bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, matron of honor, and flower girl. Note that the size of names will differ based on the number of characters in the name.