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    Bridesmaid Gifts – The Ultimate Guide

    Bridesmaid Gifts: So you’re getting closer and closer to that magical day. Congrats!

    You’ve picked your dream dress, the perfect location and most importantly the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with.

    You’ve picked out the flowers, created the seating charts, chose the wedding favors, tasted a few different desserts, started to practice your first dance, and chose the gals who stand by your side on your big day.

    But what gifts do you get those special ladies who have helped you through all that planning and who will be there to share with you one of the most memorable days you will ever experience?

    You want to get them something really nice, but let’s face it – there are only so many hours in a day to do all the planning that has gone into your big day.

    You definitely can’t forget those special gals.

    They are, after all, the girls that have been a part of your life leading up to your wedding, will be standing by your side on your big day, and will hopefully share many more memories throughout your life.

    Here we share our top 14 most popular Bridesmaid Gifts to give you a few helpful ideas on what to give your bridesmaids.

    Our criteria for our list is that these gifts must be thoughtful, beautiful, uniqueand affordable.

    Ok...let's not wait any longer…

    (drum roll please….) if you are so excited that you can't scroll through all the details,  here’s a summary of our top Bridesmaid Gifts – click on your favorite! 


    1) Bridesmaid Gift Boxes 2) Bridal Robes 3) Bridesmaid Jewelry
    4) Tumblers 5) Totes 6) Wine Labels
    7) Clutches 8)  Wine & Champagne Glasses 9) Cosmetic Bags
    10) Caricature Gifts 11) Leather Gifts 12) Flasks & Shot Glasses
    13) Maid of Honor Gifts 14) Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts


    Bridesmaid Gifts – Gift Box

    Bridesmaid Gift Box

    Gift boxes are a wonderful bridesmaid gift to say thank you for standing by your side. We recommend a gift box that has a couple really nice products like this Sip in Style gift box. Not only does it come in a beautiful and sturdy personalized gift box but it also includes a beautiful robe that can be featured in your pre-wedding photos and a lovely tumbler to sip any beverage.  One thing we love to see in any of our bridesmaid gifts is the ability to personalize them and this gift box definitely delivers that.  Not only can you personalize the gift box with your bridesmaid's name, but you can also add her initial on the robe and wine cup.  What makes this even more fabulous is that you get all 3 of these items for under $50.

    Others we recommend would be these below: (click on image for more)

    Bridesmaid Gift Box - Shawl and Journal Bridesmaid Gift Box with wine cup and robe 

    Bridesmaid Gift Box with journal, candle, and keepsake box 

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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Robes

    They say giving robes really isn’t the “in” thing. But who said you can only give your bridesmaids the “in” thing? With all the robes available online, and how they look so comfy and picture perfect on the bride and her bridesmaids, who can resist not having to buy a whole set for her bride tribe. Your bridesmaids have been working hard since day 1 of your wedding preparation in order to come up with the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Giving them this fabulous Rosebella Bridesmaid Robes to wear after a hectic day will allow them to have the relaxation and pampering they need. Robes are simply the perfect gift for your bridesmaids especially for the getting ready time on your wedding day.
    There are also gift boxes that pair the robe with special items like an elegant necklace, a modern tumbler, champagne flutes, hair ties and even flip flops.
    Choose from a variety of colors, fabric and style. You can even personalize it by having each robe monogrammed. 
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    Bridesmaid Gifts – Jewelry

     A jewelry gift signifies that solid connection you’ve always had with your bridesmaids. After all, they are long-time friends who have shared the ups and downs of life with you even before they come part of your bride tribe. Share that strong bond by giving her a gift she can use on your wedding day and even long after your wedding is over. More than just remembering your wedding, your jewelry gift is something to remind her the special connection you have with her.
    This Pearl of Hearts Necklace is one gift that perfectly expresses that connection. For all the support and the times she has stood by your side, not even as your bridesmaid but as a longtime friend, she truly deserves this gift. With a soft, beautiful touch especially when worn with her gown, this is one gift she’s sure to wear long after your wedding. Personalize it with her initials and you
    would have made it extra special for her.
    Check out other special bridesmaid jewelry gifts like bracelets, earrings or go for a full set of necklace and earrings and jewelry box below:




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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Tumblers

    Giving her a stylish yet functional gift certainly shows how much you care and appreciative you are for all the time and resources she’s put in to your wedding preparation. After a tiring day of errands, she can easily quench her thirst as she pulls this lovely from her tote bag.  What’s even better is that when you get to meet with your bride tribe and they have this tumbler with them, you instantly have a picture perfect moment that you simply can’t resist. Have a look at this Grey Floral Tumbler that’s perfect for your spring or summer wedding. You never have to worry about your bridesmaids getting thirsty again. This item is stylish, durable and safe. It will certainly stay with them a long time.

    No matter what your wedding theme is, bridesmaid tumblers can easily blend with it with a choice of silver, gold, floral and even smoked type.



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     Bridesmaid Gifts - Totes


    They say it's a woman's best friend. Indeed it is! No matter where she's headed - a party by the beach, a night out with friends or simply a busy errand day with the rest of your bride tribe,there will always be a tote bag she can easily bring with her. What's best is she can have it match with her outfit too! Being your bridesmaid should make her feel extra special. Get her this Name Tote Bag to let her know she's one special friend you would not be without on your wedding day. This functional gift can carry all her bridesmaid essentials on your wedding day or even on days when she has to put on the bridesmaid hat and do errands or simply hang out with you. 

    Get her a bridesmaid tote bag that suits her lifestyle. Choose from the type of material - canvas or microfiber and with the kind of design that perfectly matches her preference.   



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     Bridesmaid Gifts - Wine Labels

    If you always want to be on the safe side of gift giving, you will never go wrong with a bottle of wine. And if you're the type who would rather write what you wanted to say, then let your bottle of wine do the asking. Or you may also  express your gratitude for all the help and support your bride tribe has extended for your wedding though these beautiful wine labels. Your spring or summer  wedding matched with this Flower Power Wine Label would be the perfect gift for your bridesmaid.  

    Asking her to be your bridesmaid has never been this easy and yet special. The same goes for saying thank you to these precious friends. Whether you’re giving her favorite wine or champagne in 187 ml min split bottles or the full size 750ml, these bridesmaid wine labels are the perfect size. You also have a variety of designs to choose from depending on your wedding theme.  



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     Bridesmaid Gifts - Clutches

     Not all your wedding events would call for a tote bag. There will be more formal or even casual set ups that would not require them to bring a lot of stuff. A lovely and stylish clutch bag would be perfect for these events. Check out this Canvas Clutch complete with the wordings "Team Bride" and one that becomes a picture perfect item when carried by your bride tribe on pre-wedding events or even on your getting ready time on the day of your wedding. Stylish and functional, this clutch allows your bride tribe to carry all of their wedding day essentials. It features a zippered opening, a golden pull and a beautiful design. It is definitely the ideal gift for your wedding and bachelorette parties.

    Leather, canvas, striped or floral, there's always a bridesmaid clutch that perfectly fits each of your bridesmaid. Have them engraved with their name or initials to make it extra special.  



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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Wine & Champagne Glasses

    Whether you’re about to ask her to be your bridesmaid or just want to spend time to thank her for being part of your bride tribe, these wine and champagne glasses are simply perfect for the celebration. Party on with your bridesmaids with these Personalized Stemless Wine Cups that doesn’t just look good from the outside. It is vacuum insulated and can keep your wine or any drink cold even when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day. It can hold up to 12 oz or two standard glasses of wine and can be personalized by engraving your bridesmaids name on it.    

    It’s time to take a break from all the stressful preparations! Get those bridesmaid wine and champagne glasses out and get the party started. Choose from champagne flutes in matte black or glass, stemless travel tumblers, stemless wine glasses or cups. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you're sure that your bridesmaid will definitely be using this each time she reaches for her favorite wine. 



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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Cosmetic Bags

    She would really be appreciative of your thoughtfulness as you present your bridesmaids with these beautifully designed cosmetic bags. She will definitely be happy to have a new home for all her wedding essentials. Have a look at this fabulous gift choice as your way of saying thank you to your bride tribe. This Monogrammed Floral Cosmetic Tote Bag perfectly fits your spring or summer wedding. Personalized with her initials, you can even choose the color nearest to your bridesmaid’s preference. This cosmetic bag is simple and practical and just the right size to hold her makeup essentials.  

    Choose from a variety of materials (velvet or canvas) and designs (quilted, Moroccan lattice, striped, glen plaid). You can even choose the ones that can be carried easily and hang for optimal accessibility. These bridesmaid cosmetic bags  will certainly help your bride tribe get organized on her essentials not just for your wedding day but for as long as she can keep this functional and practical gift from you.



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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Caricature Gifts

    While it's okay to put the initials or the first name on the gift you have specially prepared for your bridesmaid, nothing beats seeing their own faces via digitally printed caricatures. Want the unique type of gift? Then your search ends here. Check out this Bridesmaid Flask that is sure to deliver that one of a kind gift as your bride tribe sees their own cartoon printed on their flask. It also comes with their name and the date of your wedding. Just send in their pictures and a draft would be made ready for your approval. What’s more is that you get to have a digital format of their caricatures for future use.

    Have their caricatures placed on a flask, a wine tumbler, mason jars and even coffee mugs. These bridesmaid caricature gifts will make them remember fond memories of your wedding and one that is sure to bring smiles on their faces. 



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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Leather Gifts

    If you want a gift that can last a lifetime, then think of presenting your bridesmaids with leather gifts. It’s stylish and durable, she’s sure to always travel in style. Have a look at this Leather Me Up Backpack that is made for your bridesmaid who’s always ready for the next adventure. Perfect to carry all her accessories, it can be used at work, visiting the gym and practically anywhere she wants to go. But it is indeed most useful on your special day. Toiletries, accessories, makeup, jewelries, name it and she has it all in this bag. It can even be engraved with her name or initials.     

    Help your bridesmaid get organized with a variety of leather gifts to choose from. Organize her business card through a leather card holder wallet. Does she love to write then the leather journal would be perfect for her. You can even give her that leather tote bag with the signature leather wallet inside. She'd be definitely delighted with your gift! 



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    Bridesmaid Gifts - Flasks & Shot Glasses


    Time to think of a gift that’s fun and exciting! You and your bride tribe simply love to celebrate even your little victories. Celebrate with your bridesmaids with these flasks and shot glasses. Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving this Personalized Stainless Steel Pink Flask and Shot Glasses. Make it extra special by placing her name, wedding title and the date of your wedding. The permanent finish symbolizes just how you would treasure her friendship and her being part of the fond memories of your wedding.  

    Choose the perfect bridesmaid flask and shot glasses depending on your bridesmaid’s personality and style preference. Have a look at the amazing and creative designs  of these flasks - camouflaged in pink, vertical calligraphy, simply in pink, double purpose bangle flask, and the glitzy type. There's even a pink leather koozie that's sure to keep her favorite drink cold whatever the celebration may be.     



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    Maid of Honor Gifts

    She’s the closest friend you’ve ever had. She’s witnessed the worst and best parts of your life. And while there’s no need to get so formal on asking her to be your maid of honor (you already know she will say yes) it’s always good to let her know how much you want her to be part of your wedding day and make her feel extra special. With the Total Chic Wine Label, bring her favorite bottle of wine and let it do the asking on your behalf. This label is designed with a black and white background with matching colorful flowers. Make this moment even more special by spending time to celebrate over a glass of wine.  

    Check out these special and fabulous line up of maid-of-honor gifts: Precious time pendant necklace, Heart bracelet, Pearl necklace, Compact mirror, Pashmina scarf and a Chic candle on a beautifully designed tin.  



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    Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts


    You’ve been blessed with a set of friends who are more like your sisters. And what better way to make them feel special than making them a part of your bride tribe. With them by your side, you will never have to worry about making preparations and coming up with your dream wedding. Just as they’ve been there for you in the past, you can be sure you can count on them on your special day. Show them your gratitude by handing them this beautifully made Wooden Gift Box that comes complete with a champagne flute and a ring dish. Personalize it with her name and the date of your wedding to make it extra special.   

    You can also choose from unique set of gifts like a caricature with your bride tribe, or foldable shoes she can use for the dance floor. There are also personalized tumblers, bags, jewelries and many more.    



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