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    Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for a Beach Wedding

    So you have planned your big day at a beach destination and are looking to incorporate some fun gifts for your bridesmaids.  These gifts will be a great addition to your wedding event.  Our suggestion is to start off with a really nice tote bag or cooler that your bridesmaids will be able to reuse over and over again.  From there fill the totes with some of these fun ideas.


    Totes are essential for a trip to the beach.  These make a great gift that your bridesmaids can re-use over and over again regardless of the occasion.  Starting off with a great tote as a gift allows you to fill it with some fun gifts that may be more geared towards your wedding events vs. something they will plan to use over and over again.  Here are a few choices of totes that would be ideal for a beach destination.


    Beach Group Caricature

    Everyone that has ordered a group caricature has raved about them and how there bridal parties could not stop talking about them.  You can order a group caricature with a beach background and your lovely ladies decked out in their best bathing suits.  For an extra touch, have them drawn with unique props that call out each of their personalities.



    This is a great alternative to the tote.  Everyone likes to bring some cold beverages and a snack to the beach.  Your bridesmaids would definitely find these personalized coolers to be a gift that they would use in the future.  Much like the totes, this a great gift to stuff with some of the fun items you would like to incorporate into your wedding events.



    Tumblers and Water Bottles

    I love the idea of giving your bridesmaids personalized tumblers or water bottles.  These are great gifts that are definitely practical.  I personally would lean towards having them personalized with their names and maybe the date of your wedding.  There are water bottles and tumblers that simply state bride and bridesmaid (yes we sell them) that you may want to buy because they will look really cute in photos (which they will).  However, recognize that your bridesmaids will most likely not find these to be practical for every day life.



    Tank Tops

    Another gift that makes for a great ‘stuffer’.  These bridal party tank tops will have your crew matching during your beach activities and look super cute in photos. While they probably won’t be worn out often after your wedding, they still make for nice lounge wear around the house.


    What girl couldn’t use another pair of sandals?  These make for a great gift that can be personalized with each of your bridesmaid’s names.  They will be sure to use them throughout your beach time during your wedding and hopefully many occasions after that.


    Picture Frame

    Another great item to put in your tote or cooler is a personalized bridesmaid picture frame.  A really cool added bonus would be if you had your beach themed group caricature displayed in the frame.



    Sunglasses are an item that I do not recommend spending much money on unless you know each bridesmaid’s style so well and are comfortable buying sunglasses that fit each of those unique styles.  Instead, we recommend having these be part of the “fun” gifts that you stuff in your tote or cooler.  These sunglasses will look super cute in photos and will not break the bank.

    Bridesmaid Gift - Sunglasses

    Beach Themed Jewelry

    This is a cute idea especially if you are actually getting married on the beach.  Giving your bridesmaids matching jewelry that brings the beach theme into your wedding attire will look super cute.  Pick out something that matches your wedding colors but that your bridesmaids will also love to wear in the future.

    Beach Jewlery

    Beach Towels

    Do you know anyone that doesn’t need a beach towel? I know I am one of those people that tends to have to buy a beach towel every time I go on vacation.  Why not give them a personalized beach towel that will most likely save them from this added expense and also be something that they could re-use in the future.  My friends gave me a beach towel when they were married on a cruise 10 ears ago and I still use it to this day.

    Bridal Beach Towel