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    17 Getting Ready Outfits for Your Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids get ready early on the wedding day. Sometimes they even get dressed and beautified first than the bride. Since their roles are not limited to just walking prim and pretty in the aisle, they need to prepare earlier and be ready to do some tasks like setting out the custom wedding favors to ensure the perfect wedding flow.

    Of course, they cannot go up and about while wearing their dress, so they need to wear something comfortable as they do their work while still being picture-worthy. To ensure that your bride squad will be wearing a convenient and pretty outfit as they get ready, you may want to consider giving the said attire to them as a gift.

    Here is a list of 17 Cute Getting Ready Outfits for Your Bridesmaids, so you may start deciding what to dress them with.

    17. Bridesmaid Flannel Shirt


    It’s not every day that your ladies get to wear a flannel garment. Make them transform into beautiful lovelies from this Bridesmaid Flannel Shirt to their bridesmaid dress and the transition will be adorable. This oversized button-up flannel sleep shirt is made of lightweight, soft and comfortable fabric and has a front pocket for essentials such as a cellphone and wallet that needs to be kept while bridesmaids are getting ready. These plaid-designed shirts are available in small to 2xl sizes.

    16. Leila Romper

    This Leila Romper is a perfect getting-ready outfit for a bride who wants to stand out, wearing something original, feminine with a subtle touch of flirty, and elegant along with her bridesmaid. Crafted from satin feel fabric that falls smoothly all over the body, this attire is finished with ruffled trims and includes a feminine ruffled hemline which makes it astonishingly flattering for every body type. The deep v-neckline is perfect for getting in and out after your hair and make-up have been done or when nature calls during the day.

    15. Bridesmaid Oxford Button-Down Shirt

    Be in and out of this Bridesmaid Oxford Button-Down Shirt in no time as it is one of the most convenient getting ready outfits there is. It is perfect for the bride and bridesmaids as they get their hair and makeup done and it is also a “go-to” cover-up for beach attires. Your ladies will not want to be running around in a revealing outfit all day long. It is customizable with 5 monogram styles to choose from and over 60 thread colors, you may pick. Monograms will be embroidered on the left side so your bridesmaids will grab the shirt you intend for them. The sizes available are extra small to extra-large.

    14. Slumberware 

    This Slumberware  made it to the list as it is a perfect bridal shower overnight attire, and it doubles as a getting-ready outfit for your bridesmaids. Since it is made of 94% cotton rayon and 6% spandex, you can guarantee that this will be one if not the most comfortable wear they may use as they get their hair and make-up done. Not only is this garment picture-worthy, but it is also customizable with up to 12 characters of name or title of your preference.

    13. Cami and Ruffle Shorts Getting Ready Outfit

    Talk about waking up like “this” (sexy and gorgeous), this Cami and Ruffle Shorts Getting Ready Outfit will make your bridesmaids wake up to an already astonishingly beautiful version of them. While this Cami set is nice sleeping wear, it can also be a getting-ready outfit especially if the wedding is the day after the overnight bridal shower. Since it is made of satin, it can easily slip in and out of your bridesmaids’ bodies when they need to change from that sleepwear to their gowns or dresses.  

    12. Simply Pretty Tank Top

    Simple and plain. As your bridesmaids get their hair and make-up done, get them on a top that is not only comfortable but also stylish. This Simply Pretty Tank Top is a slim-fit upper that is made of cotton and polyester blend. It can be matched with a skirt, jeans, any kind of pants, shorts or even just underwear if they want. Color options are Heather Black, White, Heather Peach, Heather Blue, Heather Dusty Rose, Heather Navy, and Heather Mint. Choose the one that best matches your wedding theme.

    11. Personalized Zip Hood


    Some girls like to wear thin garments while some just enjoy keeping their bodies warm especially during a cold season. So for those ladies who like to keep themselves covered as they get ready for the wedding, this Personalized Zip Hood is right for them. Made from cotton and polyester blend, this hoodie has raglan sleeves, twill neck tape, and an antique nickel zipper in the front that allows them to get in and out of it as they opt to.

    10. Tie-Dye Pajamas

    These Tie-Dye Pajamas are more than a getting-ready outfit as its design and wonderful visuals make it a “go-to” outfit for quick runs to the mall or a simple afternoon date. These suede feeling pajamas are so soft and cozy as they are also picture-worthy. It can be personalized with either a printed or embroidered title or role in the wedding.  Sizes available are from small to double extra-large depending on the color of choice.

    9. Bridesmaid Shirt


    It is what it is, a Bridesmaid Shirt. Because not only is it printed with “Bridesmaid” in front but also it serves your bride squad perfectly as they get ready for your wedding. Guests will not mistake them for anything else as they go up and about organizing your wedding needs like setting out the wedding favors while also maintaining their pretty look for when they walk down the aisle. This scoop-neck/ flowy fit ultra-soft t-shirt is available in white, grey, and black. It is made in a lightweight combed ring-spun and poly blend.

    8. Getting Ready Tube Romper

    Wear this Getting Ready Tube Romper in and out in a jiffy and be wedding ready in a snap. Your shoulders will be fully available for make-up and retouch, but you will be safe from being too revealing because of the gartered feature that secures it in place. Made of pure cotton and handmade to perfection, this romper is available in White, Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Burgundy, Mint, Light Pink. Purple, Dusty Rose, and Dusty Blue. It fits women from extra-small to double extra-large size.

    7. I Do Crew Shirts

    For a summer wedding or the ones held on beaches or outdoors on a sunny day, these I Do Crew Shirts are the perfect getting-ready outfit of choice. White and Black colored shirts are made of 100% cotton while heather colored ones are cotton and polyester blend. These shirts provide cool wear that is convenient for bridesmaids who will need to go run, walk, and more while maintaining a picture-perfect appearance.

    6. Sleeping Flowers


    Of course, matching pajamas are a must for your bride squad but a set as gorgeous as this Sleeping Flowers should not limit its usage during the bridal shower party. This set can be used as a getting-ready outfit as the top is buttoned up and can easily be taken off as well as the shorts should the need arise. Its comfortable and soft make-up makes it a convenient attire while hair and make-up are being done. Choose from pink and blue colors and four lettering styles for the personalization of this wondrous wear.

    5. Bridesmaid Satin Pajama Set

    Who does not want to wear a garment that feels like a second skin because of its overwhelming comfort? This Bridesmaid Satin Pajama Set is crafted exactly like that to provide comfort as your bridesmaids get their beauty sleep and as they get ready for the wedding the day after. Color options are White, Dusty Rose, Black, Blush, Burnt Orange, Navy, Burgundy, and Champagne. Sizes are available from small to double extra-large. Since it is customizable, it is also a perfect gift for your bride squad.

    4. Denim Bridesmaid Button-Down Shirt

    Since denim is never out of fashion and is always a nice choice for almost every occasion, this Denim Bridesmaid Button-Down Shirt  made it to the top 5 on this list. These shirts are available in light and dark denim that will both adapt and match whatever wedding theme there is. Bridesmaids may match it with leggings, shorts, or pants or they can simply go wild and wear it with nothing else. Sizes available are from extra small to triple extra-large.

    3. Bridesmaid Sweatpants and Hoodie


    Not all weddings are done in a warm place or in a venue in which the temperature is just right. So, for weddings done during a cold season or in an extremely cold place, keep your bridesmaids warm and beautiful as they get ready wearing this Bridesmaid Sweatpants and Hoodie. Made from 52 % Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester fleece, this set is available in black and tan. Pants and hoodies fit small to double extra-large.

    2. Silver Floral Playsuits


    For varying styles that fit the taste and body type of your bridesmaids, these Silver Floral Playsuits might be the getting-ready outfit you are looking for. Available in a wide array of color theme choices, these rompers are more than ready to ace the photo session as your ladies get ready. Your bride squad may opt to have the Off Shoulder, Corset Style, Belted Slip, Drawstring, Halter Style, or the Long Kimono Sleeved Crossover style. All of which have the same design so your team will still look beautifully united. 

    1. Pretty In Lace


    Give your bridesmaids a taste of how it feels to wear a lacy dress even just as they were getting ready for your special day. This Pretty In Lace uses cotton floral fabric and has an elegant, detailed lace trimming. It is available in Dusty Pink, Violet, Mauve, Navy, Mint, Gray, Blush, and White so you can match the color of choice to your wedding theme, or you can give each of your bridesmaids their favorite color.