What You Should Expect From Your Bridesmaids

May 08, 2019

Bridesmaid Duties

You’ve asked each of them and you’ve made it really special. After all, they are your bridesmaids, the ladies you’d be closely working with as you prepare for your special day. They are the ones you’d be counting on for your prewedding parties, shopping for dresses and even for emotional support for the times you feel overwhelmed or stressed out with all the wedding preparations.  

Clarifying your expectations and communicating them effectively to your bridesmaids would save you from possible conflicts and problems later on. Here’s a helpful guide on what to expect from your bridesmaids:

1. Expect them to be standing alongside you on your wedding rehearsal and the day of your wedding.

You need all the support you can get on your wedding day. Just seeing their faces and their effort to make everything beautiful on your special day gives you that warm and calming effect and make you feel a little less overwhelmed about your wedding. While you cannot demand that they come in every wedding gown shopping appointment, pre-wedding party (especially if they are not locally held) or vendor appointment, you can at least count on them on these two very important events.

2. Expect them to be your sounding board and most trusted friends.

They are the best listeners in the world that’s why they are your closest friends. Being the best listeners, they are also the best people to give feedback on just about anything and open up to when you feel frustrated or disappointed.  They are also there to keep you sane and make you laugh with all the pressure and stress that the wedding preparations can bring. On the flip side, don’t forget to ask how they are doing from time to time and don’t get caught up with talking about your wedding all the time.    

3. Expect them to be individuals who can be reliable, responsible and organized.

You can rely on your maid of honor to readily coordinate with your bridal party when it comes to organizing the bridal shower and bachelorette party and dress fittings. You can also expect them to help you get organized and do preparatory work like recording gifts at the shower or addressing wedding invitations. Be considerate though and know that they are not your personal assistants or full time wedding coordinators.    

4. Expect them to be willing to help on your wedding preparations.

They have actually signed up to be your help and support in preparation for your wedding and the wedding day itself. That help and support can even go beyond the wedding as they are after all your closest friends. They are your extra pair of hands so go ahead and let them drop off welcome bags, pick up your veil or choose bridesmaid attires and accessories.  Let them co-host pre-wedding parties and help in your DIY projects. You can utilize them to help just don’t overdo it as they are not your personal assistants.  

5. Expect them to help in particular expenses.

Traditionally, bridesmaids cover for their dress, shoes and accessories. They also give their share for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If your wedding is not held locally, they also cover for the travel expenses going to your wedding including their accommodation. Bridesmaids are also expected to prepare wedding gifts too. However, preparing bridesmaid gifts like shoes, earrings, necklaces, robes or shawls can help lessen their expenses. Same is true if you get to foot the bill for their hair and makeup on your wedding day.

6. Expect them to be your on-call help on your wedding day.

    Your mind will be too pre-occupied with so many things on your wedding day to even think about eating, drinking or trying your best to keep calm. Let them feed you, hydrate you, keep you calm and relaxed and do everything else you might forget because of your busy day or simply because you can’t think straight because of too much excitement. Getting in and out of your wedding attire won’t be a problem as you can easily call for their help. They are the ones you can call to and do last minute tasks and be the secondary hostesses that can answer the questions of your guests.    

    7. Expect them to help record all the gifts.

      You surely won’t have time to keep track of all the people who thoughtfully prepared a gift for your wedding day. This too can be delegated to your bridesmaid and let them record all the gifts so that you and your groom can send out thank you notes to the right people.

      8. Expect them to assist you with grooming before the wedding.

      Your bride tribe is there to ensure you look your best before and during the wedding. They are there to help in bustling your dress before the reception or remind you to get a re-touch whenever you needed one. Hand you the tissue when you can’t help but get emotional  and make sure you have what you need to look and feel your best on your wedding day.   

      9. Expect them to be tired and stressed after all the work involved in preparation for your wedding.

        It can get really busy. Your bride tribe will feel the pressure, stress and tiredness as they do errands, coordinate pre-wedding parties and prep themselves on your wedding day. Be the kind of bride that can also make them have a good laugh from time to time. Be ready to express your gratitude to these hardworking ladies by preparing a special bridesmaid gift that will make them feel loved, valued and appreciated.   

        10. Expect them to expect you to clearly communicate your expectations.

          Expecting too much or too little from your bridesmaids can be avoided if you can be clear and up front about your expectations. Let your maid of honor know your preferences for the bachelorette party. Do you prefer with or without strippers? Would you like it to be a Vegas bash or a simple weekend at the beach? Discuss budget concerns and make sure you’re not making unnecessary demands from your bride tribe.   

          11. Expect them to have fun.

            Your bridesmaids are fully aware how important your wedding is for you and your groom. They will definitely do anything and everything to see you happy knowing they are the best and closest friends you have. It is best to keep in mind that as the bride, you are the one setting the tone for your wedding. If you stay happy and relaxed, you can expect your bride tribe to be the happiest and most relaxed bunch of people working on your wedding.

            These ladies are the closest family and friends you have in your life. Laying down your expectations and communicating them clearly can spell the difference of preparing for your wedding with ease or having lots of trouble to deal with. Beyond the expectations, these are the ladies you truly love and want to stand with you as you celebrate your special day. Make good memories, have fun and know that these ladies will remain a friend way after your wedding day - whether or not they get to live up to your expectations as  bridesmaids.   

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