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    The Top Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2019

    It’s a yearly thing. Yet, it never fails to get everyone excited when the bridesmaid trending dresses for the upcoming year are finally revealed. It totally directs even dictates the colors that will be at play and the old and new styles that will be embraced for the weddings set to take place in 2019. Get ready to be inspired, take down notes, and decide on what you want to adopt for the look of your wedding party.  

    The 2019 bridesmaid dresses are slowly veering away from the feminine fabrics and soft colors of the previous years. It has become more open and embracing of lush fabrics, eye-catching details and revealing slits that embody the luxe and fresh side of today’s fashion. Here are the top bridesmaid dress trends for 2019:     


        Remember all that velvet worn back in the 90’s by brides and bridesmaids? Well, rejoice because velvet is so back in the 2019 fashion world! Gone are the days of making use of lighter fabrics. Let the beauty, soft, smooth and rich touch of a velvet dress add a little more excitement to your bridal party. Imagine how perfect it would look for your winter or fall wedding! Bridesmaid dresses can be effortlessly mixed and match using the many colors of this awesome fabric.

        Statement Sleeves

           Dress by: Vince Camuto

            Name it! Bishop sleeves, balloon sleeves, bell sleeves - they are all making a comeback on the 2019 bridesmaid dresses. Sleeves have been part of the trend for brides some years back and oh, how they complement just about any style of dress. No matter what type you choose, these statement sleeves are simply going to look picture perfect on winter and fall weddings. 

            High Slit

              Dress by: Jenny Packham

                Show off some legs through slits, as they make their mark on 2019 bridesmaid dresses. Whether it is a thigh-high side slit or a front cut out, you won’t have to worry as these slits can easily be altered according to your preference. You have the choice to flaunt not so much skin if you’re the conservative type and go really high for those who want to show off more skin than the usual.     

                Jump Suit

                  Dress by: House of Brides - Mori Lee

                    Make them look modern and edgy. That’s how your bridesmaids get to project themselves on your wedding day in these jumpsuits. Jumpsuits have become part of what’s trending because of its ability to flatter almost any body type and its versatility. Choose from various neck options to wide pant legs, fabrics and colors too. If you want to be a little more out of the box or just wants to stick to tradition, there’s a jumpsuit that will perfectly work for your entire wedding party. Looks like jumpsuits will be a mainstay on bridesmaid dress trends for 2019.  

                    Nostalgia Rose

                      Photo Source: Revolve 

                        The past trends have always featured “blush” as the preferred color for that classic-looking bridesmaid dress. However, 2019 bridesmaid dresses embrace a richer blush version - pink with traces of purple. That darker and deeper pink is definitely a welcome modern look for your bridesmaids compared to the softer blushes of the previous years.


                            Make your bridesmaids shine this 2019! Are you the kind of bride who wants to reflect your personality to your wedding party look? Then the iridescent-inspired gowns are the right fit for you. Choose from gowns that feature 3D appliques or go for pearlescent colors. You can even take it a level higher aesthetically by choosing gowns with fab embellishments and elements.  Show your playful and bright wedding style as you let your bridal party show-off these iridescent inspired gowns.

                            Oversized Embroidery

                              Dress by: Jenny Yoo

                                For that high fashion bridal party outfit, let your bridesmaids showcase dresses with oversized embroidered flowers and leaves. Before, it is just exclusive for the wedding dress, but the 2019 bridesmaid dresses allow these oversized embroideries and embellishments to be on your bridesmaid’s dresses as well. Check out the creations and collections of Jenny Yoo and Monique Lhuillier for options. Your bridesmaids will definitely be delighted to wear their dresses on your wedding day.     

                                Tied Shoulders 

                                    Photo Source: Rewritten

                                    Try out different bow styles and lengths with the tied shoulder trend. While the cold-shoulders have gained popularity for some time now, the 2019 bridesmaid dresses will give shoulders that extra attention through the tied shoulders type of gowns. With easily adjusted ties, let your bridesmaids showcase that playful look on your outdoor ceremony.  

                                    Wrap Dresses

                                      Photo Source: Rewritten

                                        Designers of 2019 bridesmaid dresses are making comfort as one of the major considerations in creating bridesmaid wear. Short or long, the wrap dresses are perfect for all body types as it makes one look fit and flatter. It can also go well with off the shoulder sleeves or the fluttery ones. Whatever season your wedding will fall, don’t forget to flatter your bridesmaids with these wrap dresses.      

                                        Jewel Tones

                                          Dress By: Jenny Yoo  
                                          In contrast to the muted and soft hues in the recent years, the fall jewel tones are the ones trending for the 2019 bridesmaid dresses. Think emerald or chartreuse green, how navy blue gives that elegant feel ruby red, fuschia pink and the like. These fresh and hot hues just make all the difference in making your wedding bridal party dresses come alive.


                                              Dress by: Jenny Yoo

                                              Are you having a bohemian inspired wedding or an outdoor ceremony? Then popovers are the trendiest outfit for your bridesmaids come 2019. This type can come in any fabric chiffon, satin, velvet, name it! And that layer of fabric over the bodice simply creates a more easy-on-the-eye feel on your bridesmaid’s gown. Popovers are definitely here to stay for the 2019 bridesmaid dresses.      

                                              Whatever bridesmaid dress trends you get to embrace for your wedding - velvet, statement sleeves, high slits, jumpsuits, nostalgia rose, iridescent-inspired, oversized embroidery, tied shoulders, wrap dresses, jewel tones, popovers or a mix and match of what’s mentioned above, remember that following trends is not the main point of your wedding. Your wedding should be about what makes you happy. Choose the one that best fits you and your wedding party’s personality, one that takes into consideration not just the aesthetic factor but also the comfort factor when it comes to wearing dresses.  Remember too that trends don’t begin until mid-year. The cycle is even estimated to change every eight to ten years. Trends can change year after year but you only get to have one wedding so better be sure that what you choose ends up to be the perfect one for you and your bridesmaids.

                                              Get inspired by the trends but don’t get caught up keeping up with them or be pressured to make last minute changes or worst unnecessary expenses in the name of following them. Make sure you check on what’s trending for ideas and try to make those ideas your own. Let every part of your wedding, including the bridesmaid’s choice of dress, be a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be’s personality and one that will make both of you happy.