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    Bridesmaid Gifts That Won't Make You Go Broke

    You want to show your bridesmaids just how thankful and appreciative you are for their hard work. They have made your bridal experience truly incredible. What better way to show them thanks than with a fantastic “thank you gift.” Go beyond a card with our favorite bridesmaid gifts. The best part is…they won’t hurt your bank account either! From DIY sets to personalized items, your bridesmaids will love these tokens of appreciation AND you’ll love how budget friendly they are too! Here are the best bridesmaid gifts under$20!


    DIY Spa Bridesmaid Gift

    Time for some luxury! After all the hard work, what’s better than giving the gift of relaxation? Obviously, a real trip to the spa can set you back some big bucks. You can create your own DIY spa right at home for $20 or less. Let’s call it a “spa box.” It’s quite simple and all starts with a trip to the dollar shop. Pick out a cute little wicker basket, metal bucket or fun colored plastic box. Now grab sweet smelling lotions, bath salts and candles. This gift idea is super cheap and super cute. It’s fun to shop for since all you really need to do is fill up the “spa box” with spa items that you would want.  You can buy nail polish for $1 at any drug store and its pretty good quality for just a buck. Purchase a pack of nail files and put one in each spa box too.

    If you want to get creative – make your own body scrubs and butters. There are tons of easy recipes too! For body scrub…all you really need is brown sugar, oil and some good-smelling essential oils like lavender or a soothing eucalyptus. To transition this homemade body scrub into a tingly foot scrub. Use a peppermint essential oil!

    Body butter very is easy to make too! All you need is cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and some more essential oils. What else could you DIY and make for this magical spa gift? These ideas are all inexpensive and so easy. You really can’t mess them up. Whip up whatever your little bride heart desires.  

    Wine Glasses

    Bridesmaid Wine Glass

    Okay this gift seems tooeasy. This idea is so much more than to just give a random wine glass to your bridesmaids. Give each of your gals a gorgeous wine glass engraved with their names, nicknames or whatever you please. You can make this gift super personable and a present your friends will forever cherish drinking from for years to come. It will remind them this very special time as they watch their beautiful friend begin the next chapter of her life with the man she loves.

    Take the wine glass bridesmaid gift one step further – make an event out of it. Invite all your bridesmaids over, give them their bridesmaid wine glasses and then turn the event into a full-blown wine night. Put those pretty wine glasses to use immediately!!  Buy whites, reds, bubbly prosecco. Get real crazy and pop some bottles of champagne. Break out the snacks too! Everyone loves some yummy cheese and crackers with one…or maybe two…or maybe three glasses of wine! Let the girls’ night begin!

    Wedding Apparel 

    What girl doesn’t love getting a new piece of clothing? Show your appreciation to your bridesmaids with some bridal apparel! Think base caps, tanks and so much more.

    Bridesmaid Tank top

    Give each of your stellar bridesmaids a monogrammed baseball cap. They’re very inexpensive…check this one out for only $14.99. Even make it more fun by getting yourself a white one (for the bride). Maybe choose hats for the bridesmaids in your wedding theme color or even black to keep it neutral. As far as tanks go…the options are truly endless. You can get fun bridal sayings or tank tops with their names on them! This bridal crew racerback tank is perfect to wear as your gals get ready on your big day!

    Water Bottles

    The personalization and gift giving continues with custom water bottles each stamped with the names of your bridesmaids! They won’t ever get their water bottle mixed up with anyone with their name running down the side of it! It’s the perfect useable gift. Toss it in your gym bag, tote or even bring it to the office. Stay hydrated while also looking fashionable with a personalized water bottle. Everyone can always use another water bottle so this is an adorable addition to any collection.

    Bridesmaid Survival Kit

    Bridesmaid Survival Kit

    Another DIY bridesmaid gift idea on the cheap. Every bridesmaid needs a survival kit so she can stay prepared for whatever wedding mishaps come her way. Give your friend a set of essentials. Use any random paper box or even a large glass jar. Fill it with supplies such as lip balm or glass, gum (every girl wants fresh breath), hair ties, granola bar (always best to have an emergency snack on hand), comb (to keep the hair fluffed) or even some Band-Aids (heels do get uncomfortable).

    This DIY bridesmaid survival gift is super creative and really cute. Add festive bows or print off a “Bridal Survival Gift” label and glue it to your box. Your gals are sure to love and use this great bridesmaid present.

    most importantly say thanks…

    After all they’re your bffs, go-to-girls, buddy, confidants, hey they’re practically (or maybe actually are) your sisters – yes, your bridesmaids are so important. They’re a key piece of your wedding puzzle. Let’s be honest, what would you do without them? A bridesmaid is the person you can rely on when things get crazy and unbearable. When wedding planning is making your head spin, you can always count on this group of special ladies. You selected these women for a reason. They have stood by your side throughout your life and now will stand by you as you marry the love of your life. Soon-to-be bride, congrats! You are soon to embark on your next chapter!