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    Best Bridesmaid Gifts of Spring 2018

    Spring has officially started and there is no better way to kick it off than by listing our top picks for the Best Bridesmaid Gifts of Spring 2018.  Instead of simply listing the top sellers we have decided to provide you a uniquely categorized list of our top choices.

    Most Versatile and Unique

    Bridesmaid Caricature

    Caricature for the Ages - $30 per person

    Having your bridal party turned into caricatures is an incredibly unique and fun experience.  The options are endless from there.  For $30 per person our caricature artist will take your group and turn them into cute and funny cartoon images of themselves.  For an extra $30 you can customize the background and add props giving it some extra flair and bringing to life each of your bridesmaids personalities.  You get a digitized image of the group that you can do anything you would like with making this gift versatile in so many ways. 


    Best New Arrival

    Vintage Leather Journal - $44.99

    This is definitely our favorite new arrival.  The journal itself is a beautiful vintage leather that comes with a feathered ball point pen.  If that isn’t enough, the journal can be engraved with just about anything!!! Give your bridesmaids each handwritten personal notes on the front of the journal and on the back have a photo of the two of you together.  Your bridal party will be talking about this gift for years!


    Best in Bridesmaid Jewelry

    Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Spring 2018

    Pearl of Hearts Necklace - $24.99

    The Pearl of Hearts necklace can be described in so many words….simple, elegant, charming are just a few.  This necklace isn’t just the Best in Bridesmaid Jewelry for spring 2018, it happens to be one of our best seller.  The heart charm, fresh water pearl, and personalized medallion come with a beautiful box and card to help thank your bridesmaids and maid of honor.  The necklace is available in both silver and gold and measures 16 inches in length with a 2 inch extender.


    Best Luxury Bridesmaid Gift

    Best Luxury Bridesmaid Gift - Spring 2018

    Luxury Leather Tote - $239.99

    If you’re looking to get your bridesmaids that one special gift to show them how much you appreciate them then this may be your answer.  In a previous post we covered ‘how much you should spend on your bridesmaid gifts’.  This gift isn’t just for brides with large wedding budgets.  If your bridesmaids are spending a great deal of their own money on your wedding than a luxury gift like this may be in order.  This handmade leather bag is made with the finest quality leather.  It can also be personalized to give that extra touch.  The quality will ensure that this gift lasts a lifetime.


    Best Bridal Robes

    Bliss Collection - $24.99

    Bridal robes are a nice touch to your pre-wedding preparation.  Not only do they add comfort, but style that will come through in your wedding photos.  While a floral design makes for a classic photo we are choosing our Bliss collection for this spring as an elegant alternative to the floral design.  These solid colored satin robes will have your bridesmaids looking their best and feeling like they are living in the luxury.  They solid color also allows for the personalization on the robe to pop.  These robes are a steal at this price.


    Best Bridesmaid Bag

    Seven Seas Tote - $24.99

    Its spring, which means the weather is warming up in most of the nation, so we chose we the perfect bridesmaid bag to go along with the warm weather.  This beautiful tote is perfect for a spring wedding and will come in handy throughout the summer.  The colorful strap and base (multiple color available) are a wonderful contrast to this cream colored bag that can be personalized with a large selection of colorful threads.  The bag itself is made with great quality and is extremely sturdy making it perfect for beach days, gym days, or just getting around.

    Best Gift for the Party Gal

    Pink Rambo - $32.99

    t’s uncommon to come across a bridal party that doesn’t have at least one wild one.  If you feel like you have at least one in your bridal party that has multiple stories that cannot be told at your wedding (or in front of your family in general) than this flask may be the perfect gift for her.  This camouflage flask might not keep her partying a secret but it will be her perfect companion during her crazy escapades.